Prevent Your Stretch Marks

Prevent stretch marks!

Stretch marks
Stretch marks

How to rid stretch marks

Ahhh...stretch marks!

I have always had a fear of stretch marks.

Now since I want to get pregnant, the fear is getting worse. What to do?!

Stretch Marks:

Stretch marks are also called striae. They are scarring in the skin caused by stretching, such as during pregnancy when the skin grows and stretches rapidly. This also occurs during puberty. They do eventually fade but not completely and that's when my fear kicks in.

Stretch marks can happen anywhere in the body but they mostly appear where there is a lot of fat. These places include: breasts, abdomen, buttocks etc...

Here are the statistics during pregnancy:

About 90% of women will develop stretch marks. Some will have it worse than others.

Preventative Treatments:

Here is something that I found fascinating, an oil to prevent stretch marks the natural way.

This homemade oil works with all the ingredients, as I've read, to help prevent stretch marks.

I really want someone to try this out and tell me how it works. Since I'm not pregnant and would really love to see if this works, email me with the results.

The main component is the mandarin that's included in the recipe.

Here are the ingredients:

4 drops of mandarin
3 drops neroli
3 drops lavendar
5 tsp almond oil
1 tsp wheat germ oil

Blend these ingredients and rub them into your abdomen skin twice a day. Start this after the 4th month of your pregnancy.

Another Treatment:

Also, I've been doing a lot of research and I've been trying to find the most effective way to prevent stretch marks the organic way.

I stumbled upon this website, which might help a lot of you. This website is called organically Hatched and offers a lot of diverse products, from cleaning to diapering.

There is an oil called: Soapwalla Pregnant Oil that I have found while researching. It's 45 bucks and probably worth the money. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this oil or have heard any good reviews about it?

I will definitely try these two methods out when I get pregnant and let all of you know how they turned out. And hopefully I don't end up with stretch marks! Good luck to all of you.

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tb 5 years ago

Had baby! Zero stretch marks on belly. A few on chest! goodluck to everyone!

tb 5 years ago

37-38 wk no belly stretch marks

tb 5 years ago

37 wk - no belly marks yet!! a few boob marks but I chalk that up to going from flat to D. Wish me luck!

tb 6 years ago

wk 33-34 - no stretch marks on belly yet. Some looked like they were coming but they didn't stay! still using vasoline Brown bottle with cocoa butter and Petrolium vasoline on top.

viktoriiya profile image

viktoriiya 6 years ago from Minnesota Author

Thanks for posting on here and letting me know. There aren't many reviews on it; I too like that it's all natural. I'm going to try it though.

tb 6 years ago

Asked around about your product, no one I know has heard about it. I'm going look up reviews for it. I like the idea that it's natural though..

tb 6 years ago

good to know thank you! I noticed my first stretch marks this morning, very subtle, very thin, kind of like a scratch on the love handle/ side area. They look like I've been sleeping on something and there's a tiny line from that. I'm pretty happy considering my mother's stretch marks were very Prominant and EVERYWHERE. I have a very tiny one off to the side of one breast but it's difficult to see. I like the higher potency vitamin e 400eu or whatever instead of 200, it's less watery but feels like it is better - if that makes sense! I'll keep updating.

viktoriiya profile image

viktoriiya 6 years ago from Minnesota Author

My hubby and I are trying to get preggo and I've been doing a lot of researching. Have you ever heard about this oil:

And about the Vitamin E caps, I bought organic Vit E oil to try out. I hope I don't get stretch marks.

tb 6 years ago

Week 31 - still nothing as far as stretch marks go, but belly has grown for sure this week! Using satsuma Body butter and Cocoa butter together once to twice a day, Reduces itching of expanding belly. Eating grapefruits everyday, Lots of Vitamin C.. Update next wk

tb 6 years ago

I am on my first pregnancy. I'm at Week 30 (almost 8 months) no stretch marks yet. I've gained 30 lbs (start weight 140) I've been intermittantly using broken open Vitamin E caps, rubbed directly on my stomach. (to the point where i feel greasy) and as the itchiness of my progressingly enlarging belly gets worse I've been using satsuma body butter from body shop, and/or vasoline. Eating grapefruits or a high dose of Vitamin C, plenty of water, many different food groups, a little excersize, and so far so good! In my early pregnancy I just made sure to moisturize, I love the smell of vasoline's cocoa butter(brown bottle) and it's rather inexpensive before the belly gets going.

My stepmother gained 80 lbs with NO STRETCH MARKS and suggested using cocoa/shea butter, broken open vitamin E caps, and vasoline every day making sure your belly is greasy for at least a few hours. Hard! but hopefully worth it. I do this before bed wearing my boy's tshirt. I believe stretch marks have to do with genetics, but I hope this helps someone. I'll try to post again in the next month and let you know how we're getting along!~

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