The Reasons Behind People Cutting Themselves

I had arrived at a stage in my teen life when I felt enough is enough, I cannot go on with this life anymore. I felt I was worthless, useless, meaningless, a wretch and wreck, a good-for-nothing person and a total failure. I felt bad at hurting others, disappointing others and letting other people (including God) down.

I was alone in the room sitting on a couch holding a knife with my right hand. The anger, guilt, misery, sadness and such emotions propelled me to cut deep lines on my left hand. Luckily, I have cut myself once. Over 15 years, faint marks of the cut lines can be seen.

Why do people cut themselves whether once or twice? This article will look only at the causes. Remember, if you notice your loved one or friend is behaving this way, don’t rush to take him/her to a see a doctor. They might refuse or deny and all of a sudden become angry. It’s best first of all to take him/her to some place and talk through, then find ways of enlisting the help of a doctor.

1) Depression

Despite the fact adults do go through emotions, depression is very common in teenagers and youths than in adults. Various factors contribute to young people becoming depressed such as wanting to belong somewhere, don’t know what to make of life, they feel they cannot fit in a certain group or life in general, they are pretty worthless, helpless and useless.

While there are people who have found a way of reducing depression or somehow to come out of is to drink or smoke, there are those when they cut themselves it’s like they’re finding a release from those emotions.

2) Mad At Themselves

In the age we are living, not many people entertain a lot of positive thoughts. Instead, a lot of people are filled with negative thoughts – always blaming yourself, rebuking yourself, getting mad at yourself, hating yourself and feeling you cannot make it, you are not a person who can do it. In order to get over your guilt or to revenge or appease is by cutting lines on your hand or part of your body. As such you justify yourself it was worth it, you deserve it.

3) Draw Attention

Some people cut themselves in order to draw attention so other people can feel sorry for them. For example, if a person feels he is usually ignored, the best way to draw sympathy is by cutting deep lines. When someone sees the deep wounds, he will become concerned. You have gained someone’s attention but in a negative way since you’re hurting yourself without realizing it.

4) A Call for Help

This is common with people who have suicidal thoughts. Normally, before they take out their lives there are signs they show which if you notice them, it’s a way of them asking for help. It’s hard for them to tell you verbally because of many reasons, the most being they don’t know the kind of reaction that may be exhibited by the person they have approached.

One of the signs they are calling out for someone to help them is by cutting themselves. The cuttings may start lightly but with time as the feelings become intense, the lines become deeper and deeper, and ultimately it may end in them committing suicide.

5) To Please Their Lovers or Show Loyalty

Is it good or bad? It depends on how you view it. Some people will cut lines at times by drawing patterns to show their lovers they mean everything to them. Some people will cut themselves to show how far they can go to please someone. They will go through any pain to show how much their lovers mean to them or to what extent they can go to please someone. If your lover happens to accept such kind of attitude, then you better leave him/her. That is not love. It’s never love.

Some people cut themselves to show loyalty to someone. Drawing tattoos or cutting lines of a particular shape in order to show loyalty isn’t necessary. There are better ways of showing your loyalty.

There are instances when a person cuts a line to reveal a small wound then touches it with another person who has done the same. This is usually done to show covenant on a specific issue. This is one different from those who cut to please others or to show loyalty to someone.

6) Because They Like It

Some people cut themselves for the fun of it. They feel good to drive a knife or a razor blade through their skins by drawing funny shapes or cutting themselves randomly. When I cut myself not only was it because I was depressed but I felt good. People either cut themselves because they feel good doing it or they derive pleasure from it. This is dangerous. Why? Cutting for whatever reason can be addictive. If it goes for long it may lead to serious health complications to the point it can lead to death.

7) To Release stress

This seems a repeat of one of the above causes but still some feel by cutting themselves they are releasing their stress. When a person cuts him/herself, the body releases endorphins which are pain relieving chemicals. Many find this is a better way of releasing their stress or emotional pain.

The above are the major reasons why people cut themselves. As can be seen none of the above reasons as to why people cut themselves is reasonable enough for them to carry out the act.

Despite the fact I don’t cut myself, there is a none-threatening disease I have whereby lines appear on some parts of my body that look like cat's scratch on someone’s skin. This condition known is not very common in majority of people.However, I usually long for those cuts to appear. They usually appear when my body is damp and I rub my skin using a towel or cloth. When I see those lines, I like it. So, you can see this phenomenon is not normal.

As I am beyond cutting myself it should be of concern to you if a friend or loved one engages in this type of behavior. It can be life-threatening when it goes on for a long time.

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Ben716 18 months ago from Kenya Author

@denise.w.anderson, you are right. Finding the root cause of the problem is the best way to help them and trying to provide ways of meeting those needs than cutting.

denise.w.anderson profile image

denise.w.anderson 18 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

When I worked as a School Psychologist on a Native American Reservation, cutting was a common practice, also eraser burns, and other forms of self-mutilation. When I attended a training on the issue, they talked about the addictive nature of cutting. In order to help those that are cutting, we need to address the addiction, what the root causes are, whether depression, attention, or gang related issues, as well as the resulting emotional release that comes while engaging in the behavior. It is necessary to find other ways for the person's needs to be met.

Kiss andTales profile image

Kiss andTales 18 months ago

Ben your heart speaks through your hub .

and sometimes that is your power in your writings, many will read. And many will understand , and many will be reached because you care.

Wonderful to meet a genuine caring person as you!

Ben716 18 months ago from Kenya Author

I do not know what to say....thank you. This is the main reason of writing as you have indicated, to reach out...

Ben716 18 months ago from Kenya Author

Thank you Kiss and Tales again for the encouragement. I hope and pray it will be the case, the main purpose of my writings.

Ben716 18 months ago from Kenya Author

Thank you Kiss and Tales. It's my prayer, it's something that burns deep in me. Reaching out with hope and enlightening those wo might know why people behave in some ways.

Kiss andTales profile image

Kiss andTales 18 months ago

Ben what I appreciate about you is that through your hubs you reach out , many people are in pain, are depressed , maybe even at a dead end, you are a kind and thoughtful person who will help some one. You will reach their heart.

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