My Slim Fast Review | Does Slim Fast Work?

Slim Fast Review | Does Slim Fast REALLY Work?

*BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES!* With about 20 pounds to lose, I finally gave Slim Fast a try to decided to add my Slim Fast review to the growing number of Slim Fast reviews out there. If you're wondering if Slim Fast really works--I'm with you--so let's find out together. Follow my journey as I post frequent updates about my progress, along with pictures.

I'll let you know what I like about it, how it makes me feel, and of course, my overall weight loss (here's hoping). I can't guarantee I won't slip up along the way, but hopefully you'll be here with me to get me back on track. Let's start this Slim Fast journey!

NOTE: There are a lot of pictures here, so be sure to scroll all the way down.

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My Slim Fast Methodology

Every time I post, I'll include a heading that speaks to the day and what weight I am at. Follow along and keep your fingers crossed that I drop at least a few pounds!

Day 1

November 6, 2011

Starting Weight: 146.3

Here I am! Day 1 (Before and After Pictures)

Here I am! Day 1           (Before and After Pictures)
Here I am! Day 1 (Before and After Pictures)

Track Your Weight Closely on the Program

Slim Fast Review: Day 1

Will Slim Fast Work?

Before you get started, I highly recommend you invest in a good scale; I like the ones that can measure better than .5 pounds at a time--try to find one that measures to the nearest .2 pounds, like the EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale.

I was kind of thrown off this morning--we switched the clocks back due to Daylight Savings Time yesterday night and we had a bit of an adjustment with my 1 year old son today, therefore throwing off my morning. As a result, I didn't really eat until lunchtime (and what I ate wasn't very conducive to weight loss!).

9:30 a.m.: Light Yogurt (110 calories)

12:00 p.m.: Slim Fast 3 2 1 Chocolate Royale Shake (200 calories)

12:30 p.m.: Cinnamon Twists from Taco Bell (160 calories)

3:00 p.m.: String Cheese (60 calories)

5:00 p.m.: 1 piece manicotti, 2 garlic rolls, 2 meatballs (estimated 950 calories)

TOTAL: 1480 calories

Ok, so I totally went overboard at dinner, but this was likely because I didn't eat enough calories earlier in the day. I had my first Slim Fast at noon, whereas by that time I should've been drinking my second Slim Fast. Have you ever heard people say that people are more successful losing weight when they eat breakfast? This is totally true--if you satisfy your body early on in the day, it won't freak out (for lack of a better word) at night. Tomorrow, since it's a workday, I'll have an easier time eating when I should.

Note: I totally had an energy crash at about 3:00 p.m. today! I wasn't sure if it was the Slim Fast that did it, but after thinking about it, I've had a *really* hard time sleeping this weekend and my schedule has totally been thrown off. I did perk up some after dinner, but quickly went back to feeling sluggish; we'll see tomorrow if that feeling passes.

What Does Slim Fast Taste Like?

When mixed with skim milk. the Slim Fast 3 2 1 Chocolate Royale tastes like Chocolate Milk--just make sure to shake it up really well to dissolve all the powder.

I found I need to shake it halfway through to make sure the powder doesn't settle at the bottom.

Which Do I Love?

Chocolate Royale is My Absolute *Favorite* Flavor!

Amazon is where I ultimately decided to buy my Slim Fast--it seems to be the cheapest place to buy it. It's available in four flavors: Chocolate Royale (my favorite), Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Supreme and French Vanilla

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Day 2

November 7, 2011

Weight: 146.2 = -.1 lbs lost

Slim Fast Review: Day 2

Today wasn't bad eating-wise. Mondays are usually pretty rough for me, and today was no exception. The good news is I'm so busy on Mondays that I have no time to eat. The bad news is I have no time to eat. I can't win either way, basically.

8:30 a.m.: Slim Fast 3 2 1 Chocolate Royale Shake (200 cal.)

11:00 a.m.: 1 c. Grapes (110 cal.--more than I thought)

12:30 p.m.: Slim Fast 3 2 1 Chocolate Royale Shake (200 cal.)

12:45 p.m.: Fun-Size Milk Duds (40 cal.)

3:30 p.m.: Apple (110 cal.)

5:30 p.m.: Small Movie Theater Popcorn, drizzle butter (400 cal., estimated--didn't eat it all)

9:00 p.m.: Light Yogurt (110 cal.)

TOTAL: 1170 calories

No energy crash today! I wasn't ready to run a marathon, however, I didn't get the sluggish feeling that I had yesterday.


ANSWER: Surprisingly not.

I was pretty shocked that one shake can keep me satisfied for as long as it does. Note that i don't say "full," because that is not what I feel. I feel satisfied--neither here nor there, hungry nor full, just 'fine." Which is OK for me. After 3 1/2 to 4 hours I do start to feel hungry, so I don't think I could go much longer than that without eating.

Day 3

November 8, 2011

Weight: 145.5 = -.9 lbs lost

Day 3: Slim Fast Review

I think it's working!

Stayed on-plan today, although I must admit that right now I'd *really* love a small bowl of ice cream! I'm not necessarily hungry, but I just feel like munching on something. I could probably make it work, based on my calories below. My dinner calories were inflated since I picked off most of the pepperoni. But, I'm going to try to hold out: when we make bargains with ourselves the weight loss always stagnates!

8:30 a.m.: Slim Fast 3 2 1 Chocolate Royale Shake (200 cal.)

11:00 a.m.: Slim Fast Crunch Bar (100 cal.)

12:00p.m.: Slim Fast 3 2 1 Chocolate Royale Shake (200 cal.)

2:30 p.m.: Apple (110 cal.)

7:00 p.m.: 2 Slices DiGiornio Pepperoni Pizza (525 cal. -- estimated high since most of the meat was picked off)

9:00 p.m.: Light Yogurt (110 cal.)

TOTAL: 1245 calories

I'm going to try Slim Fast with soy milk tomorrow--skim milk has 90 calories for 1 cup, whereas soy milk (light) only have 60. I could definitely use 60 total calories back in my day for a little after-dinner snack. Plus, soy milk is a little thicker so I'm thinking the Slim Fast might taste more like a shake (that would make my Slim Fast review even better!).

