Shake Weight Workout for Arms, Shoulders and Chest

The Shake Weight Works

If you just want a really good laugh, watch the hilarious Ellen Show video below, but to discover what the Shake Weight really can do to your body - good or bad, read on...

Warning! For your own safety, under no circumstances, should you buy or use the Shake Weight before reading this article to the very end. Although Shake Weight workouts can work wonders for your arms, shoulders and chest, the question is: How to use the Shake Weight safely and most effectively to avoid disappointment and injury.

The Shake Weight soon tones up those flabby triceps.
The Shake Weight soon tones up those flabby triceps.

Not Just For Women

Despite its funny suggestive double-meaning reputation and the ridiculous hardcore advertising as shown by Ellen, the Shake Weight is a good invention and definitely works. Yet like many new pieces of exercise equipment, the Shake Weight was probably launched by well-meaning money hungry enthusiasts for a breakthrough in the mega fitness equipment industry. And they might, for a short time, succeed. But with the current lack of proper physical education for the buying public, the Shake Weight will probably end up with all the other pieces of fitness junk in the attic or at a car boot sale.

But Sue, you just said that the Shake Weight definitely works, so what are you saying?

Well, read on ...

Read the Company Blurb:

Ladies, when you put on that sleeveless dress what’s the first thing that sticks out? Our arms! ...Shake Weight is the flab-busting breakthrough ... based on ... Dynamic Inertia ... only 6 minutes a day to work out your arms, shoulders and chest. Get the Shake Weight and get arms you'll be proud to show off.

My Answer to the Blurb:

flab-busting breakthrough? But unless you read this hub very carefully, Shake Weight will give you:

  • A stiff neck
  • Upper Back Tension
  • Shoulder Strain
  • Wrist and Fingers Stress
  • A Shaken Up feeling like you got the jitterbugs
  • And maybe ... if you use your imagination, induce the biggest multiple orgasm ever.

The Shake Weight helps tone up that soft floppy bit hanging off your arm.
The Shake Weight helps tone up that soft floppy bit hanging off your arm. | Source

But Sue, a minute ago you said that the Shake Weight definitely works, so what’s the problem?

The Problem?

The problem is that any fad used dumbly as an exclusive exercise method is bound to fail the customer. There is more to toning your arms, chest and shoulders than being made to vigorously shake a phallic object, as you well know. Before muscle toning can have any beneficial effect, the base structure, the skeleton, has to be well aligned. Building muscle on a poor structure causes damage. You might aggravate your aches and pains, perhaps even injure yourself. The customer then blames the piece of equipment and discards it. Bye, bye Shake Weight, go and join all your fad siblings on the scrap heap.

How is YOUR Posture?

Typical range of postures.
Typical range of postures.
The middle picture above blown up here shows correct posture.
The middle picture above blown up here shows correct posture. | Source

So how can it work Long Term?

The Shake Weight can only work in the long run for those who have a sound posture and have already achieved a great deal of suppleness and strength in the neck, shoulders, wrists and finger joints. The Shake Weight is not for those with:

  • poor posture
  • permanently raised, forwardly stuck shoulders
  • an over-curvature of the neck (those that carry the head in front of the body)
  • weak hands
  • weak wrists
  • fallen foot arches
  • weak knees
  • weak hips

For people with the above conditions, using the Shake Weight would only make a miss-aligned body hold its miss-aligned body parts in a stronger, even more miss-aligned way, i.e. with enormously increased tension. This would aggravate the conditions and cause further damage to the body.

Before Using the Shake Weight

Before using the Shake Weight, make sure your shoulders can fully relax, are well placed at the side of your body, as explained in the Shoulder Alignment paragraph of How To Treat A Stiff Neck. Hold your neck straight above the spine, and keep your wrists and fingers loose. In other words, your posture should be near perfect. Or else you might injure yourself as the weight and strong vibration of the Shake Weight are quite demanding on the body.


