Miscarriage Resources on the Web

Finding Miscarriage Information on the Web

When a woman has had a miscarriage, the internet may be the one and only place she searches for information. The anonymity and vastness of the internet make it the obvious place to search for miscarriage resources, particularly if a woman does not feel like talking about what she is going through, or personally asking anyone for what she needs.

Many women all over the world have used the internet to share their personal miscarriage stories. Many have created informational websites and online memorials for their lost babies. Others have created sites where mothers who will never meet can together remember the babies they have lost, and unique memorial items that can only be purchased online.

While information for women who have had a miscarriage is certainly available, it can be difficult to find exactly the right information at the time it is needed. Hundreds, even thousands of websites exist on the internet on any given topic. Some sites are truly unique and of excellent quality, but may not be the first to come up in search engines.

Here I have compiled a list of the best websites I have found for women in need of up to date information and quality resources after a miscarriage. If you are looking for a website that covers miscarriage information, as well as resources for healing and moving forward from grief, a great starting place is the Facts About Miscarriage site (see General Miscarriage Information below).


Embracing Death - An article by Susanna Stromberg about the importance of seeing, holding and photographing newborns who have died, and a recent British psychiatric study that reports it may be detrimental to a woman's long term mental health to do so. Stromberg opposes the study's findings, describing the moments she spent with her dying daughter, Anna, as "the most painful of my life -- but...also the richest".

Grieving a Miscarriage - This article was published on the NY Times blog Motherlode: Adventures in Parenting. Donnica Moore, an OB/GYN, discusses grief after a miscarriage and answers questions about miscarriage from Motherlode readers.

How to Support a Woman After a Miscarriage
- Many people are at a loss of how to show their care and support of a loved one after a miscarriage. This article offers 10 suggestions for supporting a woman who has lost a pregnancy, from a woman who has been there herself.

Pregnancy After Stillbirth or Miscarriage
- Written by a woman who lost her baby at 24 weeks gestation. This article offers 7 useful suggestions for how to cope with the fear of losing a pregnancy following a stillbirth or miscarriage.

Trying to Understand Miscarriage - Many women will never know exactly what was the cause of their miscarriage. This article outlines health-related causes of pregnancy loss, as well as lifestyle factors and myths about what can cause a miscarriage.


Baby Loss Awareness Campaign (UK) - This site is for "people whose lives have been touched by the loss of a baby during pregnancy or just after birth". The campaign has been organizing Wave of Light events in memory of lost babies since 2003, and sells pink and blue Baby Loss Awareness ribbons on its site. The focus of campaign events is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, which takes place each year on October 15th.

Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day (International) - Remembering Our Babies is the name of the official website of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day (October 15). The site was created "to provide support, education and awareness for those who are suffering or may know someone who has suffered a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy, a still birth, or the loss of an infant". Pink and blue Pregnancy Loss Awareness items are available for purchase on the site, as well as information about support groups, activities and walks.

Baby Memorials

A Place for Our Angels - This link leads to a virtual Memorial Garden where parents can leave notes to their babies on Deanna Roy's Facts About Miscarriage site. Parents are encouraged to return and leave messages as many times as they like; there is a search function on the site so messages can be returned to at any time. Roy is also the creator of In the Company of Angels, a memorial book for those who want a special place to remember the stories of their lost babies. Roy also regularly updates her miscarriage blog called Baby Dust: Deanna's Miscarriage Blog.

A Place to Remember
- This excellent site offers an online remembrance book for anyone who wishes to post a tribute to his or her baby. The site also has an online problem pregnancy and grief and loss bookstore, card shop and gift store. Memorial service and funeral items are also available for purchase on this site.

Gone Too Soon - While this website is not specific to miscarriage, it is a beautifully designed site where anyone can easily create a memorial with photos for their loved one. Visitors to the site can add photos, write a personal tribute, light a virtual candle or give a gift. Creation of an account and use of this site is free.

Miscarriage Memorial Book
- Unfortunately this book is no longer available, but was the project of St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Cornwall, England. The book holds the names of babies who died before birth and before three years of age. Information on contacting the Poor Clare Sisters in Wales, who offer prayer support for families who have lost a child, can be found on the site.

Silent Losses - This Christian website offers a space under their Remembrance Items/Baby Memorials link for parents to post a personal note to their lost babies, as well as practical, emotional and faith support for grieving parents. Based in Clearwater, Florida, this organization serves local families seeking support, even on site, in hospital. Volunteers knit and crochet handmade layettes for stillborn children, which are available for order on their website, as well as Mother's Tear handkerchiefs and personalized baby bracelets.

To Write Their Names in the Sand - In honour of her stillborn son, Christian, Carly Marie Dudley writes and photographs the names of lost babies in the sand. She posts each photo on a memorial page on her website along with the baby's full name and a poem or a few words provided by the parents about their baby. High resolution photos of each name in the sand are available by $25 AUS donation.

Blogs and Directories

baby fruit: the (mis)adventures of mommyhood - Aliza Risdahl's site is about "miscarriage blogging, miscarriage advice, celebrity miscarriage and other miscarrying obsessions. Throw in pregnancy, post partum depression, and now juggling life as a 40-something mom of a 4-year-old". She is also the author of babyfruit: the miscarriage poems.

Miscarriage One Two Many - This blog, created by Ashley Kingsley, "is for the countless silent sufferers who have lost babies through miscarriage. Here, you can read, share, find other related resources and together we can find our way back home." While Kingsley is no longer actively updating her blog, her site is a great resource for women seeking information and the feeling that someone else has been there and found her way through.