I like soy milk--I know many people are afraid to try it--but especially when it's mixed with something chocolate-y, it'll taste just like normal, albeit creamier, milk. I'll report back tomorrow how it goes.

SlimFast Variety Pack Snack Bar, 0.81 Ounce (Pack of 24)
SlimFast Variety Pack Snack Bar, 0.81 Ounce (Pack of 24)

I added these Slim Fast 100 Calories Crunch Bars (Peanut Butter) to my repertoire today...I must say, they are REALLY good and taste like candy (kind of like a Butterfinger). They are good if you want something sweet and something to eat when you're bored, however, they aren't meant to keep you full. I found I still *just wanted something* about an hour after I ate it. But, they are tasty.


Day 4

November 9, 2011

Weight: 145.0 = -1.3 lbs lost

Slim Fast Review: Day 4

A bit hungrier today on Slim Fast 3 2 1

I tried Slim Fast with soy milk today; let me tell you, it's FABULOUS! I started drinking soy milk while I was nursing my son, as he is sensitive to dairy. The taste, when plain, does taste different from the skim milk I was accustomed to. It's creamier. I've always liked it, but some people are put off by it when they see it, as it has a slightly yellow/beige tint to it. If I told you that you were drinking Slim Fast 3 2 1 with 2% milk however, you would totally believe me, because that's what Slim Fast with soy milk tastes like. Ok, to make this a well-rounded Slim Fast review, let's get into what I ate today.

8:30 a.m.: Slim Fast 3 2 1 Chocolate Royale Shake (170 cal.--woohoo, saved 30 calories since I used light soy milk)

10:40 a.m.: Slim Fast Crunch Bar (100 cal.)

12:30p.m.: Slim Fast 3 2 1 Chocolate Royale Shake (170 cal.)

3:30 p.m.: Apple (110 cal.)

6:30 p.m.: 1 bowl Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal with soy milk (190 calories)

8:30 p.m.: 1 mini Blizzard from Dairy Queen, peanut butter cup (390 calories)

9:00 p.m.: Light Yogurt (110 cal. Didn't want to eat this, but had to take it with medication)

TOTAL: 1130 calories

I was a little hungry today on Slim Fast; mainly this occurred between breakfast and my first snack. I got busy at work after while, though, and didn't really notice it. I should drink more water through the day as that would probably help.

Best Way To Prevent Lumps in Slim Fast

Use a Shaker!

This little tool is hands-down the best way to prevent lumps in Slim Fast. It comes with a little wire whisk-ball that helps to dissolve the powder so that there are NO lumps. Genius! Click through any of the links below to see more colors--there are almost ten colors offers, and the best part is the low price -- they are all well under $10! I made sure to get two so that I always had a clean one on-hand. Because if it's clean, you are more likely to stick to the plan.

Great Shaker to Get the Lumps Out

Single 20oz Sundesa Blender Bottle, Colors Vary
Single 20oz Sundesa Blender Bottle, Colors Vary

Sundesa shakers are really great - if you look at the reviews, many people say they use it for Slim Fast. I admit - sometimes I like the little powder lumps in my drink though (is that strange?)! If you prefer a smooth, creamy drink this is the perfect shaker tool.


Day 5

November 10, 2011

Weight: 145.0 = -1.3 lbs lost (NO CHANGE)

Slim Fast Review: Day 5

One thing I don't like about the Slim Fast container that I have, is that the scoop is oddly almost too big to get a good scoop. I have the 12.83 oz. canisters, and it just gets difficult to get a full scoop with the amount of space this container has. It's definitely doable, it's just a a little irritating to me. I might figure out how many scoops it takes from my son's formula canister to equal a scoop of Slim Fast, and then use that scooper. We'll see.

8:15 a.m.: Slim Fast 3 2 1 Chocolate Royale Shake (170 cal.)

9:30 a.m.: Light string cheese (60 cal.)

12:30p.m.: Slim Fast 3 2 1 Chocolate Royale Shake (170 cal.)

1:30 p.m.: Packet oatmeal (160 cal.)

3:30 p.m.: Apple (110 cal.)

7:00 p.m.: 1 hamburger with bacon and cheese bits--no bun (500 calories, guesstimate)

9:00 p.m.: Light Yogurt (110 cal.)

TOTAL: 1280 calories

I definitely stayed fuller today; I was worried when I was adding up to get to my total calories that I'd be somewhere in the 1400 range, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. The oatmeal, hamburger and string cheese all gave me some extra protein today which helped me stay full.

Do tell: Have you tried Slim Fast before? What was your experience like?

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  • No
  • No, but I've considered it
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Day 6

November 11, 2011

Weight: 144.8 = -1.5 lbs lost

Slim Fast Review: Day 6

Did I lose weight? Does Slim Fast Work?

Since I didn't lose any weight yesterday, I was eager to see what I weighed this morning. YES! I lost another .2 pounds. I'm really not worried if there are days that I don't lose, or even if there are days that I go up. Changes in the weather, in salt intake, in ANYTHING can really throw a wrench into things. You have to look at it as a whole, really, and not daily. But, for the sake of this Slim Fast Review and to determine if Slim Fast really works, I'll continue with my daily weigh-ins.

8:00 a.m.: Slim Fast 3 2 1 Chocolate Royale Shake (170 cal.)

9:30 a.m.: Red Grapes (110 cal.)

12:00p.m.: Slim Fast 3 2 1 Chocolate Royale Shake (170 cal.)

1:30 p.m.: Packet oatmeal (160 cal.) + Slim Fast Crunch Bar (100 cal.)

4:00 p.m.: Apple (110 cal.)

7:00 p.m.: Chicken Calupa Casserole (500 calories, guesstimate)

8:30 p.m.: Light Yogurt (110 cal.)

TOTAL: 1260 calories

Today I walked around the block after work since it was a nice night. The total trek was just under a mile, so nothing to brag about, but it was good to get moving.

Day 7

November 12, 2011

Weight: 144.6 = -1.7 lbs lost

Slim Fast Review: Day 7

So here's where this Slim Fast review becomes a little less like a Slim Fast review: it's hard to stay on-plan on the weekends (at least for me). My family and I usually go out to lunch, and we're always sure to eat as a family on the weekends. My plan is to not go crazy, but not to be strictly on Slim Fast. Plus, I have a baby shower to go to, and I'll be darned if I'm not eating some of that cake.

