Senate Healthcare Debate

Senate Health Care Debate

I watched part of the Senate Health Care Debate today on C-SPAN. The Republicans was once again discussing how the health care bill should not be passed because it was going to hurt our senior citizens. They still did not present any alternative ideas on the subject. Several of the Republican Senators stated the same points around this same issue. I really appeared to me that they were stalling on voting on the amendment before the Senate today. One of the Republican Senators said one thing that made since He stated that if the Republicans were trying to pass a health care bill, the Democrats would be arguing the same points that the Republicans are arguing today. This is probably true as the debate is way to political. I don't really think either party is thinking about the American Citizens.

Both political parties seem to realize that the health care system does need to be reformed but neither party can see their way to work with each other to get the needed reform done. I believe that the Senate Health Care Debate would be better off held in an environment where there really was a discussion rather than a bunch of speeches bo both parties. The Democrat Senator Max Baucus brought out the fact that Republican Senators come to the Senate Floor and deliver their speeches and then proceed to leave before the Democrats have a chances to respond to the Republican speeches. Today, however the Republican Senators stayed to hear the Democrat Senators respond to some of their concerns. This style of debate really does not help the American Citizens form an opinion of how they feel about the health care bill. Instead it just shows us how little the Senators care about anything other than winning.

This is the first time in my life that I have truly watched a Senate debate on something that I am really interested in It is such a turnoff to see them acting as though they are children fighting over a toy. To someone who is listening for an answer, I just don't know what to think. It is time for the Senators to grow up and start acting like adults.

What Americans Want

The Republicans are big on talking about what American Citizens want or don't want.  They really do not have a clue because the people they are referring to formed most of their opinions about the health care bill by listening to the conservative radio hosts.  I know that some people will say that this is not true.  I know for a fact that it is true because i listen to about 4 hours of conservative radio talk shows everyday.  These shows consistently talk about how the health care bill will hurt senior citizens in America.  What about the rest of the citizens in America.  What does the bill do for the rest of America.  These shows never discuss how this bill will help American citizens who have no health insurance at all.  There is no mention of how this bill will allow college students to remain on parents health insurance plan until they graduate from graduate school.  The never talk about how the bill will help those who no longer have a job to get employer based health insurance.  If the Senators on both sides of aisle really want to know what Americans want they should ask rather than relying on polls conducted by third parties.


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