The Master Cleanser Fast

The Master Cleanser Fast - The Lemonade Diet

The Master Cleanser fast is also known as the Master Cleanser diet or even the lemonade diet. It is a way to detoxify the body by removing harmful waste products that have built up over the years. It is one of the recommended ways to cleanse and purify the body before getting started on a Raw foods diet or switching to a raw foods lifestyle.

The reason behind detoxifying the body prior to switching to a raw foods diet is two fold. The first, it helps to prepare the body and ready it to take on a healthier and slightly harder style of eating and the second is to be able to obtain the most benefit from the raw foods diet.

The Master Cleanser fast helps to remove the build up of toxic material that comes from the highly processed foods. This matter prevents the body from absorbing what it needs. As a result switching from a processed diet to a raw food diet needs to have a detoxification prior to switching. This helps to remove the old matter from the body and prepare it for the new healthier lifestyles. It also helps to remove the cravings that come from processed foods.

This fast involves a particular recipe of lemonade. Since it is a fast, there is no food involved however, due to the effects of the detoxification process supplements are recommended both to assist in the detoxification process and to help replace things that are being flushed from the system that are good for you. That is one of the unfortunate side effects of a detoxification. When flushing the body good stuff like good bacteria are removed and need to be replaced or maintained through supplements in order to maintain good health.

This fast is a 10-day fast, if you have never fasted before it is a good idea to check with your primary care provider and make sure that this type of activity will not interfere with your current treatment plan. A 10-day fast can be difficult. If necessary, prepare by doing shorter fasts to get your body used to the idea. This can help you succeed when it comes to a longer duration. This fast is based off the work of Stanley Burroughs a Naturopath.

The Benefits of the Master Cleanser Fast

There are a number of benefits to this type of fast. To see them take a look at what the fast is suppose to do. The fast is designed to remove toxins that are created from, processed foods or an improper diet, lack of exercise and even negative thinking. Negative and stressed thinking also has a physiological effect and can cause a build up of toxins by altering body chemistry. It helps to remove congestion from the system, as well as flush the kidneys and digestive system. It is also reported to purify the glands and remove hardened materials not just from the intestines but from joints, muscles and other tissues. It can also assist in building up a healthy blood stream, mainly through the removal of toxins and foreign bodies, and helps to regulate blood pressure. An added benefit is because of the heavy removal of waste products from the body individuals can lose about two pounds per day or up to twenty pounds over the entire fast.

About the lemonade

The fast consists of the following lemonade, though limes can be used as well or a combination, maple syrup, real not artificial, and cayenne pepper. This is created into a drink, which provides the basis for the fast. The ingredients suggested provide everything necessary to maintain proper nutrition while on this diet. There are also a few additions such as an herbal laxative. This is designed to facilitate the removal of toxins from the body. A salt-water bath for the intestines is also recommended rather than enemas or colonics, which are often used in other detoxification processes.

The first three days are the most difficult. This is because the body is first going through a change as toxins are released. It is not uncommon to feel a little off or unwell during the first three days as toxins move through your body. This is one of the things that make all fasting difficult if going for a longer term fast. If you are someone used to large amounts of caffeine either through soda or coffee. You may experience headaches and other symptoms of discomfort due to caffeine withdrawal. It is a good idea before starting this fast to cut back on your intake. This will help to reduce these symptoms. They normally go away after the second day.

You may also notice a discoloration of the tongue and a change in breath. Using a tongue cleaner while on the Master Cleanser fast or the recommended mint tea will assist with this. You may also experience dry skin and hair. This is due to the flushing of the body. Consider taking an herbal bath with bath oils in order to return moisture to the skin.

Information on the diet as well as steps can be found through the master cleaner diet book and kits are available that provide all the necessary components of the fast to make it simple and ease. The fast is recommended for 3-4 times a year and if being used as a reducing diet or fast can be modified to accommodate longer periods of time.

The Master Cleanser fast can be done by anyone in any walk of life. Fat is the body's way of defending against toxins. The body will wrap the toxic substances up in fat and store them away if they cannot be eliminated. This is why releasing toxins from the system can help to reduce weight. Once the toxins are removed from the system, the body no longer requires the fat necessary to protect against it and that fat becomes usable fuel for the body. If you are looking to clean out the body, detoxify it, get started on a healthier life style than looking into the Master Cleaner fast may put you on the path to finding a way that works for you.

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napetv 4 years ago from Somewhere in Sarasota

I linked my hub on food combining to this Hub you wrote regarding detox process. It's the best one I read so far. I hope I bring you some readers! Happy New Years!

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TonieTate 7 years ago from Metro-Atlanta

Hi. I am interested in trying this cleanse. I may not be able to do it for 10 days :) Great article!

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This is a great article. I am impressed. I saw your link to too - thank you for this.

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Hi Lemon juice cleanse,

There are many benefits besides weight loss. The one that stood out for me was being able to think clearer and be fully alert the whole day.

lemon juice cleanse 7 years ago

it has a lot of benefits

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I've been reading up on this but never tried it. I will be doing it soon...

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