8:30 a.m.: Light Yogurt (110 cal.)

9:30 a.m.: Light String Cheese (60 cal.)

1:00p.m.: 1 Turkey Sandwich (290 cal.), A few mini-quiches (300 cal.), 1 hot dog thingy (50 cal.), cake and ice cream (300 cal.)

6:30 p.m.: Chicken Chalupa Casserole leftovers (500 cal., guesstimate)

8:00 p.m.: Mini Blizzard from Dairy Queen, peanut butter cup (390 cal.)

TOTAL: 2000 calories

Ha, I was laughing as I was adding this all up, and I actually expected it to be above 2,000 calories. For my height (5'4"), 2,000 calories isn't exactly great for weight-loss, but I wouldn't categorize it as horrible. Especially since I walked around the block three (yes, three!) times today; this was just over 2 miles. Walking doesn't burn a ton of calories, but every bit helps. In case you didn't notice, I didn't have any Slim Fast today.

Day 8

November 13, 2011

Weight: 144.3 = -2 lbs lost

Slim Fast Review: Day 8

Today was a really busy day and I didn't have much time for real food--I know many of you won't want to eat cereal for meals, but it really works for me. It's quick and offers quite a bit of variety, so I can't complain.

9:30 a.m.: Light Yogurt (110 cal.)

9:30 a.m.: Light String Cheese (60 cal.)

1:00p.m.: Raisin Bran + 3/4 c. Soy Milk (190 cal.)

3:30 p.m.: Slim Fast Chocolate Royale Shake with Soy Milk (170 cal.)

5:00 p.m.: Raisin Bran + 3/4 c. Soy Milk (190 cal.)

6:00 p.m.: 1 bag Kettle Corn (280 cal.)

TOTAL: 1000 calories

I had a hefty day in terms of eating yesterday, but today I had far too few calories! I probably should have nixed one of my Slim Fast meals and had something more substantial. However, i should note that I was NOT hungry, likely due to all the running around I did.

Day 9

November 14, 2011

Weight: 144.3 = -2 lbs lost

Slim Fast Review: Day 9

No weight loss for today--darn it. But, I can't expect to lose every day.

8:30 a.m.: Light Yogurt (110 cal.)

9:45 a.m.: Apple (110 cal.)

1:00p.m.: Salad at work (700 cal. - guesstimate)

3:30 p.m.: Slim Fast Crunch Bar (100 cal.)

7:00 p.m.: 2 hard-shell Tacos (500 cal.)

TOTAL: 1520 calories

Today was just OK. I was kind of mad at myself that I've been off-course from the Slim Fast plan for the past few days. My calories as a whole have been OK, but I'm determined to stay on plan for the rest of this week (I hope!).

Day 10

November 15, 2011

Weight: 142.5 = -3.8 lbs lost

Slim Fast Review: Day 10

Yay! Big loss today from yesterday--but, usually when your body does this it's readjusting. Since it takes 3,500 calories burned to slash one pound, there's no way I did that yesterday alone. So, maybe I was retaining water the past few days and my weight was elevated, OR, today was kind of a fluke. We'll see tomorrow.

8:00 a.m.: Light Yogurt (110 cal.)

9:35 a.m.: Apple (110 cal.)

1:00p.m.: Slim Fast with Soy Milk (170 cal. - guesstimate)

1:30 p.m.: Fun Size M&Ms (105 cal.)

2:00 p.m.: Birthday Cake (800 cal.)

6:30 p.m.: 2 slices Cheese Pizza (500 cal.)

TOTAL: 1795 calories

Yikes. Ok, so not completely horrible, but not where I wanted to be. Today was a coworker's birthday and we had an awesome cookies and cream cake. You'll notice i have my calories (guesstimated) at 800--that's because I had two pieces. Yes, TWO! I'm the kind of person that once I assume I've blown it for the day, I totally go off-course; this is why I had pizza. 500 calories for dinner isn't too bad, though.

Day 14

November 19, 2011

Weight: 142.0 = -4.3 lbs lost

Slim Fast Review: Day 14

Does Slim Fast Really Work?

At this point, I'm pretty sure you can tell that I eat the SAME THING (more or less) every day. I won't bore you with the details of my calories intake anymore! I'll also be posting at the end of each week, now, rather than each day. I'm excited that Slim Fast is working and it's been relatively painless!

I'll also work on getting another picture up. Hopefully what you see in the numbers will be reflected in my figure.

Day 1.2

December 28, 2011

Weight: 144.0 = -2.3 lbs lost

Day ?? Back "on the wagon" and still down 2 pounds post-Holidays (click on the pic to take you to my "before" picture)

Day ?? Back "on the wagon" and still down 2 pounds post-Holidays (click on the pic to take you to my "before" picture)
Day ?? Back "on the wagon" and still down 2 pounds post-Holidays (click on the pic to take you to my "before" picture)

Slim Fast Review Day....???

...And, We Start Again!

So, you may have noticed that I haven't ahem, posted in awhile. This is "busy time" at my job, and that combined with the holidays (i..e family in town, day care closed, lots and lots of cookies making the house smell delicious) means I've been slacking at my posting. For that, dear readers, I'm sorry. I have good news and bad news.

The good news?

I'm still down about 2 pounds from where I started. If you notice in the pic (taken today...argh! I was upset that I couldn't find the picture that I last took in November, but I guess the more updated one is more important, anyway), I really do think that although I am up ever so slightly from where I left off, the curvature in my lower back is more exaggerated. Which means the area around my belly is getting smaller.

So, I think I look a bit better than I did before. What do you think--do you see a difference?

The bad news?

Um, well obviously that I haven't lost more weight.

So, now what?

I got more of my Slim Fast, so I'm back ON! Throughout my "hiatus," I still drank one shake a day approximately five days per week, usually for breakfast. Now, I'll go back to two shakes/day to get back on track.

Curious what I ate today?

8:00 a.m.: 2% Fage Strawberry Greek Yogurt--this stuff is fantastic! (120 cal.)

9:00 a.m.: Slim Fast with Soy Milk (170 cal. - guesstimate)

12:30 p.m.: 1 light String Cheese + Slim Fast with Soy Milk (230 cal.)

2:30 p.m.: 1 piece of "something"--chocolate, peanuts and marshmallows (approx. 200 cal.?)

