Saffron Supplement - Does It Suppress Your Appetite ?

Does Saffron Make You Feel Less Hungry ? Does it Work ?

Saffron is a natural supplement that has gained widespread popularity recently. I did a lot of research on it and I was so impressed at what I saw, I started taking it myself. While it is first and foremost said to be an appetite suppressant, while doing my research I have found a myriad of other great things about Saffron. It can help people out in many other ways.How it does what it does, is rather hard to explain, but I have tried my best to put it in plain, everyday words that everyone can understand. I got a lot of help in understanding the medical jargon from

I think you will agree, after reading this page, that this supplement is something that is worth finding out about. I did!

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Where Does Saffron Come From ?

Are Their Side Effects ? Is It Safe ?

I have looked for and researched man made appetite suppressants for a long time. I have even tried some of them, though not recently. I feel they aren't something I would want to put in my body now, since they are not natural. I prefer to stick with plant based remedies, after researching the subject.

There simply is no effective, safe drug that will change the chemistry of appetite suppression without side effect. Saffron has been shown in studies to calm those hard to resist cravings for snacks between meals. Not only is it effective, but it is also all natural and safe, with no side effects. It is not a drug.

Where does Saffron come from ? It comes from the flower crocus sativus, which blooms in the fall, producing fragrant, light purple flowers. Unfortunately only the three small female parts of the plant can be used to make the extract. Due to this, it is known to be the most expensive extract in the world, selling for over $300 an ounce. Probably because it takes 75,000 flowers to make one pound. Spain grows 70% of the worlds supply as a side crop on family farms. It has been grown the same way for hundreds of years.

I am glad that the suppliment does not cost that much! In fact, I found Saffron to be pleasantly reasonable in price.

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Why Does it Work?

Are There Other Benefits?

Saffron increases your satiety, or the feeling of fullness, not due to increased hormones like many others, but because it increases the level of Serotonin. Serotonin is the bodies most important neurotransmitter which increases your feeling of satiety (fullness) while decreasing your appetite at the same time. It really is remarkable. It also has other benefits:

1. Improves your emotional well-being

2. Cuts down on your cravings to snack all the timed

3. Decreases sugar cravings and hunger between meals

4. Weight reduction, due to consuming fewer calories

Green Web Brand - 100% Pure Premium - 60 capsules

This is the brand that I use, I like it because it is made in the USA at a certified facility. I have had no problems at all with taking it and I can recommend it.

Saffron Supplements Can Help Fight Depression and Anxiety

Study Proven !

After taking it a while, I noticed that it seemed to help tone down some of the anxious feelings that I get from stress and other reasons. So I did some research to see if there was any kind of study regarding Saffron and anxiety. I hit pay dirt!

It seems there was a study in 2010 that found that Saffron supplements might suppress the synapses of the brain from reabsorbing some of the serotonin that it secretes, which keeps the mood elevating serotonin flowing around in the brain longer, which combats depression and the emotional overeating related to it. It also has the side effect of helping to manage mild to moderate anxiety in people prone to it.

Since I don't have depression, I cannot attest to if Saffron affects it, but I do know it makes me feel less stressed and anxious.

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Life Extension Brand with Satiereal - 100% Vegetarian

This is a great choice for vegans and vegetarians!

Peter Nielsen explains the benefits of Saffron - Peters Principles

Emotional Eating - Saffron May Help You Control It !

Sometimes when I am at an emotional low point, for whatever reason, I tend to overeat. Eating is a comfort to me. However, some people are depressed they just experience uncontrollable food cravings; and everything is harder to handle when you are down emotionally. Other people just eat unconsciously, when they are stressed, or as a means to keep occupied and away from the focus of their stress. The good news is this extract may help you to get rid of those cravings; those unconscious desire to eat your way out of a bad situation. This all natural supplement may be the boost you have been looking for to help you stay in control and away from those tempting treats. I know it helps me control those snacking urges that always ruin my diet.

