Get Slim and Trim with Help from These Weight Loss Websites

Lose Weight, Get Fit

Losing weight and getting fit is not easy for a lot of people. Most have tried just about every diet on the market only to see the pounds come back after losing. Often times, the weight returns with a vengeance. If you happen to be one of these people, these online sources may provide the information and support you need to successful get slim and trim again.

Naturally, there are no guarantees. Some of these websites offer peer support that might make a big difference for some folks. As they are forums, everyone is anonymous so discussing weight issues is a little easier.

I'm posting the links and adding a little blurb about each site to help you choose the ones you'd be most interested in. Whichever one(s) you check out, best of luck in your weight loss and fitness program.


CyberDiet is a subscription based site that offers weekly and yearly rates. The site is attractive, judging by the virtual tour but more importantly, there seems to be a lot of good help here.

This site incorporates the body/mind connection. That means that in additional to the traditional calorie counting, meal planners and exercise, there are sections to assist in improving a person's image of themselves. There are tips for handling emotions and CyberDiet even offers an online meditation room. For support, there are blogs, chat rooms, daily tips and expert advice.

I would suggest taking the tour before deciding if you want to join. Actually, I think it's a good idea to do that, regardless of which site you're thinking of becoming a member of.

Diet Talk (Free)

As a free forum, you can't really go wrong with Diet Talk. It appears to be very active, with many thousands of posts. Could be an excellent place to not only receive support and encouragement but to offer it, as well.

How does Diet Talk pay the bills, you may wonder. There is a page requesting contributions via a direct donation through PayPal or by clicking on some of their affiliate links when you buy something from Amazon or CafeShop. It's not required at all but if you're making purchases from one of those two companies anyway, it might be nice to help offset server costs for them.


Get advice on diets, nutrition and fitness at eDiets. This one costs you money and by the look of the site, it's an ongoing expenditure with meal deliveries and so on. They do however, offer the following weight-loss guarantee: If you don't reach your goal weight in 6 months or less, we'll give you your next 6 months FREE!

If you're not ready to sign up or are not sure this one's for you, you can sign up for their free newsletter to get a better idea of what they're about.

Free Dieting - The Weight Loss Guide (Free)

Free Dieting is a no cost resource, offering an absolute ton of information about diets and fitness. There are a lot of reviews, tips and Q & A. It's a lot of free reading that you might find very helpful.

My Food Diary is a toolbox for those looking to get slim and trim. It is an online calorie counter, exercise log and weight loss forum. This site offers seven days free subscription with a monthly charge of $9 thereafter.

Touting itself as a Lifestyle Tool, My Food Diary tracks the nutrients in your food and uses the other information you enter to produce personalized reports that let you know how you're doing.

PEERtrainer (Free)

This is another site where you can find an abundance of information. PEERtrainer has a myriad of articles, blog posts, guides, a newsletter and program reviews. Using the site is free and it looks like you can find a lot here by way of resources and community.

PEERtrainer is very interactive. Although you remain anonymous, people are organized into groups of four (you can choose who you group with) or into teams with more than four people. Every day, you must log your food, exercise and thoughts for the group/team to read and offer support, feedback or encouragement. The site makes an impression and you probably should check this one out.

SparkPeople (Free)

The SparkPeople site gives you free personalized diet and fitness plans, a calorie and workout tracker, exercise videos, access to dietitians and trainers, as well as a peer support team.

Yes, that's right, I said free. Are you still here? :)

That's All for Now

Well, that's it. I truly hope that something on these sites can make a difference in your weight loss and fitness goals. Heck, some of them won't cost you a dime, so try as many as you feel you need to.

Very best of luck!

Get Slim and Trim with Help from These Websites © Herald Daily

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mwatkins profile image

mwatkins 6 years ago from Portland, Oregon & Vancouver BC

You have some great tips here - I'm on a mission to lose 15 pounds by Summer myself! I start by walking, then add an aerobic class, then add weight lifting. but my very first exercise is to get a large box and carry it around the house to rid my house of junk and bad foods and replace the shelves with healthy alternatives - that is normally good for the first 10 pound of weight loss! Thank you!

Herald Daily profile image

Herald Daily 6 years ago from A Beach Online Author

Thanks, MWatkins. Sounds like you have a great chance of meeting your weight loss goal! You're very committed, I'm sure you'll succeed.

I think filling the box with all the 'wrong' foods and getting them out of the house is excellent advice for anyone who's trying to slim down. Thank-you for mentioning it and also for dropping by.

websclubs profile image

websclubs 6 years ago

Hi Herald Daily,

Your body/mind connection! Lose Weight, Get Fit...

difference folk need a difference weight loss program? Losing weight and getting fit, information and support you need-- Each site can help. Its a healthy alternative to weight loss. You choose the one of interest to you. Fitness goals, excellent advice. Nice hub Thanks.

Herald Daily profile image

Herald Daily 6 years ago from A Beach Online Author

Hi, Websclubs. I agree with you - which method/site gets you slim and trim may not work for the next person because they don't like the program. Everybody has to find the way of going about it that works best for them, that they will like the best and stick with it long term.

Thanks, Websclubs.

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