How To Lose Weight Naturally

Lose Weight Naturally Without Starving - Eating Healthy Tips

The only way to achieve "healthy mind in healthy body" is adopting a healthy eating system. You must find the balance between the intaken and outtaken calories, but this doesn't mean that you have to starving yourself. The human body needs proteins, vitamins and minerals for it's good function, and food restriction will never keep your body in great health. Eating healthy and exercising you can control your weight, you can get rid of the extra pounds and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here you have few healthy eating tips:

1. Skipping breakfast does not help you lose weight. Some cereals with milk and a banana are the perfect way to start every day. The 3 meals a day system also is not very benefic. I deal is to eat five to six times a day, in small portions. Eating much food a time will give a lot of trouble to your stomach in asimilating it. Small portions at two or three hours interval will make this easier, and you will not notice the asimilation effort. If you are on the way, you may prepare some snacks and have them with you all the time.

2. The way you prepare the food is also very important. The grill is healthier than fryied aliments. If you have not the possibility to grill, then use the oven, the microwave or boil the food. White meat and fish are recommended, but, if you have no choice, make sure to avoid the fat meat. Before you eat any type of meat, be sure to trim the fat and skin off of it. Try to put the accent on fresh vegetables and fruits, instead of chipps and cake. You should also try fresh or even dried herbs and spices to add flavor to your food.

3. Get used to avoid the sugar. Drinks with a high level of sugar contain a lot of energy and no vitamins or minerals. You are charging with calories without reduce the hunger. Water is the ideal drink, because contains no calories. More than this, drinking a glass of water before every meal your apetite will be considerably reduced. If you can not resist to sweet drinks, try fruit juice or herbal teas with artificial sweeteners.

4. Forget about fast weight loss diets or weight loss pills. The easy gone pounds easy come when you stop dieting. Besides, your body may not respond well to rapid changes and you may have severe health problems. The weight loss process must be slow and constant, giving your body the possibility to adapt itself with the changes produced in your weight without consequences. Once arrived to the desired shape, all you have to do is to control your weight, and you will do it more easier continuing with your healthy system.

5. An important part of the weight loss process and weight control is the exercise. No matter your age or your condition, you must exercise for your health. You don't need fancy coaching programs, complicate fitness apparates or extenuant bodybuilding workouts. Walking every day at least half an hour is an excellent way to eliminate calories, using stairs instead of elevator, every kind of movement is a good exercise. Avoid the sedentarism and you will have a great time for the years to come.

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Lose Weight Naturally Without Starving - Eating Healthy Tips On Holidays

The long expected holidays brings us, generally, a lot of weight problems. Many people are complaining that they are gainining up to 10 pounds between Halloween and Christmas. The plenty of food imposed by tradition shouldn't make us forget that we need a healthy body and after holidays. However, there are a lot of ways to enjoy the holidays eating healthy in the mean time. Here are few of them:

1. Try to cook the traditional foods the low fat way. Trim the skin and the fat of the turkey and you have lean meat. There is no crime to consume the potatoes without butter. Pumpkin pie can be very nutritious if you don't add it fat cream. You don't have to eat a whole turkey to one meal, remeber, small portions at smaller intervals than the 3 regular meals helps your digestion.

2. While planning your holiday party, put the accent on vegetables and fruits. Fresh salads goes with any kind of food and fruits can replace any sweet desert. Avoid the fat and sugar and you will realize that the holidays will not lose their charm because of that. Stick to lean meats, if possible, grilled, to low fat dressings, don't forget the spices, and you will remember with pleasure the holidays.

3. Weight control and alcohol will never be good friends. A normal glass of wine can add 100 empty calories to your weight loss effort. Beer is worse. You should try to replace the alcohol with water or fruit juice. Remember that water is also an appetite suppressant. The excess of alcohol will affect the whole function of your body, not only the weight control.

4. There is no rule that being on holidays you must not exercise. It's true that you are resting after a long period of work, but you can make it an active rest. Especially in this period, when you have the risk to intake more calories than ususal, you must burn them in the same measure. Walking after meals won't require an exaggerate effort from you, and the benfits are countless. Take out your family to park whenever you have the occasion, plan some short daily trips, you can find a lot of ways to have fun and exercise in the mean time.

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