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Liquid Saffron Extract - For Those That Dislike Taking Pills

I have never tried the liquid form, personally, but I read the reviews in Amazon and they were more positive than negative. It was stated that the taste was not at all offensive and that it seems to work more quickly than the pill counterpart. Most reviews said that they would recommend it, the average was 4.2 our of 5 stars.

Have You Ever Heard of Saffron Making You Feel Less Hungry?

Have you heard about Saffron Extract being an appetite suppressant ?

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Have You Ever Tried Saffron ? - If so, please give us your review 73 comments

Tatevik Hakobyan profile image

Tatevik Hakobyan 24 months ago

Yes, saffron extract is able to decrease hunger. I have found the product in this website Check it.

anonymous 3 years ago

Suppressants are often used in order to be able to ensure that one does not crave food. This is a great way to achieve weight loss and safe as long as they do not have any ill side effects coming with them. http//

profile image

TanoCalvenoa 3 years ago

I've thought about it, sounds highly interesting.

transportmaniac profile image

transportmaniac 3 years ago

If you are going to use saffron extract you better get one with pure saffron in it, or high saffron potency, I recommend Exir Saffron , i think they are the best, meanwhile I use saffron myself.

anonymous 3 years ago

Buy Saffron Extract. It's really helps in losing weight.

fcinternetmarketing 3 years ago

Helpful information.Good for those who need it.

anonymous 3 years ago

I just began this past week and amazingly noticed decreased appetite, especially for carbs (the first day)! Lost three pounds. Attended a wedding ths weekend and had a slice of wedding cake. This spice is phenomenol!

Jadelynx-HP profile image

Jadelynx-HP 3 years ago from Michigan Author

@anonymous: You would need to check with your doctor.

anonymous 3 years ago

Is it safe to take Saffron with other diet supplements, like Moringa and Garcinia Cambogia???

TapIn2U profile image

TapIn2U 3 years ago

I want to try it and see for myself. Sundae ;-)

Jadelynx-HP profile image

Jadelynx-HP 3 years ago from Michigan Author

@anonymous: None of the research I have done has mentioned it, but I don't know for sure. Check with your doctor.

anonymous 3 years ago

@anonymous: do you know if it interacts with birth control pills or not?

anonymous 3 years ago

I started taking saffron in January and have lost "those last 10lbs". Initially, I dropped 5 in the first 2 weeks, but the last 5 took me until April. Thanks to saffron, I have stopped eating like a Viking and finally fit into my size 6 jeans again. Hello summer!

anonymous 3 years ago

Hello everybody,

It is been 3 days since I started taking saffron extract( but it is different brand)...OMG!!! FAntastic..I don't crave any chocolate, I can look at potato chips and say NO!!!! Amazing..I don't get hungry very often even though I'm running...Let's see how it works

Jadelynx-HP profile image

Jadelynx-HP 3 years ago from Michigan Author

@anonymous: You need to ask your physician before taking anything, as it may affect the potency of the prescriptions you take, or cause some type of interaction.

anonymous 3 years ago

There are so many choices and companies making this stuff. Does anyone have a suggestion on what kind and what company has the best quality for a decent price. I also have anxiety and take Citalopram for that and I read that Saffron will help with the Seritonin levels.

anonymous 3 years ago

I just started taking saffron extract this week and I notice my decrease appetite almost immediately. Also I only each 1/2 of what I'm use to eating and I haven't even craved sweet which is a BIG Deal from me especially at night. So anyone wants to know if it works, the answer is YES and I'm considered a BIG critic.

anonymous 3 years ago

I started taking it about a week ago. I'm on 10mg of Lexapro a day, which by the way has attributed to me putting on 20lbs. It has helped me to stop night eating and to curb my sweet tooth,,but still haven't lost any weight..My fingers are crossed...

