Measures to avoid Diabetes

Precautionary Measures for avoiding Diabetics

Anybody can get diabetes,A harmone called Insulin is responsible for causing diabetes..

Some people are born with this disease and they have to live with the disease throughout the life,the problem is hereditary and seems to be in the family tree,there is no cure for the problem,but still the problems can be avoided if one takes certain precautions.

In other cases,,,where the disease is not inborn,people get it in later stages,the reasons can be improper eating and living habits.

You can take following step to avoid Diabetes:

  • Take proper meals and avoid high sugar diet.
  • Include roughage in your meals,one must eat more of salad
  • Add wheat,maze and rice to your diet.
  • Eat lots of fibre rich food,include green veggies and fruits to your diet.
  • Avoid chocolates,coffee,tea as these include caffeine
  • Work out daily
  • Maintain your weight and do not let it grow
  • Follow dietary plan to reduce weight if you are suffering from obesity
  • Include protein rich food
  • Avoid fast foods like burgers,pizza
  • Drink 8-10classes of water a day.
  • Prefer fresh juices to cola as it contains caffeine
  • 20-30minutes walk is also preferable
  • A sound sleep of 7-8 hours is a must as it reduces stress and keeps aone fresh.
  • Doing Yoga early morning is also beneficial,it makes body calm and immune.

Changing old eating habits is very difficult,but one has to apply self control to keep himself healthy,a good and balanced way of life blesses man with long and healthy life away from diseases.



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Priyanka 6 years ago

very informative article!

sunitibahl9 profile image

sunitibahl9 5 years ago from India Author

thanks priyanka

Jitendar singh vishukarma 4 years ago

good precautions this can save many people thankx, always do the good work as a good person.

sunitibahl9 profile image

sunitibahl9 2 years ago from India Author

thank you so much

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