Simple Kidney Cleanse With Parsley

Parsley Cleans Your Kidneys


Kidney Cleanse

You would have most probably come across many articles on kidney cleanse using fruits, herbs and oils. Some are very straight forward, while others are more complicated. Before we go further on this topic, just a short refresher information on kidney stones. While our kidneys are filtering our blood, crystal-like substances are formed inside them. Over the years, these minute substances accumulated to form stones. These stones can be inside the kidneys or they can travel down the tubes which carry urine to the bladder. When these stones are too large to pass through the narrow tubes, the person will experience severe pain. So we need to do kidney cleanse periodically. But if you are having stones, then you must do kidney cleanse immediately.

Kidney Anatomy


Common Kidney Cleanse Remedies.

The most common natural kidney cleanse remedies are fruit juices. Apples, lemons and even water-melons. While virgin olive oil is recommended to aid flush out the stones.

Here I would like to share with you a very simple herbal kidney cleanse treatment with parsley. Parsley is high in potassium and in Vitamins B, A and C. It is rich in iron and chlorophyll, together with sodium, copper, thiamin and riboflavin. Parsley is believed to be effective in increasing elimination of urea.

Just a word of caution. This remedy is not to be used during pregnancy or during menstrual period.

Fresh Parsley


Easy Steps For Kidney Cleanse.

Follow these easy steps for kidney cleanse.

  1. Cut a bunch of parsley into smaller pieces.
  2. Boil the parsley in a pot of water for 10 minutes.
  3. Let it cool down and then sieve and discard the parsley.
  4. Pour the filtered water into bottles or any container and keep in fridge.
  5. Drink one glass of the water daily.
  6. You should notice the sediments in your urine.
  7. You should feel a sense of well-being after that.

Not A Guarantee, Try It. You Have Nothing To Lose.

For some strange reasons, natural remedies may not be effective for everyone. Maybe we have different constituents in our bodies. If this parsley treatment is not effective for you, just treat it as a "health" drink. You have nothing to lose. But make sure you consult your doctor for alternate treatment.

Other Benefits Of Parsley

Parsley contains two important components in the forms of essential oil and flavonoids. The essential oil contains an organic compound called myristicin which studies show that it can inhibit tumor formation especially in the lungs, can fight against free radicals, and can neutralize carcinogens like benzopyrene which is present in tobacco smoke and charcoal grill smoke.

The flavonoid compound called luteolin is an antioxidant which increases the antioxidant level in the blood,and is said to help prevent leukemia and many types of cancer, such as breast, colon, lung, ovarian,pancreatic and prostate cancers. Another chemical present in parsley in great quantity is apigenin which has anticancer properties which inhibit the formation of new blood vessels that feed tumors.

Parsley has very good source of folic acid which strengthens the heart and reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Plenty Of Water Intake Is Still The Best.

Be that as it may, all of us know that we should drink plenty of water every day to help our kidneys do the work effectively. Don't take health for granted. Health problems may strike at any time to our surprise without warning.

Hope this simple kidney cleanse procedure helps you to keep healthy.

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The information provided in this article is sourced from the internet, from friends and contacts, and from personal experience. As I cautioned in my article, not every remedy will work on everyone. So is conventional medical treatment. It very much depends on the constituents of the person and the conditions peculiar to that person. Whatever the reasons, this article does not claim the information provided is totally accurate and reliable and will cure everyone. The purpose of this article is merely to inform visitors that there are alternative cures for all ailments.

You are therefore advised to consult your registered medical physicians as a matter of due diligence.

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Comments 103 comments

Ali 6 years ago

For how many days should one take this treatment of one glass of chilled parsley water? Should it be done on daily basis for entire life or it should be done for a few days every month/year???

Muhammad Ali 6 years ago

For how many days should one take this treatment of one glass of chilled parsley water? Should it be done on daily basis for entire life or it should be done for a few days every month/year??? Pls reply on my e-mail:

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 6 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Ali,

Under normal conditions, for routine cleanse, once a month should be sufficient.

carrie 6 years ago

why is this not recommended during menstrual period? are there side effects to this? thanks

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 6 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Carrie,

Frankly I don't know. But common sense would point to the fact that since it is for flushing out impurities, it may aggravate the menstrual flow.