anonymous 3 years ago

@anonymous: I got the chews, 88mg.5 mg, they have an orange taste, a little bitter, but I have a hard time swallowing big pills so this worked well for me. I took my very 1st chew last night right after supper. My BIG issue with snacking is always at night after the kids have gone to bed, and it's NEVER just one snack, but multiple and it's EVERY night!!!! Like chips, chocolate and a handful of something chewy, like jelly beans. Last night, after putting the kids to bed, I started thinking about what it was I was in the mood for! And, I was NOT in the mood for ANYTHING!!! I did not feel like eating anything at all!!!! And that has NOT happened in years for me, honestly, unless I'm sick, which is rare!!!! I took it after supper since my nighttime snacking is my absolute worst habit! Today I'm at work( at a desk, behind a computer) and after breakfast, took my 2nd chew to avoid snacking at my desk, which is usually not anyway near like my nighttime snacking. The only slight side effect I have is I feel a tiny bit gassy, and did last night,'s such a small price to pay if my cravings for junk vanish!!!! And, its really only slight, very minor!!! I know its only day 2, but, I'm pretty excited about this so far!!! Let me know your results!!! P.S. I got Re Body Hunger chews, 88.5 mg, orange flavored, price was 15.99

Sandy Spencer profile image

Sandy Spencer 3 years ago from Phoenix

I haven't tried it but may now-- I can sure use something to slow my snacking! Thank you for liking my lens: "How I became an online seller"

anonymous 3 years ago

I'm on it and have lost 5 lbs in 4 days.

takkhisa profile image

takkhisa 3 years ago

It is good for our health! Lots of benefits we get from Saffron! :)

anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: Did you have a successful crop? I am thinking about growing it myself.

anonymous 4 years ago

I am excited to try this product but wanted to WARN people about the Site "Pure Saffron Slim". I ordered from them and they charge my acct 4 times and when I called them to have the other 3 refunded they said they could only offer 1/2 of my money back! Thank god for Amex I cancelled the entire order & will purchase it somewhere else.

drmork profile image

drmork 4 years ago

Great lens! Very informative. Thanks for sharing!

UKMarkWilliam 4 years ago

Good one

anonymous 4 years ago

I started the saffron three days ago and it now started to work, so ladies when u start taking for the first time waith for a few days for it to kick in. I also ate to much and it make me feels nausea.

anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: what brand of saffron do you use ?

anonymous 4 years ago

I have used saffron with food and rice, but never knew it suppresses appetite!

anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: Did you take it as directed or after meals as the person above? Some say to take 200mg not the 88.5 thanks Carmen

anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: What did u do exactly besides the pill like exercise or anything like that?

juzzviv 4 years ago

Interesting lens. I love saffron rice with plenty of raisins and fried shallots in it...goes very well with steam chicken!

anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: Yes I have and take two 88.5mg capsules a day and it makes me feel very full with half (if not more) amount of food intake.

anonymous 4 years ago


anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: I started Saffron yesterday and am already noticing a difference in my appetite. I also am a sceptic and am very hopeful as I have tried soooo many things in the past.

anonymous 4 years ago

My wife & I are hust beginning a crop of the crocus that saffron comes from. After building the bed we'll put in 1000 crocus bulbs. And the first year is to see how good the bulbs multiply but we'll gather the saffron of course. We LOVE it in homemade chicken soup!

TravelEase 4 years ago

I have never heard of Saffron and its effect on our appetite. May give it a try.

anonymous 4 years ago

If you buy, which I have, Superior REAL Saffron, How much do you eat of that for appetite control?

anonymous 4 years ago


I was wondering if anyone has started this saffron pill and are still finding it working/ I am thinking about ordering it but am sceptic as it seems to good to be true.

Freestuffer LM profile image

Freestuffer LM 4 years ago

Interesting lens!

