Media on Health Care Reform

Health Reform

Where do you go for information on health care reform?  Do you watch television, listen to the radio, or read the newspaper.  Depending on where you get your information you may hear anything.  

Health Care Reform on Fox TV

If you watch Fox stations for your news you generally hear mostly everything bad regarding health insurance or health care reform. I have never seen one channel as biased against a sitting President as this channel. They really do not talk about anything in a positive light. There is just no way that Fox news should not be able to find one thing that is good about healthcare reform. If you listen to this station it appears that no change in health insurance or quaility of health care is needed in this country at all.

On the other hand, if you watch MSNBC you get a more balanced viewpoint. However there is definitely more of a positive spin for the White House than that of Fox. MSNBC commentators will at least point out some of the things that need to be put into a health care plan. Whereas Fox commentators never say what should be included in a health care reform plan. They just keep repeating why the proposal is a bad idea.

The most balanced commentating on the health insurance issue seems to come from CNN news. These shows really seem to be more interested in reporting the news than choosing sides. When I want entertainment, I usually watch the shows on MSNBC of FOX. When I really want to hear what is being debated on regarding healthcare I would much rather view CNN.  CNN has more of a news type show rather than an interview type show.

Radio on Healthcare

On my way home from work I listen to all the conservative talk show hosts. Most of these give me all the same reasons FOX gives for not supporting a healthcare program. It is like watching the FOX television shows through the radio. The talk show hosts come on one by one all spouting the same viewpoints of the healthcare plan. They even have the same guests on the shows within the same week.

Unfortunately I have not found any radio station to listen to that explains the health care information. If someone can tell me about one in the Atlanta GA area I would really like to know about it.

Newspaper on Healthcare

I only read the major newspaper in the Atlanta area regarding healthcare. However I have heard of local papers which carry the same type of information found of conservative radio shows. I would like to read more about the health care issue. What is Wrong With the Public Option


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