Migraine Headache Relief Tips

Migraine Headache Relief Tips

When a person gets a migraine headache, the pain is often quite severe. Some people get migraines quite often, while others get them sporadically. No matter your frequency of experiencing this ailment, you understand that it is hard to live with. When I have gotten one, I find it almost impossible to complete basic daily tasks because it can be so bad. If you have ever suffered from a migraine, you have been through many different methods of getting rid of the headache. Well, I am going to give you some tips that have provided me with migraine headache relief.

1)      For most cases, taking an over the counter medication works. It is hard to recommend one for each person, since we are all different. Taking Advil liquid gels have provided me some relief and often work. For others it may be Tylenol or aspirin, or some other medicine.

2)      When I suffer from a migraine, I stop reading, writing, and looking at a television or computer monitor. The words or colors often contribute to the pain. By eliminating those obstacles, I find it easier to rest my eyes and my head. It may help to sit back and close your eyes.

3)      If I decide to close my eyes, I make sure to make sure that the room is dark. Bright lights can make a migraine worse. I also try to avoid falling asleep, because when I wake up my head is often pounding worse. Resting in the dark, with your eyes closed can greatly improve the symptoms that I have.

4)      Maintain a normal sleep schedule is also important. Migraines are often triggered by a sleeping pattern being disrupted. This could be a sleep related disorder or changing time zones or something like that. Keeping a regular sleeping pattern is a healthy thing to do.

5)      Finally, many of my headaches are triggered by changes in weather patterns. Frequently, when a cold front moves through, the pressure outside changes triggering a migraine. Research has shown that significant weather events can cause migraines in the majority of patients. On those days I either try to avoid going outside or try not to over exert myself which could cause one.

These migraine relief tips have worked for me in the past and very well could work for you. Most people suffer from the occasional migraine, but if you happen to suffer from chronic ones, you should seek medical attention.

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manlypoetryman profile image

manlypoetryman 7 years ago from (Texas !) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before...

This is a good topic to write on. I was plaqued with these for many years, myself. And still have to take steps in advance for a headache to not go "full-blown" nuclear! Like the advice you gave in #1. Yes...it can be battled with over the counter medications ( I tried for years with Rx's)...and Yes...each person is different. Me personally...drinking a tall beer...with Excedrin for Migraines/or Extra Strength worked. However...going to waive that off as any advice/suggestion on my part...but works for me! Excedrin has cured my headaches from going to nuclear...now...for about ten years! Thanks for this Hub...very beneficial to the person suffering from these horrible things.

Darvocet Lawsuit 5 years ago

Often, I really on nonpharmacologic treatments to aid me during times of migraine attacks. I keep myself well rested in a dark, quiet room and try to meditate and relax. Nice post!

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