The Best Movies Inspired By Bicycles

The Great Movie “The Day I Became A Woman”

There are so many movies based on bicycle. We have taken a glance of some of the all time best movies in which bicycle plays a prominent role.
There are so many movies based on bicycle. We have taken a glance of some of the all time best movies in which bicycle plays a prominent role.

There are so many memorable movies based on bicycle. Bicycle is a device which is been used for the past three centuries among us. Most of us would have had a bicycle ride in out childhood days. Even to this day the look at our old bicycle will kindle those memories.

Bicycles were very important for livelihood at one point of time and many movies have been released based on bicycles. Let us see about four prominent movies released about bicycles.

  1. Bicycle thieves
    This film is the all time favorite for critics. This is an Italian film based on two people Antonio and his son Bruno. Antonio is badly in need of a job to support his family of wife and two children. He is offered a job to stick posters on condition that he owns a bicycle. Antonio and his wife sell their bed sheets to get back the bicycle from the pawnbroker’s shop. But the cycle is stolen. In utter frustration Antonio attempts to steal a bicycle and get caught red handedly. The film is highly acclaimed for its wonderful screen play and excellent direction by Vittorio De sica.
  2. Breaking Away
    This film is based on four friends Dave, Mike, Cyril and Moocher. Dave loves to ride his bicycle and wants to become a champion. He tries to mix with an Italian cyclist group, but is humiliated by them.

    He then tries to participate in the Indiana university bicycle race. At the point of winning he is injured. His friends tend to help him by taking turns, but they are overpowered by other bicyclists. But at last he wins by tying himself to bicycle.

    This film portrays Dave’s love for bicycling beautifully. The film was directed by Peter Yates and Dennis Christopher played the role of Dave.
  3. American flyers
    This film is about two brothers Marcus and David risking their life to compete in the prestigious “Hell of the West” bicycle tournament. However Marcus is affected by serious brain disease and is forced to quit the competition in the middle. This film was well received by the public starring Kevin Costner and directed by John Badham. It helps us understand the passion and spirit of sportsmen.
  4. The day I became a woman
    This is an Iranian film directed by Marzieh Meshkini. This film shows three women in three stages of life. One of the characters in the film Ahoo goes to the extent of breaking the marriage relationship with her husband to take part in a bicycle race.

    The film clearly depicts the status of woman in Middle East and how badly they crave to come out of it. Ahoo in this film think bicycle riding makes her independent and is not ready to sacrifice it even in the case of a divorce.

There are few other prominent movies also like 2 seconds, Je Reste and Middle of the world based on bicycles. Movie classics based on bicycles is a never ending list. Let us hope some quality movies get added to the list every year.

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