Weight Loss: Forget the Fads, Get a Dietitian

Today we are bombarded with diet solution ads from every direction. They come in all sizes. some are packaged foods, weight management programs, supplements, exercise solutions, how-to books, and any combination of these things. I tried succeeded and failed on seemingly all of them, including South Beach, Atkins, and Weight Watchers. I did learn some valuable lessons and finally a real solution to weight loss.

First some of the things I learned from trying these solutions.

  • We are individuals. Fad diets and weight loss solutions are marketed to the masses. Usually, it's done with some disclaimer that says to consult your physician first before beginning any program. That one directive is actually the most important part of any program. Consult your physician and you will quickly find out that they do not have high hopes for fad diets. Perhaps in the short term, they work, but in the long term they can be harmful. Since we are individuals, we need plans customized especially for us.
  • Mental and physical. Dieting and losing weight is not all about the physical weight loss. It really is a mental state of mind. It's really hard to discipline yourself to change. Fad diets offer programs, but often these are so strict that there is little movement to be flexible. This can be extremely frustrating for anyone who is not an ideal candidate for a particular diet plan. The mental side of dieting is extremely hard to manage as it involves not only rational thought but also emotional response to food.
  • Knowledge. Fad diets and solutions provide programs without a comprehensive evidence-based approach to losing weight. Usually, all the marketing that is done for these fad diet plans, makes the program easy to understand and difficult to question. That's why you will often see these programs loaded with testimonials but no real data. Someone, usually a celebrity, talks about how they lost all that weight. But, where is the supportive information that you need on a daily basis when you have questions? Do you go to website and look at their FAQs? Many times these programs give very little support if any.

I found a much better solution. A solution that has allowed me to lose more than fifteen pounds in three months. It's healthy and simple. Here it is.

Commit to seeing a dietitian on an ongoing basis.

It's not a fad solution. It's not exciting. But, to put it simply, it works. Why? Dieticians are professionals. They are live people who listen and understand your needs. They will set up a meal plan for you that is customized and easy to follow. Does that mean losing weight will be easy? No of course not. But, it will be healthy and with the right dietician, can be an extremely rewarding experience.

The next time you are thinking of joining a fad diet, consider first putting that money in a better investment. Hire a dietician who can comprehensively understand your dietary needs. You'll be amazed at what you will learn and how healthy you will feel. I'm living proof. As a recovering heart patient, fad diets can actually be harmful for me, so I turned to a trusted source, to a professional.

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