Nutrisystem Review

Nutrisystem Review

As someone who has struggled with their weight and has tried various diet plans to try and get fit, I am in a unique position to give some feedback on what I have tried. One of the most popular plans on the market is the Nutrisystem plan. I see several commercials everyday for it, so it is a fair bet that you have too. I tried Nutrisystem last summer for a period of 3 months. Since I was home from college, I figured this would be a good method to try during my summer at home. When you join Nutrisystem, you are immediately given access to their website, forums, and helpful tips to push you along your weight loss quest. Each month, you initially pick out three meals for everyday, and there are extra spots left open for snacks and desserts too. The total cost for me was around $250 a month, which is not so bad considering this provides the vast majority of your food. A few days later, you will get a massive box in the mail full of your selections. I will say one downside is, if you get anything with chocolate in it, it will melt! At the end of each month you order again and when you want to stop the program, you just let them know.

The meals that they give you are mixed in my opinion. Some of them were delicious and others were god awful, it just depends on what you get. I had great luck with any of their chicken meals for dinner, all of them were good. Breakfast, at least for me, is easy and Nutrisystem made it easy too. You can select cereal, eggs, oatmeal, or some type of breakfast bar. Out of these, the oatmeal and breakfast bar are good. I did not much care for their cereal and their eggs I was suspicious of for some reason. Lunch was easy; you could get a soup or a granola bar or something like that. My favorite options that they had were their various soups, which were small but tasted great. For dinner, it really came down to what you selected, but as I said I had the best luck with the chicken meals. The package also comes with dessert and they were good, usually some kind of low fat candy bar.

There are a few things that I would recommend doing if you decide to try Nutrisystem. The meals, especially dinner, were never filling and I was always hungry. I would recommend adding a small salad to the meal. Get plenty of exercise! I made the mistake of getting caught up with work and exercised only sporadically, but if I was more faithful to it I would have seen more results. The last tip I can give is to take your time selecting what you want, but at the same time do not deny yourself the occasional meal at a restaurant or a break from the program’s food.  In the end, after three months of more or less just eating their food, I lost about 25 lbs. I was happy, but it could have been more if I really followed through with it. Despite this, I really recommend people trying Nutrisystem if you are looking around for a diet plan. I see now they have a men’s option, a woman’s option, and ones for diabetics and elderly people, so you will find something that fits you. At the very least, try it out for a month to see how it goes and I highly recommend exercising to maximize your results. All in all Nutrisystem is a good diet plan to try out.

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