Polly 6 years ago

re:parsley kidney cleanse; how much water to a bunch of parsley? Is it a consentrate or is it ready to drink??

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 6 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Polly,

There was no information on this. I just use my own judgement, roughly 2 litres of water with a small bunch of parsley. It is not concentrated, so you just drink like water.

Dr irum profile image

Dr irum 6 years ago

Good research , i really love herbal treatments ,its better than drugs .Thanks to share .

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 6 years ago from Malaysia Author

Thanks for your compliments. Honestly, I didn't research much. Someone emailed me with this remedy. I tried it, and like to share this with all readers.

Lita C. Malicdem profile image

Lita C. Malicdem 6 years ago from Philippines

I never really like the smell of parsley, but I use it once in a while with fried rice, I call my "green rice". This is a welcome information about its cleansing effect. I'm particularly taking good care of my kidney as a diabetic. I'll try this parsley juice. Thanks for sharing this.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 6 years ago from Malaysia Author


Please let me know if it works for you.

Bob 6 years ago

I have four kidney stones and saw this article.. They are all to big to pass without surgery or so my doctor says...I've been trying this parsley drink now for about 4 days straight.. My question is how long should I do it for once a month, once a day...

Also how long till you see the stones dissolved in your urine?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 6 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Bob,

First you must remember that it is a natural method to relieve/cure kidney stones. Secondly, just a reminder that I'm not a doctor. This method was passed from friends. If you are having kidney stones, I would say you should take the drink everyday. By now you should be able to feel the effect, although the surest way is to go check it out again.

As I wrote in my other articles, natural remedies may not work on everyone for some strange reasons. So if you confirm that there is no positive effect, then you should not continue without seeking further medical help.

Javed 6 years ago

Thanks for the useful information, Myself is a kidney patient my both kidneys are at 19% at the age of 43.My transplant is due in next few months.

I noticed in your posts that it helps removing kidney stones.

My question is, drinking parsley water will really help a shrunk kidneys to function a little better? Thank you for your wonderful information and support

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 6 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Javed,

Thanks for reading. I must say I enjoy sharing healthy information; but I don't guarantee that every article I wrote on health benefits will work for everyone. However, since they are all natural and harmless remedies, you can just try out and see whether it works for you. You have nothing to lose.

If it works for you, please share the good news here, so others can have more confidence in trying.

Take care, hope you get well soon.

Javed 6 years ago

Thank you for your kind advise, I could not stop myself sharing my experience with others.In my previous post I explained a little about my kidney and medical history ... lets make it short. I drank parley water for about a week and I never felt so active and fresh like it never happens in my life. I dig more about the benefit of parsley and could not believe how effective it is. Good thing I stop take 13 tablets a day any more cause drinking parley made a huge impact on my life and I might not go for my kidney transplant. I call parley water a "holly water" instead. My personal experience and advice for others having some kidney issue must experience and it has no side effects. It changes my life like I re-born again. Good luck and thank you.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 6 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Javed,

I am indeed very happy that this parsley has helped you get better. It is with feedbacks like yours that can prove its efficacy. This will give me more confidence in writing more of other natural cures.

But please remember to always consult your doctor to check on the status of your medical problem.

jamie 5 years ago

How do you think it will work raw.... like in a juice? My mom is very ill I will pass this on to her and maybe have her include it in her raw juices.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi jamie,

I don't think there is much juice from parsley, if you juice it.

dhiraj 5 years ago

my creatinine is 3.29. i have started homeopathic medicine and also started the parsley treatment along with it.

i will post me test results soon, watch for this space

Upendra 5 years ago

Very useful.

CZ 5 years ago

Hello Just come across this.

If have a mild infection and am very grateful for this remedy information.

I am popping to the store now and just wanted to thank you for sharing the information so clearly.

sawyer 5 years ago

is this beneficial for the liver also?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Sawyer,

This is for kidneys. Sorry I can't answer you, as I don't know.

