rather shocking story weak stomach refrain from reading

collegiate power lifting championships at Penn State

The rather shocking photo attached snapped in November 16th of last year by a spectator at the collegiate power lifting championships at Penn State. The unfortunate competitor, who expressed a plea to remain anonymous, remembered to surgeons that he was " stuck" at the bottom of a personal best attempt in the squat lift when he "sort of pulled his stomach in and pushed extra hard, at the same time as trying to complete the lift." He remembers a loud popping, splattering noise then a fierce stabbing pain and then not being able to move from the squat position. He remained in this position for about half an hour, since trying to stand caused him overwhelming agonizing pain. Paramedics arrived and applied anesthesia on the spot and carried him to an ambulance. He was rushed to surgery, where surgeons described the trauma as an explosive and aggravated prolapse of the bowel". Meanwhile it was revealed that the weight was removed from his shoulders at the time of the incident by two "spotters" on either side of the lifter. The third spotter who was standing behind the lifter was unfortunately sprayed with fecal matter at the time of the incident. This spotter promptly fainted when he realized the extent of of the injury to the lifter, who was a personal friend. . The hapless lifter had successful surgery to relieve the prolapse, but remained immobilized with his feet elevated in stirrups for 2 weeks to ensure "internal compliance with the surgery and that the organs retracted successfully". To add insult to injury, the ex-lifter required rectal stitching to partially occlude the anal orifice and stitch the rectal passage (which had significantly expanded and torn during the prolapse) and also was put on a low fiber low residue diet to combat flatulence to avoid any possibility of a recurrence.

Photo from rotten.com
Photo from rotten.com

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ewwwwwk 7 years ago

that nasty

jonnycash 7 years ago

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee what an earth are you doing your sick lad& you pong!!!

jonnycash 7 years ago

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee what an earth are you doing your sick lad& you pong!!!

Tu Cara 7 years ago

UGH! WTF!! thats fucken disgusting lol

gidget 7 years ago

Thats fucking awesome but had to hurt like a bitch, least he WON!!!

Lühn 6 years ago

Lecker :)

phil waters 6 years ago

fancy a bum ?

roland 6 years ago

abomination ,, please stop posting such on the website it is very didapitising

jacinth baker 5 years ago

thats so grozz... ill pray for em

death 5 years ago

omg!!!!! danm i no ur as hole hurt

Jacob 5 years ago

Dammmnnn! :o Id Hit(;

pancho 5 years ago

thats yummii :D

elmas cabron 5 years ago

pinche asco wei no mames pinche vato...ke negrote te violo

Big Daddy  5 years ago

OOOH my God , that some carzy suff , i feel bad for the guy and the people that had to see that also the guy that way behind him got OWNed. I think that cute NO HOMO IDK MAYBE

anal_lover 5 years ago

Ha ha, that was a great story...

And for you AKA JB...you are a real nutter ;)

analo 4 years ago

hahahahahahaha hohh

sangi mangi 4 years ago

goyyala...problem serious ahurathuku munadi bathroom ku pohama photo ku pose kudukuriya? poda dai.........

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