Pomegranate - What You Dont Know


The pomegranate fruit is an ancient fruit with medicinal values and a rich myth, art, symbol and religious history. In fact, the pomegranate fruit is a major part of the diet for the Middle Easterners. The fruit is originally native to the Persian, and then was later transported to china by Jang Qian in the year 100 B.C.

Pomegranate is a medicinal plant that is of great importance to human health and life, and it is a small tree with a height of up to 5 meter. The tree is made up of several parts, which include the light brown colored bark, its young shoots, red buds, and it’s evergreen, glossy and small opposite leaves. Some pomegranates plants have flowers that are large and colored, precisely orange/ red in color, which makes them look very attractive. The fruits produced by this tree are usually very big, filled with seeds, juice and crowed with a calyx.

The juice from the pomegranate fruit is mostly used as a health drink while other parts of the tree also have their usefulness. The rind of the fruit is very useful health wise, and so is the bark and root. The pomegranate plant contains two major types of phytochemicals. The first is found in the bark of the tree, which contains substances like; Gallic acid, mannite, punicotannic acid, n-methylisopelletierine, and pelletierine. While the second is found in the juice, which also contains; anthocyanins, pelargonidin, ellagitannins, ellagic acid, punicalin, cyaniding, and punicalagin.

Pomegranates are of several benefits to the human health, and it is traditionally used to treat sicknesses and diseases in many countries. Pomegranates are traditionally used to treat diarrhea, anti parasites, antioxidant, skin whitening, and many more.

The flowers of a pomegranate plant are used to produce red dye, and they are used for ceremonies of whatever kind. The juice from the fruit of a pomegranate tree is used to make grenadine. More so, because of the high tannin content of the pomegranate rind, tan leathers are made out of it.

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viryabo 5 years ago

One of my favourite exotic fruits. Its so good to know that it is greatly beneficial to health and wellbeing.

Thanks for sharing Lawretta.


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lawretta 5 years ago from England Author

thanks viryabo.

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