Fred 5 years ago


This is a very big help. I really appreciate you for sharing it. This is a new information to me and I would love to try it asap.

smitha 5 years ago

hi,how parslay help for shrink kidneys,what is the procedure pls help

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Smitha,

Shrink kidneys? I am sorry I don't understand, but this article is about kidney stones and kidney cleanse.

smitha 5 years ago

hi,my both kidneys are shrink,doctor told its due to the high BP,how can i improve my kidney size as earlier,pls help

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Smitha,

I only share useful health info here. I am sorry that I am not able to provide any professional health advice as I am not a doctor, or any health expert for that matter.

gUSTAVO DAZA 5 years ago


miel 5 years ago

thank you for the information...

cv 5 years ago

I juice it and get a tall glass from two bunches I add lemon and ginger.

It definitely makes a difference in how my body feels.

Kim 5 years ago

Should I put in the root to boil as well? The picture of the parsley on your blog is the western version, is it alright to use chinese parsley ("yin sai")?


Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 5 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Kim,

I used the western type parsley without the roots.

Dark_Ninja007 5 years ago

It is a great herbal medicine, Thanks for the info.

rocky de vibratore 5 years ago

yo mr good guy, you make malaysia proud. hope more useful malaysians are like you rather than wasting their means slugging in politics (and shamefully they are fighting each others while immigrants keep sneaking in making tons of money). Well, parsley help my semen smells good & clean my bladder. ooo yeahh

sangeeta 4 years ago

I tried its works. Thks a lot

ewesgirl 4 years ago

I've been taking watermelon seed capsules or drinking tea made form cruashed watermelon seeds and my kidney function jumped way up. I just wanted to say this for anyone else who may be suffering from kidney disease. My kidney doctor is quite confused.

Jow 4 years ago

I cannot find a pure parsley name here in our city, GENSAN.

What's the other name of Parsley?

Thanks 4 years ago

Just waanted to find out for how long does one have to drink the parsley cure? and thank you!

nancy 4 years ago

the other time for parsley is malli or kintsay in tagalog. pretty sure, this is available at your market.

i've been drinking parsley juice, and i noticed a more residue in my urine.. its effective and highly recommended..

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author


Once is enough if there is nothing wrong with you. Otherwise, you need to use your discretion.

al 4 years ago

can the parsley juice be added with sugar just for the after taste of best drink it as is?thank you Good guy

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Al,

No sugar please. Sugar is one of the most potent killer substances, if you are not aware yet.

thankful 4 years ago

Why is it bad to take if you have menstrual period?

Kris 4 years ago

To the person who had questions about cleansing their liver. Fresh squeezed Lemon juice is good for that. You can also Google "Master Cleanse" to find another good cleansing diet.

Ahsan 4 years ago

My creatinine is high, and i am using Boiled Parsley water daily one or two glass, after 3 month i want to check result, please if you have any information regarding parsley is good for High Creatinine send me mail. also just tell me "parsley is dangerous for Sperm of man. ?" my email id is and

trish 4 years ago

wow i have to try this one... thnks for the info..

jer 4 years ago

could it be safe if the ill'd person is under age, like 12?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Jer,

I am sorry I don't know.

Jeff 4 years ago

Try Buddha Herbs for a liver cleanse.

leanne 4 years ago

this is good information and handy for alot of people. I shall pass this info on to anyone who has kidney trouble or just wants to take care of them of course:)

Marilyn P. Dionson 4 years ago

wow i will try this we have more here in kuwait... this is good information thanks MR. Good Guy more power!!!

vieu 4 years ago

Hopefully works for me

mikel 4 years ago

good day, i want to know if can cure this herbal my kidney failure and i am dialysis patient.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Mikel,

I don't think it can cure kidney failure.

hulz profile image

hulz 4 years ago from sydney

Thanks for your info. I found it interesting as I actually watched an interview 6 months ago with a Turkish Professor about the benefits of Parsley. He advised that it has a natural antimicrobial effect and is good in cleansing the kidneys. He said that it can even reduce cysts and other masses in the kidneys. He suggested to boil water, place a small amount 1-2 stems This makes 2 mugs/cups of drink (break it into 5cm length) in a teapot or mug. Add the boiled water onto the parsley. leave for 3-5 mins then drink it. Do this 1-2 times per day for 1 month.