What About Us, Normal People?

For those who don’t fall into the "perfect posture" category (just about everybody), the only safe and beneficial way to use the Shake Weight is to:

  1. Lie on the floor, on a soft mat or folded towels, on your back.
  2. In addition, you could have a larger bolster or firm cushion under the knees to keep the curve behind your waist as shallow as possible - as close to the floor as the spinal curve permits.

Now in this comfortable, correctly aligned position you may safely use the Shake Weight to tone up your arms- But remember, without lifting the elbows, as doing so would engage and maybe hurt the shoulders, back and neck.

Comfort is the Key to Fitness

Bolsters of All Sizes for Greater Comfort
Bolsters of All Sizes for Greater Comfort | Source

Toning Forearms, Biceps and Triceps

  1. Keeping your elbows on the floor, lift the Shake Weight off the floor and put it down again. Experiment with the height and the angle from your body and establish a sequence. At all cost don’t take your elbows off the floor yet.
  2. To tone the triceps turn over onto your front (take away the bolsters), keep your neck relaxed, with your head resting on the floor on one cheek, and palms facing up. Now with a straight arm, lift the Shake Weight off the floor behind you, trying a few different heights and angles until you find a comfortable routine.

The number of reps for 1. and 2. above: between 8 and 32 at your own discretion. Try to reach your own limit of endurance and don’t forget to establish a matching breathing pattern, breathing in on the “up”, and out on the “down” motions. It helps a great deal to exercise to your favorite music.

With the left hand, follow the red line. The cross represents the most sensitive area during arm circling.
With the left hand, follow the red line. The cross represents the most sensitive area during arm circling. | Source

Shoulder Loosener

This little sequence is most useful for anyone with stiff shoulders, even if you have no intention of buying the Shake Weight or as a preparation, even a recovery move after using it.

  1. Lie on your back, with your arms spread out at shoulder height.
  2. Pull up your joined knees and place them at your right side on the floor. If they don’t reach, place a cushion or bolster under them.
  3. Relax. Where is your left shoulder? Has it risen off the floor?
  4. Now draw a backward circle on the floor with your extended left arm. Look at your hand while doing so. You will now feel where the stiffness in your shoulder is at its strongest (usually where the X is on the picture).
  5. Gently and repeatedly move through the stiff part of your circle until your left shoulder stays on the floor and your fingers no longer have to leave the floor to trace the circle.
  6. Repeat on the other side.

Note: If your shoulder comes off the floor while circling your arm, then I’m afraid you are not ready to take your elbows off the floor with your Shake Weight machine. But you will very soon, once you get your shoulders back into their intended anatomically correct place.

Advanced Spinal Twist and Shoulder Loosener

Arm Swings and Circles

At first, Arm Swings and Circles should be done without any weights at all. At this point, the limp weight of your own arm is enough resistance for loosening and toning your shoulder. Once your shoulders are loose and strong without any additional weights, you may progress to wearing wrist weights, hold a dumbbell or, eventually for the most advanced version, you could try slowly doing the Arm Swings and Circles using the Shake Weight (at your own risk).

Arm Swings

  1. Stand in a stable lunge position, the left foot in front and the right foot behind with the front leg bent and both heels on the floor.
  2. Swing the right arm up as far as you can until you feel the limit in the shoulder joint.
  3. Swing the arm down and back, again as far as you can feel it stop in its joint.

Breathe in on the uplift and out on the down swing. Use momentum rather than force, allow the arm to drop as it goes down. Do about eight or more swings while increasing speed and momentum until you are sure that all the little crackly noises (stiffness) have gone from your shoulder joint.

Reverse the position of the feet and repeat with the left arm.