5:00 p.m.: Large Salad with 3 oz. Chicken, Light Greek Dressing, and sprinkling of cheese (approx. 300 cal.)

8:30 p.m.: 1 Banana Baby (130 cal.)

TOTAL: 1150 calories

A bit less than I would like to be at (don't want my body to go into starvation mode, but overall, I'm pleased. Have you ever heard of Banana Babies? They are so good--milk or dark chocolate dipped bananas! I get them at my local grocery store.

Day 1.5

December 31, 2011

Weight: 143.8 = -2.5 lbs lost

Slim Fast Review: Day 1.5

Hungry today!

Today I did a lot of running around--you might think I was getting ready for some big party since it's New Year's Eve, but noooope. Rest assured, I will likely be in bed by 10 p.m., much like usual. Because I ate a lot of little things throughout the day and at odd times (I had the munchies, to boot), I wasn't able to keep track very well, so I won't try to write down what I ate today here. My family and I ended up staying out longer in the afternoon than we originally planned, so I didn't have Slim Fast for lunch today, only for breakfast.

I did a lot of walking today, too...a few times around the block with the kiddo as well as a lot of walking when we visited "downtown" today. I would like to add more physical activity to my daily routine to complement my Slim Fast.

Day 1.7

January 2, 2012

Weight: 143.3 = -2.8 lbs lost

Slim Fast Review: Day 1.7

Chugging along

I absolutely hate being on a "diet" on the weekends--I don't want to place blame (because really, it's me that puts food into my mouth), but since my husband isn't on a diet and eats whatever he wants, it makes for a not-fun weekend. We usually go out on the weekends, typically for lunch. I know I don't *have* to drink Slim Fast for lunch every single day--I could instead make smart choices--and it makes it exceedingly difficult when we are sitting at Moe's and I'm staring at my husband's plate of nachos. Ah, I digress. I'm looking forward to getting back to work this week. so that my eating can be a bit more controlled. I figure that being on Slim Fast could help me lose 1.5 - 2 lbs. per week if I put my mind to it.

Let's see how the numbers stack up today:

7:00 a.m.: Slim Fast (170 cal.)

8:00 a.m.: Apple with 1 tbsp. Peanut Butter (200 cal. - guesstimate)

12:30 p.m.: Slim Fast + some of my husband's nachos :) (400 cal. - guesstimate)

3:30 p.m.: 1 light string cheese (60 cal.) + 1 Auntie Anne's Original Pretzel (340 cal.--darn the mall!)

5:30 p.m.: Cereal + Milk (190 cal.)

7:00 p.m.: Ice Cream (250 cal.)

TOTAL: 1610 calories

Day 1.14

January 9, 2012

Weight: 142.3 = -3.8 lbs lost

January 7, 2012 - Day 14 (day 1.14). I look less bloated, no?

January 7, 2012 - Day 14 (day 1.14). I look less bloated, no?
January 7, 2012 - Day 14 (day 1.14). I look less bloated, no?

Slim Fast Review: Day 1.14

So, about those weekends...

So it's been a week and I've lost one pound. You might be thinking, "one measly pound??" but I'm OK with it. Mainly because, I've discovered something: I HATE being on a diet on the weekends. It's semi-easy for me to eat well throughout the week, but the second the weekend comes around, any Slim Fast plans I may have had go out the window. For me, it's just too difficult to drink them (no matter how delicious they are!) while my husband eats "real" food. I suppose I could eat a sensible lunch and then do a shake for dinner, but for some reason, that's hard for me.

I'd say on any given weekend, I have one splurge meal...when I say "splurge," I go all out. This past weekend we did pizza and breadsticks. Yum. The next day I didn't eat horrible, but I didn't drink any Slim Fast. So, for basically one pound lost with being off-diet on the weekend, I'm OK with it. :)

I know I could lose more if I tried harder, but I'm happy with the slow and steady approach. I think I'm more apt to stick with Slim Fast longer-term (i.e. reach my goals) if I don't beat myself up over it.

Tomorrow I plan to actually try a workout DVD before going to work (gulp). As long as my son sleeps through the night tonight, I'll do it at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow. He's been teething BAD and crying every now and again in the middle of the night and waking me up. I know, excuses right?

Day 1.26

January 21, 2012

Weight: 139.8 = -6.5 lbs lost

NOW Do You See a Difference? I Do!

NOW Do You See a Difference? I Do!
NOW Do You See a Difference? I Do!

Day 1.39

February 3, 2012

Weight: 136.9 = -9.4 lbs lost

Slim Fast Review: Day 1.26

Goodbye 140s...

Goodbye 140s...HELLO 130s. Ok, I'm at the very top of this, but still, it's good to see a "3" as the middle number on the scale finally. It's also good to know that even though I don't follow the Slim Fast plan exactly, I can still achieve good results. Slowly but surely is the name of the game with Slim Fast.

Right now, I've been drinking it in the mornings on the way to work, but for lunch, I've been opting for a salad rather than the shake (most days...some days I'll do the shake). My salad is usually pretty basic: romaine lettuce, chicken (I like the Short Cuts Chicken [by Perdue, I think] since it's already cooked and chopped. I get them at my local wholesale club, so they aren't much more at all than buying regular chicken breasts) and a light dressing. I'm too lazy to chop up vegetables, but occasionally I'll throw in some red onion, or even some peanuts.

I like that Slim Fast helps to keep me fuller throughout the day, even on days which I don't drink the shake for lunch. Slim Fast works for me in two ways: it revs me up in the morning for breakfast and it teaches me portion control. Losing weight is all about calories in vs. calories out, right? If a shake is about 200 calories, then I know that if I forgo a shake for lunch I need to stay around 200 calories. Now, I can eyeball a salad and know what's around that range. Because my portions have been more in control, I've been able to eat less when I do indulge in a big meal. Tonight my husband and I went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. I couldn't finish my dinner because my body wasn't used to consuming that much anymore. Score one for Slim Fast! I will admit that I most certainly indulged in some cheese fries tonight.