By the way, if you boil the parsley in water, it actually loses its nutrients. You must also make it and drink it fresh. My advice is do not chill or store it in the fridge to drink later. This will also lose its beneficial properties. Do not take in excessive amounts as it is high in vitamin C and while it is good for kidney stones in normal consumption, excess consumption can rarely but in some people increase formation of kidney stones. The idea is also to drink about 1L normal filtered water daily to flush out the kidneys.

(PS - I am a health professional but not a Dr)

stars439 profile image

stars439 4 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

Thank you very much for sharing this information. God Bless You.

Breast implants Phuket 4 years ago

I have had kidney stones at various times in my life, around every three years. I do know that in the past I have not drank enough water but I do these days.

That said, every now and again I still get some aches and pains in the kidney that I have always had the problem. I recently found this recipe for the Parsley infused water, I have given it a go and I have to say I am impressed.

I didn't realise how poorly my kidneys were actually functioning until I gave this a go!

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Please note : I am away for a secluded retreat, where there is no internet connection. I can only communicate when I return on Dec 18, 2012.

anna 4 years ago

Hey , question why boil ??? Isn't the raw ingredients have more impact on our body, when we boil we lose source of vitamins. I just took my blender throw a bunch of parsley added a bottle of water ( not from the sink) and blended until it became completely liquid. Do you think it's better? or there is something very specific about bowling?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Anna,

I am not an authority to comment on this. You may be right. However, if Chinese herbal remedies be taken as a guide, they are always slow boil for many hours. Maybe by boiling, the medicinal elements in the parsley can easily be extracted and enhanced. I will stand corrected.

Alain 3 years ago

Ok, so juicing doesn't leave much juice, but the heat destroys the nutrients and vitamins?

Edna2006 3 years ago

I have a problem with my gallbladder - gallstones. Does parsley help to eliminate the stones in my gallbladder?

shahid 3 years ago

How many liters of water should we herd of parsley

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Shahid,

Sorry I don't understand your question. Instructions are clearly written in the article.

Hulz 3 years ago

My understanding is that boiling briefly, extracts some of the nutrients without destroying them. Extracting the concentrated juice is great but only a very small amount of juice to gain the nutritional benefits. Excess amounts can be toxic.

Tarek 3 years ago

I tried this myself and got 3 stones out over two weeks, but was a painful experience. I drank the boiled parsley for two days only.

profile image

ms molli 3 years ago

Can I just eat the parsley instead of drinking it with water?

Aj 3 years ago

Very interesting article. God bless and thanks...

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Aj,

You are welcome. And thanks.

CM 3 years ago

Hi, Can anyone tell me how long you can store the prepared water in the fridge? - Thanks

profile image

foreverfriends 3 years ago

Hi, very useful article, I will try it. Thank you.

connieow profile image

connieow 3 years ago from El Cajon, CA

I just came across this hub, considering which herb to write about today. This is good information, thank you. Parsley chewed is a great breath freshener as well. Good to know it can help clean your kidneys out. I would not boil the water, if you use filtered water it is not necessary. Just get it hot, just under boiling so you do not kill the plant materials.

Thank you.

nisha 3 years ago


is this decoction good for kidney transplanted patients?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Nisha,

Sorry, I don't know.

Luwey 3 years ago

I tried the parsley drink for 2 weeks now and it is working pretty good but seems like just when I started using it I Had my Menustral should I stop drinking it for now or should I continue..

