medical vegetables that really work

Natural medication through eating habit


Healthy living is a lifestyle that requires good planning. We start our daily activities by taking shower and washing our mouth. Washing the body and mouth in the morning is refreshing. It places us in relaxing mood thus allowing us to enjoy our food.

There are too many leaves that cure and which constitute vegetable we can put into our food while cooking. The first leaves or vegetables I am going to introduce are called Uziza and Ncheonwu both of which are their native names.

Uziza is called Piper guinenses in biological notation while Ncheonwu is Ocimum viride.


The use of Uziza is very rampart though little is known of its importance in our daily cure and sickness prevention. The vegetable use to cook pepper soup. For those of my readers who do not know what pepper soup is I will be giving out recipe for different food that helps the body combat illnesses. Uziza helps a lot to prevent allergy and running nose. Most doctors do not like the idea of traditional medication because it will not give them the opportunity to make money from insurance companies. The Uziza leave keeps the body warm and prevent cold. Believe it or not cold is the main cause of allergy or running nose but some doctors would prefer to prescribe allergy medicine to their patients. One question we must ask ourselves is: What does the allergy medicine do in our body?


I laugh at people who keep mentioning Allergy. I am not a true believer of that word, and its related disease. I am a true believer of natural prevention and natural cure through the consumption of Natural vegetable. Vegetable is medicinal term is called herb.

What is the difference between vegetable and herb?

Apparently there are no differences. It is a matter of having an object answer two or more names. Does it make a difference if water is called aqua? Well back to the topic prevention of running Nose. I know regional differences are the main cause of differences in lifestyle but there is a way of unifying our lifestyle. In preventing running nose, people who eat a lot of pepper would find it very easy to add more spices to achieve this objection easily. But those who do not eat hot spices can equally benefit a lot from the use of Uziza to prevent or cure their running nose. The difference is the quantity you add to your dish. Besides if you are not used to a particular herb the tendency is that the herb will be very active to you at first time even though the concentration or the amount is too low. The more you get use to it the more quantity you will likely need in the future.


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