CristianStan 4 years ago

Isn't Saffron like super expensive? Sounds kind of high price just to stop you hunger

MEDerby profile image

MEDerby 4 years ago

Never tried the supplement. Love Spanish paella made with saffron. Not exactly a weight loss dish, but sooo delicious

spids1 profile image

spids1 4 years ago

Great lens very well written.

anonymous 4 years ago

nice lens

anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: Because the capsules contain a small, yet effective amount. Many milligrams to the ounce!

anonymous 4 years ago

@anonymous: Jean, how much weight did you lose?

anonymous 4 years ago

I have been taking Saffron Elite for about three months now. Only good things to report. I have healthier cravings and need fewer snacks. After having six children, i am now back to a size 4, and weigh what i did 20 years ago. Feel great. I also drink plenty of water, and consume no soda / non-water drinks of any kind, other than one or two cups of coffee in the morning.

aishu19 4 years ago

In my house, we are advised to eat saffron extract when we are pregnant.. the old wive's tale behind it is that our kid would be born fairer..but the real deal I believe is the Vitamin E in that it can help with appetite suppression I might go back to enjoying those

CrossCreations profile image

CrossCreations 4 years ago from St. Louis, MO

Not yet, but saffron extract is on my shopping list now.

Jadelynx-HP profile image

Jadelynx-HP 4 years ago from Michigan Author

@anonymous: I don't know why the price is lower, but I am glad it is. They work for me. :)

anonymous 4 years ago

i would love for someone to find out why ALL of the saffron capsules i've seen are under $50 when the saffron itself is so expensive per this lens. I would like to try the saffron extract but are the capsules not efficient? why the price difference? :)

chas65 profile image

chas65 4 years ago

I'm a big fan of natural supplements, but do my homework before taking a new one.

anonymous 4 years ago

Why is it not expensive since only the three small female parts of the plant can be used in making Saffron. Due to this, Saffron is known to be the most expensive extract in the world, selling for over $300 an ounce.

Brandi Bush profile image

Brandi Bush 4 years ago from Maryland

Haven't tried saffron I might have to! :)

Jadelynx-HP profile image

Jadelynx-HP 4 years ago from Michigan Author

@anonymous: None that I have noticed, but they sure do help your appetite.

anonymous 4 years ago

Any side effects?

anonymous 4 years ago

No, not yet

humanfromspace 4 years ago

@anonymous: Hi Kimberly!

I was wondering how is saffron extract working out for you almost 2 months in. I would love to know. Thanks! :)

Wedding Mom profile image

Wedding Mom 4 years ago

I haven't tried saffron extract. I have used the spice though in some of my recipes.

greenlungsofpoland 4 years ago

Nice lens shared and bookmarked for later! great work

anonymous 4 years ago

I've heard of this, but I'm skeptical. I know that saffron is extremely expensive, how can these supplements be so inexpensive by comparison?

David Stone1 profile image

David Stone1 4 years ago from New York City

No, just saffron as a spice in recipes.

Scarlettohairy profile image

Scarlettohairy 4 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

Interesting. I think some of these things work for some people.

anonymous 4 years ago

yes the oil with yogart from gnc or vitamin world it wors been taking since may safflowler oil

AnimalHouse 4 years ago

I haven't tried it before. This information is interesting.

anonymous 4 years ago

I am on my second day and am amazed!!! It works, my cravings are gone and my craving for coffee in the afternoon is gone. I take one with breakfast and one with lunch and so far it is working for me.

OrganicMom247 profile image

OrganicMom247 4 years ago

Interesting piece of information.

profile image

julieannbrady 4 years ago

I had heard of it, but not tried it yet ... well, except for Saffron rice! Wow, over $300 an ounce! That's some pricey extract.

GeekGirl1 profile image

GeekGirl1 4 years ago

I haven't tried it but now I am a little curious about it.

anonymous 4 years ago

No I have not tried saffron extract, but I am willing to, peerhaps if it comes in a liquid form maybe a tea, I donot wish to swallow pills. I hope I can find it in a tea.

anonymous 4 years ago

I've never tried saffron extract but now I'm curious and want to give it a try.

anonymous 4 years ago

Very interesting!!

profile image

SteveKaye 4 years ago

You can always learn something new on Squidoo. Thank you for publishing this lens.

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