The Healing Power of Kratom

Pain medication withdrawal

Many people experience pain medication withdrawl because they have an opiate addiction and suddenly stop taking the opiate. There is a plant called Kratom that can help.

People go online to try and buy prescription medications. The truth is there is no legal online pharmacy to buy prescription medication, however there are natural herbal remedies. Withdrawal symptoms from opiates can include, nausea, hot sweats, body aches, and or vomiting.

My friends addiction started years ago. She was hooked on pain medication after she had injured her back at work. I just couldn't and still can't understand why she did the things she did to me, but from what support groups say, its not her, it was the addiction.


kratom leaves
kratom leaves
premium bali kratom
premium bali kratom

I came across a site which listed KRATOM. It is an herbal drug, in the same family as the coffee tree and is used for people addicted to opiates, or in pain and for the treatment of diarrhea, and its completly legal in the United States, so far but it is illegal in Austrailia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand. I decided to give this a try, and not only for my friend but for me too. I was on and off vicoden for a couple years for degentative joint disease in my knee. I mean its legal and all, what did i have to loose. So, i ordered it from Shamans Garden and had it overnighted the very next day. I couldn't believe it, my friend no longer has stolen money from me, she said does not have cravings and she won't fail a drug test because it doesnt contain any opiates, unlike suboxine, which he was on in the past. I have not had any issues with my knee what so ever since i have been taking it. At times the lower tabs wouldn't even help the aching but Kratom has done us both wonders. Apparenty it works with the same opiode recepters in ones brain as narcotics do. It's said that at low doses its a stimulent but at high doses its a sedative.

Suboxine and methadone contain opiates and will make you test possative for opiates in a urine screen. In my opinion its perscribed by doctors to control the persons addiction legally and for the doctors to make money. The negative effect to Kratom is that it is mildly addictive, but not as addictive as any narcotic. Kratom also tastes very nasty. Sometimes he mixes it with apple sauce till he gets sick of the taste and then he will empty capsules of vitamins and stuffs it with the Kratom .One can also use a coffee maker. I have mixed half coffee and half kratom, the coffee masks the kratom fairly well.

Another side affect is if a person eats to much of it, it makes a them sick. The DEA has labled this drug as a drug of interest. We wouldn't want people to find something that actually works for them. I highly recomment anyone who is struggling with an addiction to any opiates to go to Shamans Garden and order the Kratom. I personally like the premium powdered leaf. Works great everytime.

If you know of anyone expierencing pain medication withdrawl. Buy some Kratom. It can help you ease the withdrawls.


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Christine Bravo 2 years ago

They say that kratom can restore energy, making you active and stronger. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from kratom, its just a matter of knowing the proper way to use it.

Brittney 4 years ago

Works wonders for insomnia.

toni butler 4 years ago

do you have bali and maeng dae capsules

jpnirish 5 years ago

Thank you no rls and a good night sleep.

kmackey32 profile image

kmackey32 5 years ago from Pittsburgh PA Author

Try a Tablespoon at a time.

jpnirish 5 years ago

I just went and got some in powder form does anyone know how much I should use

david white 5 years ago

I just recently quit pills and yes it helped me get clean 11 days today!

kmackey32 profile image

kmackey32 5 years ago from Pittsburgh PA Author

Your welcome, although I dont know about compulsive behaviours.

herbs online 6 years ago

For those in a country allowed to use it this should be tried if you have a problem with addiction. I wonder if it works for those with compulsive behaviours? Regardless, the information is very useful to know about. Thanks

HollywoodRasta profile image

HollywoodRasta 7 years ago from Hollywood

Give thanks!

kmackey32 profile image

kmackey32 7 years ago from Pittsburgh PA Author

You should. It does work, but along with everything else you can become dependent on it.

HollywoodRasta profile image

HollywoodRasta 7 years ago from Hollywood

I always wanted to try it

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