One reader wrote me and told me that I wasn't losing weight very quickly. This is true...and false. I'm losing about one pound per week, and as I've mentioned in previous entries, this is a-ok by me. Better to do it slow and keep it off than crash diet and gain it all back. Also, I don't have a *ton* of weight to lose. Those who have, for example, 100 pounds to lose will lose a lot more at first than someone with 10 or 20 pounds to lose. There are other programs out there where you may be able to lose more quickly, however, I like that Slim Fast is sustainable (and cheap!).

Oh, and for those of you wondering, I DID in fact get up and work out that day I said I would. But, I've only done it twice total. It's just SOOO hard to get out of bed. But the DVD that I got is . It's fantastic and only take up 20 minutes of my time! I really need to do it more as exercise is always the key to great results. Bonus: it's less than $8!

Love This Workout DVD

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred
Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred

This is a great complement to the Slim Fast program - I highly recommend these quick exercises to get the best overall result!


One Jean Size Down!

One Jean Size Down!
One Jean Size Down!

Slim Fast Review: Day 1.39

One Size Down!

Yes! I'm officially down one jean size! I've only lost a few pounds in the past few weeks on the Slim Fast plan (remember, I'm following it loosely), but I'm excited to report I'm down one size in jeans.

I'm curious to know what you all think of my picture--it almost looks like there is no change, however, I am wearing the smaller pair of jeans than in the other pictures! I think my rear looks smaller, too.

In fact, that's the part I wish you guys could see the most. I had a baby about a year ago, and I find my stomach is the last place where I lose weight--it ALWAYS comes off first in my upper thigh/rear end area. Unfortunately, those don't make for pretty pictures, and it's hard to see with jeans. But if you compare my latest pictures with the one from before I started Slim Fast, I think you will see a difference!

I'm still loving Slim Fast since it gives me a ton of energy to start the day!

Day 1.56

February 20, 2012

Weight: 135.1 = -11.2 lbs lost

Some more changes!

Some more changes!
Some more changes!

Slim Fast Review: Day 56

Hello Double-Digit Loss

Alright, when I first snapped this update's pic and looked at it by itself, I was kind of disappointed. Sure, I knew I wasn't 100% keeping up with Slim-Fast; I had to travel for work and when you're eating with business partners it's hard to whip out a canned meal! Bottom line, I was prepared for a bit of disappointment even though I had lost a bit more weight.

But, when I actually compared the images side by side, I was excited! The changes are subtle (no one on the street would notice), but I see some definite changes in my body. You can see there is a *bit* more room in my jeans in the tummy area. Also, my belly was somewhat more "up and down" in the last pic, whereas in this one is curves in ever-so-slightly. Yea!

I've been keeping up with the 30 Day Shred, too. Nothing hard-core (I haven't the time), but maybe twice per week. So that's a total of working out for about 40 minutes per week. The 30 Day Shred is a program in which you are supposed to do for--you guessed it--30 days. But, it has been building a bit of muscle for me, which I think is definitely helping.

I've been trying to make smart choices with food, but it doesn't always happen. I do find when I drink Slim Fast in the morning, it sets me on the right track for the rest of the day. I'm more apt to make a smart lunch choice if I've had one of my shakes...mostly because I don't want to "waste" what I already set out to do for the day.

Let me know what you thinking of my progress when comparing the pictures--do you see a difference?

UPDATE AS OF MARCH 8: Nope, I haven't forgotten about you guys! I've been traveling A LOT for work and haven't been able to stay on-plan. Therefore, I haven't lost much (if anything) so my pics haven't changed. More importantly, I can't give an update about the Slim Fast plan because I haven't been on it. I'm home for a few weeks though, so expect an update soon! As always, a few days before a planned update I'll let you know. Please do leave me a comment below and let me know how you are doing!

Please post any questions you have below--you'll see I've answered many questions about the diet. I'm happy to answer anything you need to know about Slim Fast!

UPDATE AS OF APRIL 30:I really wanted this webpage to be solely about Slim Fast. Due to a hectic work schedule and the fact that I've added in some exercising over the past several weeks, I can't 100% say that Slim Fast has been THE thing that is helping me lose weight. As such, I'm marking this page as complete (for now). I wish all of you luck on your journeys. I hope you've seen that Slim Fast really can help you lose weight as long as you keep with it. I definitely recommend the plan to anyone who is ready to make a lifestyle change and is content with the weight coming off slowly and surely (no crash diets here!). If you are this person, Slim Fast can and will work for you! I'd love to hear about your successes!

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What's Your Weight Loss Story? - Please Post Your Slim Fast Review if You Have One (or leave encouragement!) 108 comments

anonymous 4 years ago

i do the insanity program and it has gotten me in incredible shape, but i had this pouch on the bottom of my stomach i could just not get rid of, i wasn't eating the best and so i started the slim fast eating plan and i have gotten an amazing body i would suggest this slim fast 321 plan to any one looking to lose weight and feel good and its not expensive.

LNAngel profile image

LNAngel 4 years ago from Florida Author

@anonymous: That's the best part--it's so cheap!

Virginia Allain profile image

Virginia Allain 4 years ago from Central Florida

I used to use Slimfast powder with milk for my lunch now and then when I was working. The taste seemed fine to me. Hey, anything chocolate makes me happy. It's been awhile since I've used it and of course, with the new year coming up I'm resolving to lose weight again.

Give us an update, please. Did you fall off the wagon or just been to busy to add in December weight loss or gain?

Virginia Allain profile image

Virginia Allain 4 years ago from Central Florida

I used to use Slimfast powder with milk for my lunch now and then when I was working. The taste seemed fine to me. Hey, anything chocolate makes me happy. It's been awhile since I've used it and of course, with the new year coming up I'm resolving to lose weight again.

Give us an update, please. Did you fall off the wagon or just been to busy to add in December weight loss or gain?

LNAngel profile image

LNAngel 4 years ago from Florida Author

@Virginia Allain: You're right, Virginia, I need to post an update. I need to still post my (updated) picture from November as well as an update of where I am now and what I'm doing with the Slim Fast plan. Stay tuned. :)

ChrissLJ profile image

ChrissLJ 4 years ago

The Slim Fast drinks always tasted like liquid chalk to me, but I did like the taste of Slim Fast Bars.

aishu19 4 years ago

My hubby has tried the Slim fast..I didn't really like the taste..but now that I actually see that it does work, I am wondering if I should give it another try...