Arm Swings And Circles

Once you are able to go though the circling motion comfortably, the movement can be performed quite fast, with momentum.
Once you are able to go though the circling motion comfortably, the movement can be performed quite fast, with momentum. | Source

Full Arm Circles

Stand in the same lunging position as in the previous sequence and now make continuous backward circles with your arm. Again, breathing in as you go up and breathing out as you go down. Begin slowly and increase the speed of the movement until your arm wants to circle quite fast to throw off all the tension; until you feel a tingling in your fingertips. If you look at your hand, it is quite red, full of blood. When you finish, hold the arm above the head and shake the hand to allow all the blood to flow back down again.

Change the position of your feet and repeat on the other side.

Note: Welcome any clicking or crunching noises in your shoulder as long as it doesn't hurt. Your Arm Swings and Circles are oiling your rusty joints. After a few repetitions those noises soon vanish.

Where Can You Order The Shake Weight?

Shake Weight Dumbbell
Shake Weight Dumbbell

You can buy a Shake Weight directly from Amazon. Short delivery time and guarantees included. I ordered one and it arrived a week later, but then I live in the middle of nowhere and had to go to my post box in the village to collect it. I never looked back though, it's a great piece of fun fitness equipment and really works for me.


Now the Shake Weight can Work

So like with any new piece of fitness equipment, the Shake Weight can work very well indeed for people with a good deal of body awareness. Having body awareness does not require you to be a professional fitness expert or an athlete. Anyone can become well informed and increase self-awareness in the body with research, experimentation, choosing what works for you and then, a lot of practice.

Have fun with the Shake Weight and please join the conversation by asking questions and sharing your experience in the comments section below.

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erorantes profile image

erorantes 2 years ago from Miami Florida

Hello miss sue. I try the arm exercises. They work for my arms. I had pain at nigth . They used to get a lot of pain that I woke up. Thank you for writing this article. I am grateful to your knowledge. I like your hub. You did a fantastic job.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 3 years ago from Andalusia Author

Sorry to hear that Fredls,

I would return it to where you bought it from and get e replacement.

fredls 3 years ago

it's not working , doesn't shake

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hi Julie,

I'm glad I could be of help. It's all to do with COUNTER MOVES. Watch this video:

"How To Avoid Pain And Stiffness With Counter Moves"

Julie 5 years ago

I have been using the shake weight for a couple of weeks and did have very tight and sore shoulders. Just one day of doing these stretches, and some more I found on another site, and I didn't have any tightness or pain after using it! Thanks for the helpful insights!

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 5 years ago from Andalusia Author

You are welcome Robyn, of course you can invent many more exercises as long as you stick to my motto:"No Pain, Just Gain!"

Robyn Klutsky 5 years ago

Very funny video and thanks for the helpful exercises.

debrah 5 years ago


Try the link above

musicalshoelaces 5 years ago

Love this hub! I will make sure to be careful once mine comes in the mail! Also, the body furniture link is expired now . . . any idea where to find some good quality ones similar to those shown? Thanks for your hard work!

Shake Weight Extreme 5 years ago

There definitely needs to be more than just the 3 exercises in Shake Weight's 6-minute workout. We created a few at

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 6 years ago from Andalusia Author

Hello last commenter,

Using your instinct and imagination you can invent your own exercises. You could try slowly doing the arms swings and circles described in this hub. You can also carefully try using the shakeweight in the horizontal position (lying down)to give different muscles a chance to tone. Just play and experiment with it, always baring in mind the golden rules: proper alignment and posture.

just tried it 6 years ago

it is a rod with weights on both end and a mechanical spring on both ends but it works threw air vents on each side basically its spring tension against air pressure differences and if you dont have posture and alignment right this hub is very correct that it wont recoil right and can hurt you, however the video given with the device explains the operation well enough to figure out its recoil with the aid of onscreen, i do complain at the limit on the video to the number of excercises, only 3 which is less then are demonstrated on the commercial

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 6 years ago from Andalusia Author

Thak you fadibody, I will write some more hubs soon.

fadibody profile image

fadibody 6 years ago

Ms Sue,

You got a very interesting and helpful hub. Keep it up.:)

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 6 years ago from Andalusia Author

Does it need batteries? If it doesn't work I would take it back.

bandy32 6 years ago

I bought my wife one for Christmas and the box was sealed and all, but it does not seem to recoil like the one oon the ads. It does not seem to have the spring effect like in the DVD, either. Could it be a dud?

