Make Steroids Legal

Make It Legal & Make It Safer

In many countries around the world the use of anabolic steroids for the improvement of body and specifically muscle condition is outlawed.

In this day and age, when millions of people around the world are legally allowed to damage themselves with the unregulated use of alcohol, tobacco products, poor dietary habits and lack of exercise I have got to ask why we (as a society) feel the need to inhibit an individual's right to improve his or her physical condition through the use of scientifically approved steroids.

Most of the negative hype concerning Anabolic Steroids comes from an uninformed minority. It is often branded in the same light as use of illegal recreational drugs and the resultant, often hysterical, reaction is so misguided.

People mainly take steroids in order to help improve their physical condition. Steroids help by increasing the growth of muscles. However for this to take effect the steroid ingestion must be accompanied by good nutrition and a planned regular exercise program. Both of which are the basic requisites for a healthy lifestyle. How can any sane person liken these activities to the addiction crazed consumption of hard drugs in the pathetic pursuit of a mythical utopia?

As a result of the hysteria and the international press jumping on the bandwagon few people realise that there are two sides to this story. Fewer again realise that there is an alarming absence of hard facts when it comes to scientific evidence supporting the anti-steroid stance. Not a single study exists that supports the theory that controlled steroid use has a serious detrimental effect on a users health. Take a look at the video documentary below this article and judge for yourselves.

Where Are All The Bodies?

Interesting huh..? Yes steroids can give the user an unfair advantage and this is the reason behind the outcry over the so-called baseball steroid scandals. Yes they can be dangerous to minors; but so is alcohol and nobody would advocate the use of either in anyone yet to gain adulthood.

Yes you need to know what you are doing, but by driving their use underground you are making access to this knowledge even harder to find thereby achieving the opposite of the intended goal and making their use even more dangerous.

A second result of driving their use underground is the need for anyone wishing to make use of steroids to purchase from uncontrolled sources. In those countries where a prescription is not required to purchase steroids, mainly Southeast Asia, the outcry against them is a total mystery. Their beneficial properties are well understood and they are available from licensed pharmacies. They are supplied by reputable international pharmaceutical companies in well designed packaging with detailed instructions and cautionary information.

Tell me how this cannot be a better way to control their misuse or inappropriate administration as opposed to secretly swapping your dollar bills for a handful of tablets wrapped in a clear unlabeled plastic bag at the back of your local gym?

Buy safe steroids from reputable online stores who have access to these controlled sources of supply is one way around this dilemma. But which ones are reputable and which ones are not? You have to rely on word of mouth recommendations or take a chance. Established companies have been supplying their loyal bank of discerning users for years without complaint. And steroid users are generally a very well informed closely knit community who do not suffer fools or fraudsters lightly.

So surely there must be a better way? There is. Legalize steroids and control their use through the front door and stop the need to sneak them in through the dimly lit back door.

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Abhinaya 8 years ago

The reaction is misguided all right. Negative hype concerning Anabolic Steroids can be removed if people are aware of it but where sports is concerned it is always taken as illegal.

kmm2908 profile image

kmm2908 8 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Abhinya! Thanks for your comment. If anabolic steroids were made legal perhaps their use in sport would become more acceptable. After all, are top athletes not always striving to improve through the use of every legal means? i.e. Better diet and nutrition, better equipment, better training techniques and regimes... Most top athletes already use dietary supplements, it just becomes a question of where do you draw the line or in the case of steroids where do you have the line drawn for you?

... 8 years ago


kmm2908 8 years ago

What do you find disgusting? The fact that such basic decisions are taken out of the individuals hands or that decisions to restrict use of certain medicines and drugs are made on the basis of how much influence the manufacturers have with the government? Example; tobacco and alcohol are unrestricted, easily available to minors and have undisputed scientific proof of their destructive damage to health. None of the above can be said for steroids but they are illegal! Hmmn.. something not quite right there!

tara murphy 7 years ago

Roid Rage ?

kmm2908 profile image

kmm2908 7 years ago from Malaysia Author

Not 100% sure of your point there Tara, but here goes?

There are of course always a few rotten apples that spoil the barrel. Examples of things going wrong such as roid rage I'm sure do exist. I've never met anyone exhibiting the characteristics of roid rage but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Have you met anyone with roid rage Tara?

When things go wrong it's usually down to ABUSE of steroids rather than use of steroids.

There are plenty of mild mannered drinkers out there who have a few drinks, relax and remain good fun company. But, there are many who turn into raging bores after a few drinks and then want to fight the world! Now I have met a few of them, on a regular basis. Have you Tara?

Steroids users tend to be dedicated athletes who pride themselves on the condition of their bodies. There not the right material, in the main, to abuse or damage their bodies.

But, as in all walks of life, there are exceptions that prove the rule; and that leads us back neatly to roid rage!

Hope that covers the point you were trying to make Tara.

mike 7 years ago

yea steroids-express good

kelly 7 years ago

YOU ROCK....really im just bored

Specificity profile image

Specificity 7 years ago from EAU CLAIRE, WI

Great op-ed on steroids. I linked to it from my own hub on the subject. I believe it was the late Paul Harvey whom I heard say, "The outrage of politicians is a poor measure of the [seriousness of a situation]." Not only have they taken steroids away from us, but they have also now illegalized precursors like 19-Nor. People like me who used to use the precursors to treat a diagnosed medical condition, hypotestosterone, now have to get what we need through a doctor and a prescription.

John Gavin 7 years ago

I am 48 and do HRT which makes me feel great! I have seen patients go off antidepressnts after going on Testosterone replacement therapy. Roid rage is such hype.In my life experience I have seen alcohol and cocaine rage. When adults have a high normal testosterone renge the are happy with better mental acuity.Legalize steroids or make tobacco and alcohol illegal! Watch Bigger, Faster, Stronger it makes one rethink "cheating" in sports or life.

kmm2908 profile image

kmm2908 7 years ago from Malaysia Author

Thanks guys for the comments!