Coreena Jolene profile image

Coreena Jolene 4 years ago

I have used slim fast before and also used the Atkins shakes, both premade in a can. There is something in all of the diet bars that give me allergy. grrrr. I do better eating lots of fruit and veggies and staying away from anything processed and very little dairy or red meat, mostly chicken. Good luck with your diet and I hope you keep posting updates.

iWriteaLot profile image

iWriteaLot 4 years ago

I like the SlimFast shakes - too much! LOL I lose more weight if I exercise in combination with a sensible eating plan. Problem is - I rarely put all of that together at the same time!

juniperberry lm profile image

juniperberry lm 4 years ago

great lens - and best of luck with the waist loss

anonymous 4 years ago

Ive lost 4 stone on this plan.....can't sing it's praises enough. It doesn't work for everyone but it was certainly my saviour. I'm now off plan at weekends, on plan during the week & hoping to shed the last stone by the summer. I love it!

anonymous 4 years ago

I have stuck to the slimfast plan exactly losing on average a pound a day! i have lost eleven pounds in less then two weeks! Just make sure you drink enough water while on it the product contains a lot of sodium so it can make you dehydrate and feel sluggish easily.

anonymous 4 years ago

ive been on slimfast for a month and a half..i do it everyday but the weekends..with cardio workouts and weightlifting ive lost 10lbs so excited!!!!

LNAngel profile image

LNAngel 4 years ago from Florida Author

@anonymous: Wow--one pound per day--you are my hero! I know I could lose more if I stuck to it like you have, but I just can't. I like to follow it loosely. Glad you are doing so well!

LNAngel profile image

LNAngel 4 years ago from Florida Author

@anonymous: That's great! What sort of cardio/lifting are you doing? I'm really enjoying the 30 Day Shred in conjunction with Slim Fast.

anonymous 4 years ago

I have started to do the Slim Fast diet, and so far so good. I like the way that it is easy, and no fuss to it. I'v lost 4lbs in 4.5 days, and worked out 2 of the days( with kids kinda hard to do) some cardio, and my xbox Just Dance 3 game. I will continue to take slim fast, it works.

anonymous 4 years ago

Hey there, you look great! I am going on 3-2-1 plan starting this Sunday. I am 146 pounds and aim to loose at least 15 pounds. Any tips for me? I have a 6 months old baby and not a whole lot of time to work out :( I was 128 pounds till 2009 but a miscarriage followed by a healthy pregnancy took a toll on my body...I really want to lose weight before summers. Once you get the desired weight, can you come off of the slimfast and just eat healthy or are u pretty much stuck with this for the rest of ur life LOL? Anything you can help me with....thanks!

LNAngel profile image

LNAngel 4 years ago from Florida Author

@anonymous: Oh yes, you can come of it easily! If you read my page, you'll see that I follow it very loosely and the weight is still coming off, albeit more slowly than it could if I followed it to a "T." I was a lot like you--I started at 146 on the Slim Fast plan; this was after having a baby in January 2011. The one thing I can REALLY suggest is to also workout with the SF plan (or any plan). I am LOVING the 30 Day Shred (listed above). It's less than $10 and the workouts are only 20 minutes...even new moms can do this while the baby naps! ;) The reason why it makes such a big difference is that it builds some major muscle...and having more muscle on you helps to burn more fat 24/7. I haven't lost *that* much weight, but doing the SF along with working out a few times per week have caused a pretty cool change in my body and I'm down one size. It's definitely a combination of diet PLUS exercise. Once you get down to your desired weight/body, drop down to one SF/day (breakfast?) and make sure you eat healthy. After awhile, you can drop it all together. By eating healthy and working out, you've already laid the foundation for a better lifestyle which will keep the weight off. Good luck and have fun with your little one...they grow SO fast (Bonus: I have 30 pounds to lug around so at least that's instant weight training!).

LNAngel profile image

LNAngel 4 years ago from Florida Author

@anonymous: Yes, it's hard with kids to find time to work out. I stick to 20 minute workouts--it's all I can commit to! I hear great things about Just Dance--is it something your kids can do with you?

anonymous 4 years ago

I'm contemplating starting the Slim Fast diet, but i'm really scared to gain the weight back once i reach my goal. once i reach my goal, i will continue to eat healthy and exercise, but do you think it's likely that i would gain some weight back after stopping SF?

anonymous 4 years ago

IDK if you received my comment, did you?

LNAngel profile image

LNAngel 4 years ago from Florida Author

@anonymous: Slim Fast is really nothing magical--it's just a way to control your overall calories. Let's say, if you are losing weight doing Slim Fast 2x/day with 2 healthy snacks and a healthy dinner, you are eating 1200 calories. It doesn't matter where those calories come from--be it 3-5 smaller meals a day or Slim long as you are eating 1200 calories, you'll be losing weight. Once you get to your goal weight, you'll need to figure out how many calories you can add to you diet to maintain your weight, rather than lose. For me, I know if I'm eating about 1600 calories, that's where I can maintain my weight (I'll add a bit more of I am exercising). So, going off Slim Fast in and of itself will NOT make you gain weight--but eating above what your body requires to maintain its ideal weight will. Does that make sense?

anonymous 4 years ago

@LNAngel: Oh okay, yeah that makes sense. thank you so much!

gesh1948 profile image

gesh1948 4 years ago

Great Lens. I don't really rate slimfast, but if it works for you then good luck with it I say. Thanks for sharing

anonymous 4 years ago

Hands down one of the best lenses I've seen!

anonymous 4 years ago

nice story thanks

anonymous 3 years ago

You're hot looking!!

SharpLee profile image

SharpLee 3 years ago

Interesting lens! I drink Slimfast sometimes in the morning for breakfast when I am in a hurry. I was wondering if it really works for dieting. It does seem to fill me up for a few hours.

sameermal 3 years ago

Just going through lenses. Thanks!

anonymous 3 years ago

Hi there well i have a friend that was on slim fast and i seen him shredding the extra lbs , but he is not the only one 5 yrs ago i also met a girl who had lost over 100 lbs with slim fast so today im gonna give it a try my starting weight is 257 lbs and im excited to do this so i hope i get the results i have seen on other pple=)

LNAngel profile image

LNAngel 3 years ago from Florida Author

@anonymous: Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

milky-way-35977 3 years ago

wew this is real things to try.

