NutriSystem Select Reviews - Does Nutrisystem Work?

The popular NutriSystem diet is probably one of the most heavily advertised diets on television. It's touted as a convenient and easy to use diet delivery program, featuring healthy meals that are well planned and prepared, as well as being tasty.

This leaves us with two questions: Does Nutrisystem work? And, is the food any good? Let's take a look at the details.

NutriSystem is healthy. It offers choices of meals which are delivered to your door, all you have to do is microwave them. The meals are low in saturated and trans fats. They also include whole grain products, and are marketed as having 'low glycemic index' and being chock full of good carbs. If you hate abandoning carbs, Nutrisystem will probably be a good option for you.

According to Nutrisystem, meals are also low in sodium because sodium levels fall under USDA guidelines for serving sizes.

However, if you generally eat freshly prepared foods rather than packaged foods, you will likely find that the sodium content is higher than you are used to. This is just the nature of packaged foods. Of course, if you do eat mostly fresh foods, you probably don't need to lose very much weight in the first place!

Meals are pre-packaged in portions, meaning that the amount of calories you are taking in with your diet is exactly measured. When on the Nutrisystem diet, you also add fresh fruit and vegetables in order to make the meals complete, so you are also getting fresh foods daily and not relying soley on packaged foods. But you will want to factor this into your costs. Medifast does something of the same thing, where you eat five Medifast meals per day and one freshly prepared meal.

One you place your first order, your first shipment comes complete with exercise videos and tips on how to diet and manage your caloric intake.

Some of NutriSystem's package foods
Some of NutriSystem's package foods

The NutriSystem plan is well thought through and fairly well executed. The main drawback mentioned in other reviews is that it does not actively teach you how to prepare your own correctly portioned meals.

Consequently, unless you specifically tune into that while following their diet, you may not learn how to properly plan your own meals afterward and thus you may gain some weight back again.

But this is common with all diets and is something you need to keep aware of if you ever expect to keep the weight off. Many people go on crash diets and lose a lot of weight quickly, but they are often unable to sustain the weight loss, and more often than not they gain all their weight back on again.

For some, one of the other important drawbacks of the diet are the foods and the way they are packaged. Because much of the Nutrisystem food is made up of shelf-stable packaged foods, there are complaints that some of these foods are either bland, mushy or too salty.

This has been an on-going issue for NutriSystem over the years. But the new Nutrisystem Select program may solve a lot of these issues for some dieters who are considering the program.

Nutrisystem Select includes goodies like ice cream!
Nutrisystem Select includes goodies like ice cream!

NutriSystem Select brings more flavor

With NutriSystem Select, you get a higher quality of food in terms of taste and nutrients.

The foods that are included in NutriSystem Select come from the Schwans delivery service and they are what is referred to as "fresh frozen". Basically what this means is that foods are cooked fresh and then flash frozen so that the flavor and nutrients are at their optimum.

So the NutriSystem Select plan adds some well needed variety and better tasting products to the NutriSystem line-up. It also cost a bit more, about $60-70 per month more, but if you will be using Nutrisystem for a couple of months or longer to lose weight, I believe the extra money is probably going to be worth it.

In summary, NutriSystem works. It accomplishes its goals of helping people eat a balanced, low-calorie diet so that they can lose weight. Those people who follow the diet plan diligently, which means eating only the foods you are supposed to, will lose weight.

If the program is followed properly, the system will work and you will lose weight. Whether or not you change your eating habits sufficiently to keep weight off and to continue controlling your intake of calories and the size of the portions you allow yourself, will be up to you.

If you have the determination and willingness to not only follow the system for however long you are planning to, but to continue applying the principles of the NutriSystem after you have finished the diet, then it will have been successful.

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