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 6 years ago from Andalusia Author

I'm glad for you Maria, keep up the good workout!

Maria 6 years ago

I just got the shake weight and it does work. You feel it as soon as you start your workout.

Angus 6 years ago

For weight loss healthy eating and exercise is not always the answer, this doesn’t always work for everyone. Some people have medical conditions which prevent them eating particular foods and prevent them from exercising. Often we crave food we are allergic too.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 6 years ago from Andalusia Author

Yes, there is a hub on bodyblade but it doesn't tell you very much about it, only where you can buy one. If you've got one Ghomefitness maybe you would like to write a hub on it, giving specific exercises?

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 6 years ago from Andalusia Author

I had a look at the web site ghomefitness has anyone written a hub about it? Let me check ...

ghomefitness profile image

ghomefitness 6 years ago from Chicago,IL is their web site. It is a great way to work core and smaller muscle groups. It has been on the fringe for years for rehab and athletes.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 6 years ago from Andalusia Author

No, ghomefitness I haven't tried Body Blade. Where can I find out more about it?

ghomefitness profile image

ghomefitness 6 years ago from Chicago,IL


Good hub, have you tried the Body Blade? It works on the same concept without the funny ads.

Robin 6 years ago

I have been using the shake weight for about a month and i def see a difference in my arms.

Sara 6 years ago

We are the shake weight manufacturer in China . Our email is ,if you have interest ,kindly contact with us

profile image

kohku 6 years ago

I loved reading this funny and informative hub. Even without using the ShakeWeight you are giving some great exercises for toning the triceps. Now that I know what to do with it I'll ask my old man to buy me a ShakeWeight for my birthday. Thanks for the good tips.

Dave 6 years ago

A very well put together Hub. You did a very good job with your write-up. I love one of the comments on Amazon about the women hiding it from her Son and his friends because it is so suggestive!!!

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 7 years ago from Andalusia Author

Advoco I love your comments always so complimenting. How are you surviving the rain and floods and leaking roofs and car hassles in this very unusual Andalusian weather?

advoco profile image

advoco 7 years ago from cadiz

A very detailed and knowledgeable hub that will be reference guide for any potential purchaser of the shake weight. Well done

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 7 years ago from Andalusia Author

I wish you success in using the shake weight prettydarkhorse as long as you observe the cautionary factors mentioned in this hub you should be ok.

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US

Hi Ms Sue Adams. This is a very helful hub and I need this, thumbs up!

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 7 years ago from Andalusia Author

Glad to be of help ocbill.

ocbill profile image

ocbill 7 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

interesting. I was only doing core exercises. I'll just have to incorporate some of this too.


Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 7 years ago from Andalusia Author

The bolsters on the picture are from

madeleine kando 7 years ago

This is really funny Sue. Where can I buy the bolster that you show on the picture?

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 7 years ago from Andalusia Author

You're welcome Maria. Try doing some of the sequences shown above, you'll enjoy it.

Simply Mariaaaaaa profile image

Simply Mariaaaaaa 7 years ago from Sunny South Florida

Thank you sooo much for making me laugh today. I needed it! And after reading the article, it's obvious that you are extremely knowledgeable in your chosen field.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 7 years ago from Andalusia Author

Yea, trying to educate and inform and give people back an instinctive trust in their own bodies is my goal. Every little bit helps.

alekhouse profile image

alekhouse 7 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

This is really good, Sue. I've seen this piece of exercise equipment on Ellen's show. And thought the sexual allusions were hilarious. But, as you suggested, the thing looks like it really works. Good for you, putting out some much needed info for understanding its use.

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