Natural Remedies for Cataracts

Natural Remedies for Cataracts

Alternatives to surgery for cataracts in the eyes

A cataract is a very common eye disease. Cataracts affects the lens of the eye area, making it whitish and opaque instead of being crystalline and therefore do not leave the light entering the eye and the sick person with cataracts no longer see clearly. Over time the lens becomes increasingly opaque, even cause blindness.

Symptoms of Cataracts in Eyes

The first sign of cataracts is blurred vision. The person has difficulty seeing well focused. As the disease progresses it may have double vision and get white spots on the eyes.

Causes of Cataracts in Eyes

  • Deterioration of the Lens - Three factors contribute to loss of transparency of the lens. This is deterioration in the nutrition of the lens which diminishes the vitality and strength of lens fibers, deposits of acids and salts between the lens fibers that have an irritating effect on the tissues of the lens and putting increasing pressure on its delicate fibers.
  • Toxins in the Blood, faulty lifestyle - As with most diseases, toxins in the blood stream due to dietetic errors and a faulty lifestyle, are the real cause of cataract. The toxic substance in the blood spreads through the body to find shelter in any available weak seat. It strikes the lens if it becomes weak due to tension, overuse of the eyes and local irritation. The condition worsens over time and then begins to develop a cataract.
  • Stress, tension and alcoholic beverages - Other causes of cataract are stress and tension, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, sugar and salt, smoking, certain physical ailments such as gastrointestinal or gall bladder disease, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies and intolerance of fatty acids, radiation, aging. The effects of drugs that have been prescribed for other diseases.

Natural Remedies for Cataracts in Eyes

  • Treatment of cataract with Carrot - The use of carrots is considered beneficial in the treatment of cataract. The patient should take plenty of raw carrots a day. Alternatively, he can drink two glasses of fresh carrot juice, one in the morning and the evening.
  • Treatment of cataract with Garlic - The use of garlic is another effective remedy for cataract. Two or three cloves should be eaten daily. They should be chewed slowly. Garlic helps to clean the lens of the eye.
  • Treatment of cataract with Pumpkin - The flowers of pumpkin are valuable to fight cataract. The juice of the flowers should be extracted and applied externally on the eyelids twice daily. It will stop the clouding of the lens of the eye.
  • Treatment of cataract with Aniseed - Anise is considered a useful remedy for cataract. Equal amounts of aniseed powder and coriander should be mixed with a teaspoon of brown sugar, and the mixture should be taken in doses of 12g in the morning and evening.
  • Treatment of cataract with Honey - The use of pure honey is another effective remedy for cataract. A few drops of honey should be placed in the eye. This is an ancient Egyptian remedy which has benefited many patients.
  • Treatment of cataract with Almonds - Almonds are valuable in cataract fight. Seven kernels should be ground finely with half a gram of pepper (black pepper) in half a glass of water, and drunk after sweetening the mixture with a teaspoon of sugar. Helps the eyes to regain their vigor.

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