My Weight Loss Secrets

My Weight Loss Secrets

Now I am not an expert on weight loss, but I have been around the block a few times and can provide you the weight loss secrets that I have picked up, created, or learned of throughout my trials and tribulations. The following are things that are designed to maximize your weight loss and to try and make it easier for you. Some of them will be obvious and common sense and others will be more subtle, but they are all important. The first step is being ready to embark down this road.

1)      Make your weight loss goals ahead of time. Whether you want to make them weekly, monthly, or in some other fashion. They need to be realistic and will help keep you on track to work hard to meet what you have down. The problem is many people do not keep up with them or make them too hard to meet. I consider this to be the first step you need to take.

2)      Join a gym. Some people may have gyms in their condo buildings or one in their home, but if you don’t have access to one, join a gym. Working out outside is fine, but the weather is often unpredictable and going to the gym will allow you to keep track of calories lost and make your progress easier to follow. Plus it is air conditioned.

3)      Have proper gym gear. This means good and comfortable sneakers, t shirts, shorts, sweat towel and water. These are all important because the more comfortable you are, the better you will perform in the gym. I also recommend an IPOD because music will help the time fly by. Trust me.

4)      Weight yourself once a week. If you weigh yourself every day or once a month it is difficult to see your progress in terms of what is working and what is not.  A week is the perfect amount of time to see a result and to be able to see what is working and what is not.

5)      Exercise at least 5 days a week. My motto is the more you exercise, the more you will lose. If you are sick or exhausted from work then don’t kill yourself, but if you have energy go for the extra push.

6)      Count calories. You should have a good idea by now what foods are healthy and what is not. The next step is to count calories. Eat fruits, veggies, salads, yogurts, and things like that. I would recommend, for maximum weight loss to eat between 1200 and 1500 calories a day.

7)      Stay away from soda, sugars, and alcohol. Yes, I know most people like all of the above, but they are all detrimental to your success. The more you abstain from them, the more you will lose.

8)      Drink plenty of water. I would say at least 6 bottles a day or 6 glasses or whatever way you want to measure it. Water fills you up and is also good for your body.

9)      Chew gum. If you have the urge to eat, chew some gum. I find it help to suppress my appetite, plus you are burning a few calories by chewing.

10)   Keep a journal of your weight to track your weight loss. You can find graphs and charts of these online and it is helpful to see your progress as time goes on.

11)   Do not eat within 5 hours of going to bed. Experts say 4 hours, but I think 5 is better. That food will just sit in your stomach and turn into fat. If you are hungry, chew some gum and drink water.

12)   If you have a lot of weight to lose focus mainly on cardio, with some weight training in involved. Whether it’s walking, cycling, swimming, running, or using the elliptical; it is the best workout to do. A few days a week, do some weights to keep your muscles tones.

13)   Park far away at work or the store. It is an old trick to make you walk farther and therefore burn off some more calories.

14)   Try to measure how many steps you take a day; experts say a minimum of 10,000 is best.

15)   Take a daily dietary vitamin. This will help your metabolism and or you to burn the maximum amount of weight. It will keep you healthy.

16)   Keep a food journal. Some people recommend writing down EVERYTHING you eat during the day, allowing you to keep track. I would say this is optional.

17)   Inform people close to you that you are on a diet, this way you can try to avoid any awkward situations. Also, if you tell people about your diet, you are more likely to work on it in order to save face.

18)   Get plenty of sleep. At a minimum get 7 hours of sleep. This is when your body rests and important biological processes take place. Less sleep disrupts it and it’s not good for weight loss.

19)   Take a day off from time to time. This means you don’t have to exercise every day and some days eat a food that you really like, such as candy or pizza. These breaks help make the whole experience more bearable.

20)   Finally, believe in yourself. Most weight loss plans ultimately fail because people do not believe in themselves. Change your mindset, think optimistically, and you be patient. This will not happen overnight, but the results will be worth it in the end.

These tips and suggestions are some of the things that I have picked up during my weight loss experiments and from other people I know. I firmly believe if they are followed you will greatly increase your chances of successful weight loss. The weight loss secrets that worked for me and those I know are now at your disposal to follow. The rest, meaning all of the hard work, is all you. Take a deep breath and begin the long journey.

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