Baby Loss Directory - This blog is created and maintained by people who have experienced the loss of a baby in miscarriage (before and after 20 weeks), stillbirth, medical termination, or infant death. The goal of this site is to maintain a current listing of Baby Loss Blogs, recommend related resources, and to post the latest Baby Loss information. At the present date, there are several hundred blogs listed in this directory.

General Information

Pregnancy Loss Info - This site, created by Deanna Roy, is an excellent, highly recommended resource for information related to miscarriage. Whether you are looking for facts about miscarriage, grief or how to move on following a miscarriage, you will find what you are looking for under the headings of Information, Healing and Hope. Roy regularly updates a column for news items of interest related to pregnancy loss. I would recommend this comprehensive and beautiful site as the first place to go online for any woman who has suffered a miscarriage.

Grief Support

Miscarriage Help - This site, created by Ellen M. Dubois, is a comfort to many women following a miscarriage. Dubois' site has helped many miscarriage survivors feel understood, supported and less alone with the intense grief and loneliness following a miscarriage. She posts and personally responds to each and every letter she receives from women who wish to share their personal miscarriage stories. Miscarriage Condolence items, including jewelry, books and gifts, are also available on her site. Dubois shares her own personal miscarriage story in her book, I Never Held You: Miscarriage, Grief, Healing and Recovery.

Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support - This mission of this site is to offer support to anyone who needs help following the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or in the first few months of life. A pregnancy loss information packet is available to anyone by filling out a form, and includes information on local support groups, a resources catalogue and newsletter. Share offers helpful suggestions on how to support parents grieving the loss of a baby, as well as steps to help children understand and cope with the loss of a sibling.

Silent Grief - This site is the work of Clara Hinton, Christian author of the book Silent Grief and many articles about miscarriage. Hinton organizes and speaks at an annual Silent Grief Retreat, offering support to bereaved parents (the 2011 Silent Grief Retreat is scheduled for March 18-20 in Warm Springs, Georgia). Her website also hosts message boards on topics relevant to parents and families grieving a miscarriage including emotions following miscarriage, surviving more than one miscarriage, pregnancy after miscarriage, stillbirth, loss of a young child, infertility, prayer needs and more.

Unspoken Grief - Devan McGuinness is the creator of this beautiful website dedicated to offering understanding and support for anyone experiencing perinatal grief. McGuinness is an inspiration: she is the survivor of ten miscarriages (due to luteal phase defect, progesterone deficiency and Factor V Leiden). She shares her personal stories of loss and healing on her site, and offers space for anyone else who wishes to share her own story on the site. Other resources include medical definitions related to miscarriage, and articles of support for miscarriage survivors and their loved ones.

Memorial Keepsake Jewelry

Bugaboo Jewelry - These stunning modern pieces are designed to give families "a tangible way to acknowledge, honor and remember a precious baby gone too soon". Among many other designs, the artist makes silver four sided pendants that can be customized with stamped words, birthstone pendants that read "Always in My Heart", unique First Christmas memorial ornaments, and more. Every item on this etsy store is unique, beautiful and affordable; highly recommended.

La Belle Dame: Jewelry to Nurture and Support the Spirit - This lovely line of handmade jewelry is the work of Kimberly de Montbrun, who created her line of miscarriage and infant loss jewelry to help mothers have "something...to touch and give them strength when they need it most". Montbrun makes bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings and necklaces, as well as sympathy cards and bookmarks. Some of these items can be personalized, and the website also provides a line of sympathy cards. The artist has recently brought out a line of memorial jewelry for aunts and grandmothers.

My Forever Child: Keepsakes and Jewelry for Remembrance, Healing & Hope - This mission of this site is to "honor and acknowledge our loved ones, while celebrating their life and the love they have bestowed to us". The site offers personalized keepsakes that are handcrafted and customized to specification. Unique options include signature handprint and footprint jewelry, as well as miscarriage, infant and baby loss charms, bracelets, pins, pendants, necklaces, cell phone charms and keychains.

Sympathy Cards

Cafe Press - This online store sells customizable products of all kinds, and many customers create and purchase items they have designed themselves. Cafe Press also sells pre-made gifts, including this miscarriage sympathy card, Mommy of an Angel t-shirts, and related miscarriage items.

Greeting Card Universe
- There are many types of miscarriage related cards available on this website including miscarriage sympathy cards, baby loss cards, infant memorial cards, religious cards and more.

Hallmark Cards - This greeting card retailer has produced two miscarriage sympathy cards to date.

Loss Remembered - This miscarriage sympathy card says it all, simply and beautifully.

Miscarriage Sympathy Card Messages - This web page outlines do's and don't when writing a message in a miscarriage sympathy card.

St. Catherine of Sweden Miscarriage Healing Card with Medal - Available on the Milagros Catholic website, this card may bring comfort to a loved one of the Catholic faith who has miscarried. Saint Catherine is recognized as the patroness of women who have suffered a miscarriage, and is celebrated on her feast day of March 22.

I Can Make Life: Poems About Infertility and Miscarriage, Pregnancy and Birth

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Nicole Breit is a writer of a number of miscarriage resources on hubpages. She is also a published poet. Her debut poetry collection, I Can Make Life, explores her journey through infertility and multiple early miscarriage to have her son, and was a finalist for the 2012 Mary Ballard Poetry competition. Follow her writing journey on her blog, Writing for my Life, or on twitter @NicoleBreit.

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Jody71 20 months ago

These are all great resources! Thank you so much for compiling such a comprehensive list. My own 2 cents: I would add the work over at The Miscarriage Institute. Made by a clinical family therapist who went through several miscarriages. There's a pretty good Ebook library and about 14 hours of videos that focus on recovering emotionally after pregnancy loss. www.miscarriageinstitute.com

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