Prostate Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Prostate Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and is the most common cause of cancer death among men. The sad fact is that most men do not realize when they get this disease until it has spread through the body. This type of cancer spreads rapidly, but can be prevented once you know the symptoms of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer can also affect your general well-being, influencing in activities you normally do. It can also affect your relationship with others and even your sex life. Most patients with prostate cancer does not recognize the symptoms of cancer early, often finding out too late. Fortunately, you can avoid them, keeping well informed about this dreaded disease.

Like other diseases, prostate cancer has many symptoms. Although men older than 50 years or older are prone to this. Below are five symptoms of prostate cancer, which you need to be alert for the early detection of disease. It is significant that these procedures do not replace the examination by specialist. If you are feeling some of them, see your doctor.

1. Difficulty during urination

Topping the list of the main symptoms of prostate cancer is difficulty in urination. As the bladder and prostate are next to each other, tumors growing in the prostate may press the bladder, causing difficulty in urinating. This is one of the most distinctive symptoms among the symptoms of prostate cancer.

2. Blood in urine

The presence of blood during urination is a symptom of prostate cancer you should know. If the patient is already experiencing this symptom, it is advisable that he go see a doctor. But this does not necessarily mean it is a cancer, as some of urinary tract infections also cause the same symptom. Anyway, a check-up is still advised.

3. Difficulties during erection

Symptoms of prostate cancer include difficulties during erection. This type of cancer affects the sexual life of the patient. He begins with an inability to obtain and maintain an erection. Sometimes, he experiences a painful ejaculation. The prostate is a part of the male reproductive system is so common that the symptoms can affect the genitals. If you are feeling like this, seek a diagnosis from your doctor rather than wait for other symptoms may appear.

4. Swelling in Legs

Perhaps you might be wondering why the swelling of the legs is regarded as one of many symptoms of prostate cancer. Well, as the disease continues to grow, it will spread to the lymph nodes. When this happens, the legs begin to swell. Sometimes, the swelling also cause pain in the hips and buttocks.

5. Pelvic discomfort

Some symptoms of prostate cancer can cause severe discomfort in the pelvis. To prevent prostate cancer, the five main symptoms of prostate cancer should be taken into consideration. Consult your doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms for proper diagnosis and treatment. Prevention is the best way to fight prostate cancer.

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