ReviewNook profile image

ReviewNook 3 years ago

Slim Fast actually makes me hungry! It just doesn't fill me up.

anonymous 3 years ago

It works and it's great for short term weight loss if you are going on a vacation or getting married in a couple weeks, whey protein shakes are good too.

anonymous 3 years ago

Skim milk?? Or just low fat?. 5 months ago I have my baby and finding very hard to see a flat belly. My older sons (twins of 6 years) made me burn fat from the very fist time... But now is ver very hard. I'm 34 and exercise 4-5 days a week for about 40 minutes ( elliptic and stationary bicycle.

LNAngel profile image

LNAngel 3 years ago from Florida Author

@anonymous: I used soy milk, however, it was fat-free. I'd recommend trying skim milk with it. Good luck! If you lost weight post-partum once you can do it again!

bigjoe2121 profile image

bigjoe2121 3 years ago

Low carb works for me. Slim fast would be very hard on me.

anonymous 3 years ago

@anonymous: Good for you! I've recently started this program and find it quite easy. I have been using unsweetened almond milk? I watched a program and that was one of the "things" to eating leaner. It's quite low in calories and tastes fantastic. I do need to incorporate more exercise, but so far so good :) good luck!

anonymous 3 years ago

I bought slim-fast 321 plan but i think 200 calories is a lot considering that for breakfast i only eat 130! and for dinner too!

anonymous 3 years ago

Wow you look very sexy!

LNAngel profile image

LNAngel 3 years ago from Florida Author

@anonymous: Just be careful not to eat too few calories--you need them for strength and energy. If you eat too little, your body will start burning muscle for fuel, which will counteract your efforts!

Fishtilt profile image

Fishtilt 3 years ago

Hey, great lens and great progress. If you constantly struggle with weight I suggest you take a look at my lens on Intermittent Fasting. It's a non-medicinal scientifically backed method of eating that is perfectly safe and healthy. I have provided scientific studies in my article too and lenses for people like you to further their knowledge. I hope you take time to have a look, Thanks.

anonymous 3 years ago

@LNAngel: Quit hating on her! She did great and dint eat too few calories!

anonymous 3 years ago

Keep up the good work!

I joined an online calorie count program that not only tracked how many calories I consumed in a day, but also the nutrients I was getting either too much or too little of and how many calories I was burning from daily activities. I started out in March at 137lbs, and now I'm approaching 124lbs. By seeing how I was doing throughout the day, I could create a meal plan that would fulfill my requirements, and often I was too full to even want to complete it. When I plateaued around 130lbs, I started slim-fast 321 with extra protein as a breakfast substitute, along with some fruit. I also got into running, and I couldn't believe how the fat melted away at that point. Just a half hour a day at least 4 times a week makes an unbelievable difference. Now I can do 5k races! I honestly didn't start slim-fast only for the slimming reason - I do it as an easy way to get nutrients when I'm on the go, and even now that I've met my goal I still drink it.

Here are some huge things I've learned that might help you lose the extra pounds:

- Water looks like flab or fat but it's really excess water, and no amount of healthy exercise will get rid of it unless you change three things: lower sodium intake (1500mg max), increase potassium intake (4700 mg or as close as you can get to that number), and drink a lot of water (try for 8 cups as a guideline). Sodium causes you to retain excess water, potassium helps regulate the balance of fluids in your body, and regular water will hydrate you while flushing out what you don't need. Just this knowledge probably helped me lose a third to half of the extra pounds on me. What I did - no more frozen meals, switch to low sodium tuna, no instant oatmeal packets (I use quick oats and add my own fruit, nuts, sugar, etc.), no canned soup, minimal fast food, meats and cheese, switch to high fiber breads but less of it, more sweet potatoes, bananas, carrot juice, and lots of water. And it worked. The adjust is challenging, but I swear my palate changed and food tastes even better now.

- Satisfy nutrient needs and your cravings vanish. Craving means your body needs something, then you binge too much on something that won't completely fulfill your body while getting too many calories. So you need to make sure you have enough iron, fiber, protein, carbs, calcium, etc, and then you can go through the snack aisle without wanting anything.

- Dieting will only take you to a certain point before your body gets accustomed to how much less you're feeding it. I don't know if this is proven or anything, but my body seemed to say: " your now feeding me 1400 a day when I'm used to 2200....okay. I'll slowly adjust my priorities so I just need 1600 calories a day to function efficiently." Suddenly you're not losing as quickly. You don't want to eat less than 1200 calories a day or you won't function as well, so you need to increase your activity as a result. Running has given me the best results, not to mention making me look more toned and increasing my endurance.

There are other things I learned, but this is turning into a novel. Those are the big three I figured out on my weight loss / healthier eating journey that I hope help you continue yours. Good Luck!

LNAngel profile image

LNAngel 3 years ago from Florida Author

@anonymous: Good for you, and great tips! Oh, how I wish I could run--I know, I know, anyone can do it if they try, right? It seems it doesn't matter what I do, I always end of with these awful cramps that don't go away when I run. It has been that way ever since I was a girl. Any tips for those?

anonymous 3 years ago

@LNAngel: I know exactly what you're talking about! I found that drinking more water during the day - not too soon before the run - really helped. Food and/or big gulps of water right before a run can cause cramps. Also, controlling your breathing really helps to prevent it - like focus on taking steady deep breaths through the nose to fill your stomach, and breath out the mouth. It kind of stretches your sides from the inside out - at least it feels that way. Lastly, if you don't run regularly, you may want to start slow with run / walk / run intervals until your endurance increases, at which point running comes easier. I used to get stitches / cramps in the beginning, but they go away as your body gets stronger.

If you get a cramp in the middle of the run, I'd suggest reaching your arm - on your cramp side - over your head and stretch it to the sky with a very deep breath. Or grab your side where the cramp is with your hand and give it pressure while breathing deeply. I hope that helps!