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author

Good morning Luwey,

I am not a medical expert. Just an ordinary average person. So this is my common sense opinion. I would stop the drink until after the period. The logic is why take the chance if one is not sure, when things can wait for a few days?

idigwebsites profile image

idigwebsites 3 years ago from United States

Wow, I might try it and see if the sediments in my urine would come out. I have a parsley in my backyard near the kitchen. Amazing, thanks. :)

Gaganpal 3 years ago

Good information and thanks

paula golden 3 years ago

Hi, everyone. I cut up one bunch of parsley with herbshears and boil

all of it in maybe a little less than one gallon of spring water. I add 3 tea

bags of milk thistle and 3 of cilantro. I then strain that and drink a 120z glass every morning on an empty stomach. Milk thistle has been found to be terrific for the liver and kidneys. I'd like to recommend an article on page 78 in the Jan. 2014 edition of Life Extension magazine, "Novel Method Boosts Milk Thistle Liver Concentration 10 Fold." This newly-found property is phosphatidylcholine and can be ordered at

profile image

Orson Ruiz 3 years ago

Would you be able to provide substantiated scientific/medical research and studies supporting these claims? Peer reviewed, control groups, population size, double blind, cause-effect vs. correlation, funding sources, etc ? Before I embrace (or even try) any suggested remedy or preventive regimen, I need to make sure that it is safe and effective. Thank you.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author

Good afternoon Orson Ruiz,

I merely share info which I deem useful and helpful. I am not an expert. Please don't follow the treatment if you are not comfortable with it.

Thank you.

Abdullah 3 years ago

Someone told me that it really works for kidneys health but it decreases your genetics growth. Please clearify it

Pal 3 years ago

Abdullah , it's only for a month or so , or u can take once or twice a month for couple years.dont think drink Presley replacement of water

Dr.A.Jagadeesh 3 years ago

Simple but effective.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India

Mary 2 years ago

Does it matter what kind of parsley to use? Can I use Italian parsley and will it work the same way health wise as the american parsley?

preet 2 years ago

How long we can store this parcel water in fridge??

nellie 2 years ago

Check Dr Hulda Clark kidney and liver cleanse recepies.

rose 2 years ago

My name is rose. I would like to know if I can drink parsley every day? I boiled it and put it in my fridge!! Every day I drink a 8 ounce glass. Is that ok

cherry 2 years ago

Hi, my name is cherry..I would like to ask my husband is having a renal hypertention is parsley can help?


Sabra 2 years ago

Thank you for the information! Found it rly useful.

Krysia 23 months ago

Parsley is also high in vitamin C. - this is a fast and easy cleanse.

Nelson 23 months ago

I use a gallon of water and use 2 packs of parsley instead of 1! Is it ok to do this?

Helen 20 months ago

Dear sir/madam,

Since i read this interesting article i bought a lots of parsley and boiled. Keep in my fridge and drink more than 2 litters a day. is that safe or not?

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 20 months ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Helen, It is better to do things moderately.

Michael 17 months ago

I hear that drinking at least a gallon of water per day is the most important of doing a kidney cleanse. That mixed with the vegetables you mentioned and parsley is the best for a kidney cleanse.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 17 months ago from Malaysia Author

Hi Michael , Be careful not to over do things. Drink moderately according to your requirement.

Veronique 16 months ago

Is it tastes yuk how u drink it i caint its oily to u drink like that can u add salt

Jean Rogers profile image

Jean Rogers 9 months ago

Parsley is such an amazing herb, and this article clearly highlights one of it's benefits. Well written! Did you know that you can also use it instead of deodorant? If you consume parsley each day you won't smell. You can read about it and how much to take here...

Jecho66 4 months ago


I just found your post. It looks like it is already from some time ago.

But I had try to make this "parsley water"

I had used a small buch with 1 liter of water to make it.

I had let it cool down and when it was cold, I put it in a bottle and put it in the fridge.

2 day's later, it looked like it was not good anymore.

In the bottom, something like 5 cm high, it was very cloudy.

Like mold was floating at the bottom.

My question is, how long can you keep the "parsley water" ?

Is it normal that it turn bad so quick ?

Maybe someone has some tips about what to do with it to keep it longer.

Many thanks for your reply

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 4 months ago from Malaysia Author

I didn't have this problem when I tried it many years ago. If you have boiled the water and filtered properly, this shouldn't happen. I think you should pour it away and not to consume it. Try again with a fresh bunch.

Hope this time it's ok,

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