Economic crisis has been rampant on all parts of the world. Everyone wants to have stable jobs and definitely have an income one way or the other. If we can only have multiple jobs at the same time to earn a living, we'll grab the opportunity. If we can render overtime work and be paid extra, then we'll definitely stay at the office for as long as we can. If we are asked to cover for another colleague who called in sick and work for another 8 or 9 hour, we'll go for it. If we will be requested to go on twelve straight working days and we know how big our salary will be by the end of the month, we'll cancel our future plans for the weekend and just bury ourselves with papers or something for almost two weeks. Even if you only have to sleep for a few hours, even if you only get to spend lesser time with your family, even if you have to miss some series of CSI or Heroes or your usual night outs with your drinking buddies...All for the benefit of NOT being fired and having enough to spend for our daily needs. I bet if we're asked by our bosses to do cartwheels ten times and in return we'll be given a monetary reward for doing so, we will do it without any hesitation. I know I won't, I know literally you would not do cartwheels but do I get my point across?

Stop for a while and think about yourself too!
Stop for a while and think about yourself too!


I know MONEY is always an issue and the more money we have, the more fulfilled we are. Some may not agree for health or family serves as the top priority. Ideally, that should be the case. But just think about this: What will food will you serve if you do not have enough money? How can u pay your mortgage and your utility bills if you don't have any source of income? How can you bring your kids to school? How will you pay your long list of credit card bills? What if you get caught driving so fast, how will you pay the speed ticket? How can you buy this new gadget you've been longing to have if you don't have money to pay for it? And how about your dream cruise, will it be forever a wishful thinking?

So what do you do? You work your ass out, render overtime work as much as you can and one day you'll realize that you no longer can work, much less do double shift or multiple jobs...


Studies show that working longer hours promote health problems. If you work for more than 40 hours in a week, that will increase your chances of being vulnerable to sickness. It may start with mild colds and coughing, but may become worse than one can ever imagine. It may also increase the risk of having mental and physical health problems.

Working for more than the average 8 to 9 hours per day may also reduce your productivity. Yes, you are in the office doing extra labor, but how about the result? Was it satisfactory? Was your boss pleased with the outcome? Doing overtime effort without enough sleep will make you work slower which might lead to a substandard result. Some would say that excessive time at work may lead for one not to perform at his best. Since your brain cells are so worn out for working double time, the more time you need to have your work done.

I know that we are in dire need specially with how the economy is lately, but I strongly believe that we should also think of other consequences aside from having a thick wallet full of money because of rendering extra hours of work. You may have more than enough to spend for your family and needs, but have you thought that all will just be put to waste if you get sick and you have to pay your hospital bills? It's fine to render overtime, but all boils to one thing: EVERYTHING THAT IS TOO MUCH IS BAD. Reflect and think about it.

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