Just another example of government of the people, by the people, for the people - NOT!!!!!

1HugeRN profile image

1HugeRN 7 years ago

"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny"

Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)

kmm2908 profile image

kmm2908 7 years ago from Malaysia Author

1HugeRN that is an awesome quote!

Maybe they should stick to what they know best? Which is..? Maybe they should learn to do something they can be proud of? What should they stick to?

kevin n 7 years ago

I did a cycle of Dr. Max Powers HGH Spray - it does take 3 bottles to do a cycle.

The good is my bench press went up 45 lbs in 3 weeks. I gained 10 lbs of muscle and was only working out 3 times a week and not excessively hard or consistently. Everyone noticed the size in my arms, shoulders, and back increasing. So basically what I'm getting at is yes, this stuff works, and it works well.

Now the bad, for those that don't know these are steroids. They switched around a couple molecules but it's pretty much the same as the illegal ones. Same side effects are possible and so on. It hasn't made my muscles cramping which is good.

Anyway, if you want to get big fast try these, eat lots of protein(2 whey and do a cycle of the DR MAX POWERS HGH spray), you'll see results the first month guaranteed.

I found them at

austin 6 years ago

hey man i like this! i've been studying this subject for a speech in my college course. very interesting stuff you got to say. i think i might use you as a source haha thanks a lot!

kmm2908 profile image

kmm2908 6 years ago from Malaysia Author

Glad you enjoyed it austin and good luck with the course!

Derrick 6 years ago

I am an advocate for the legalization of steroids. As stated if the uninformed minority would do some research they would see the good in them instead of all of the media hype. I am trying to figure out a way to push this to be legalized.

kmm2908 profile image

kmm2908 6 years ago from Malaysia Author

Derrick hi!

Getting the authorities to change their rules and more importantly, their opinions is not going to be easy. I fear too many vested interests at stake.

Let us know if you have any progress or any ideas.

Gym5000 6 years ago

Alcohol and tabacco kill more people in the U.S more then anything and is legal. But the government get their share of that money. The government is full of BS. They full of lazy fat asses that all they do is sit in a chair and think of crap new laws to make themselves look like they are doing something good. Get over it they just want to control you like a baby. Make steroids legal and is up to you if you want to take them or not. Today they advertise more crap on tv of other drugs and the government is fine with it.

bigc 6 years ago

Just watch Bigger, Faster, Stronger. Learned a lot of good facts. Mainly what i kinda expected and knew, that steroids when taken properly have no serious threat to you. Tabacco kills 435,000 a year, alcohol kills, 75,000 and you can maybe contribute 3 deaths a year to steriods. On a list of reasons people visited the dotors due to drugs or any type of substances steroids was ranked i believe 142, people went to the doctors more due to multivitamins!!

I am for steroids being banned in sports. I like the idea of an even playing field when it comes to sports but why ban it to the recreational user? Why not educate, control it and make money off it? THey are doing more harm by forcing people that want it to order from other countries and possibly harming themselves with fake or bad steroids. Well i am sure i missed some other things but this is a start

Steroids uk 6 years ago

guys selling steroids online to u21 are one of the main reasons they won't legalise them for many years to come.

Mad Dog 6 years ago

...and selling alcohol and liquor is legal because nobody under 21 buys them?

Give us a break steroids uk - join the real world!

Steroids uk 6 years ago

I am in the real world and totally pro steroid use in adults. I guess you were someone who started u21 ? The internet is a powerful force for change but the fact any kid worlwide can buy steroids online is fukin it up for the rest of us.

Derrick 6 years ago

Hi, Kmm2908

Is it possible to get a petition going? or would that even help to get something on a ballot that people could vote for? I think now there are allot more people out there that would sign a ballot supporting the legalization of steroids. I mean the Government could make a crap load of money if they could tax them like they do everything else.

kmm2908 profile image

kmm2908 6 years ago from Malaysia Author

@Steroids uk I understand your concern about restricting access to u-21's, but they sell prescription drugs online which have more power to kill or seriously injure than steroids, and so why is that ok?

Could it be that the big drugs company know that the internet is a great source of extra income for them and they won't allow the government to go down that route? Maybe!

@Derrick, I honestly don't think your idea of a petition (great as it is) would be much of a success. They/we have been trying to legalize cannabis for about the last 50 years using that route! But I agree with your point. Now get a big drugs company behind us, that'd probably do it!

Derrick Brown 6 years ago

In the movie Bigger Faster Stronger it shows some of the people that were responsible for making steroids illegal. In fact they interview one, he was a bumbling idiot. Then they bring in the kid who dies from "steroid use" which was not even steroids at all in was prohormone, but the Dad being the obnoxious idiot he was blamed in on the steroids and there you go. The more and more I think about this, the harder it will be to change peoples minds. So what is probbaly going to happen is they will stay illegal making the black market even bigger and allowing anyone to get ahold of steroids including kids. Now if they would legalize the use of them under controlled use of a doctor that would kill the black market, thus making it harder for kids to get ahold of. Anyways I like your idea of getting a large drug company behind the legalization how would one go about this?

kmm2908 profile image

kmm2908 6 years ago from Malaysia Author

Derrick I agree with your thoughts.

How to get a big drugs company involved, now that's a different question. I'll give it some thought before replying

Anyone got any ideas?

Andrew 3 years ago

In the video posted, it's not steroids he is on, he is using a substance called synthol. It's legal in the USA and most of the world. It's also called pump juice and it makes you look like an idiot!

People who use synthol do not become stronger, just look like water balloon are stuffed in the arms or wherever it's injected.

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