I was never that active growing up, and I never thought I would be able to run a whole mile, never mind three! But now I know I can do it, and you can to! :) Look up endurance / persistence hunting sometime - it's pretty inspiring to know how strong the human body really is!

anonymous 3 years ago

@anonymous: This was so helpful! Thank you so much. After reading this, I looked up some of your points and found other information that supported your message. I appreciate you taking the time to support and help others.

anonymous 3 years ago

@LNAngel: If you're talking about those that hurt near your ribcage, i've heard it is caused from too little glucose intake. Hope that helps :)

LNAngel profile image

LNAngel 3 years ago from Florida Author

@anonymous: That's interesting. I distinctly remember having this problem almost every Friday, because on Fridays we had to run a mile in gym class. This is when I was a kid, and I'm sure I had my fair share of sugar. :) Thanks for your input--I will look into this.

spids1 profile image

spids1 3 years ago

Great lens very well written.

anonymous 3 years ago

I will give you props on losing weight, but you need to eat more vegetables. All of your "meals" contained loads of sugar and not enough protein. Imagine what you could've accomplished if you had eaten healthier aka a balanced diet. You could have actually eaten real food instead of drinking. Just saying. It's not healthy to be what they call "skinny fat".

anonymous 3 years ago

@LNAngel: In regard to the cramps try club soda, it takes my cramps away right now.

I have also heard pickle juice works, I don't know if ti's sweet or dill pickle juice but I'd guess dill.

CristianStan 3 years ago

I believe that all weight loss takes time and effort, but slim fast seems to back up what it says

Bestbuyguide profile image

Bestbuyguide 3 years ago

You did extremely well., I WISH I had your body.

anonymous 3 years ago

this really helped me in deciding whether or not to use slim fast thanks!

anonymous 3 years ago

product myslim? just ask if this product no side effect? bec. i have my thyroid problem goiter..tnx

anonymous 3 years ago

i just started the slim fast powder, is it better than herbal life. what about some pictures of your feet, usually you can tell if a women is overweight by her feet and ankles

LNAngel profile image

LNAngel 3 years ago from Florida Author

@anonymous: Unlike Herbalife, Slim Fast isn't a supplement -- it is strictly calorie control. I've never taken Herbalife, so that's the most I can advise about it. As for my feet, when I started this journey, I was only 1 pound over my ideal range, so my ankles likely wouldn't tell you much. Even when I was pregnant, I never had any swelling.

anonymous 3 years ago

Cigarettes and amphetamines also do wonders for weight loss.

anonymous 3 years ago

@anonymous: oH yes THEY DO!!!! They also get rid of those pesty teeth we use to chew food, they make defining holes and marks in our skin, AND they also make it possible to never see old age!!!! Unbelievable...with all the issues a teen faces in today's world, you have to be a moron and post this crap. I truly hope for your sake that you grow up!!

KimGiancaterino profile image

KimGiancaterino 3 years ago

I ate a lot of food bars and shakes when I was working long hours in television. Slim Fast is a nice meal replacement solution.

anonymous 3 years ago

This is very inspirational. Thank you for sharing. I actually just signed up for weight watchers and I am giving that a try. Congrats on your weight loss and stay healthy.

squidoopets profile image

squidoopets 3 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

I've lost weight on Slim fast many times. Just have always gained it back .. pregnancies, mental health meds .. I should give it a try again. Congrats on your weight loss - your starting weight is my goal :D

espressoman lm profile image

espressoman lm 3 years ago

Congratulations. Losing weight can be a very hard thing to do. I am glad you found something that works for you.

anonymous 3 years ago

You look great! I just want to thank you for sharing this whole experience because you seem very similar to me and it's great to have a similar case to compare to, as I'm just starting out with exercise and SF products. I'm 5'3", 128 lbs, can't stick to a diet on the weekends to save my life but can do it pretty easily during working hours, and lose weight in my toosh and face first with my tummy being the last to go. So I've really gotten some positive encouragement from your experience to help me stick to the plan. I'm keeping a casual log of the food I eat and working out at least 3 times a week for an hour. Try Zumba Fitness 2 for Wii or the DVD's. It's so fun and I actually look forward to working up a sweat a few times a week and that's helping keep me motivated. Keep up the good work!

anonymous 3 years ago

"You can see there is a *bit* more room in my jeans in the tummy area."

Oh, that's funny, I got the opposite effect when looking at your pics.

Haha but srsly, why no more updates? I'm just going to have to assume that side effects include instant death.

Dan_Smith 3 years ago

Looking great LNAngel! Keep up the great work!

anonymous 3 years ago

Amazing results! I lost 60 pounds by eating healthy, but I would like to try slim fast to make the progress quick before SUMMER :) I'm going to try it now.

najoslin profile image

najoslin 3 years ago

Nice Lens and congradualtions on sticking with it! Consistency is the key (at least that's what I think).

anonymous 3 years ago

I use Stresstabs Weight to help control weight. Everyone feel free to have a look at my 'Stresstabs' lens and see if taking them can help you as well. Also, please let me know what you think of the lens while you're there, I'd appreciate it... Thanks!

anonymous 3 years ago

I want to fuck

anonymous 3 years ago

I use Nutrilite's Meal Replacement Shakes. They come in milk chocolate and french vanilla flavors. Great for an on the go meal. I like to drink them as part of my lunch when I don't have time to eat. They make you full and only have 140 calories and 15g of protein. Check out my lens Optimal Health and Nutrition for this great product.

anonymous 3 years ago

so hot

anonymous 3 years ago

Thanks so much for this review. The fact that you showed what you ate and talked about your activity level helps me tremendously. I have been doing the slim fast diet now for 2 weeks, and I'm frustrated that I haven't lost more than 2 lbs. I forget to snack, and typically eat about 1000 calories a day, so my frustration is mounting. I am encouraged to see that you had progress, even when you "cheated" a bit. Patience is a virtue for me!

anonymous 3 years ago

You don't honestly look that different sorry honey:/

geosum profile image

geosum 3 years ago

Years ago I tried SlimFast - and Weight Watchers - and others. Played yoyo with my weight. I'm finally getting serious with it and have dropped over 80 lbs in 7 months. Healthy eating and exercise is the ticket.

anonymous 3 years ago

When I was reading your review, I noticed you said walking doesn't burn many calories...that is so NOT true. So far I have lost 115 pounds and the majority of my exercise is walking...walking definitely does work. I hope no one follows the advise given in this review...

anonymous 3 years ago

@anonymous: You can see a difference, she has lost weight, perhaps you need glasses as well as slim fast.

anonymous 3 years ago

You people are being really mean when you say discouraging things about her review and her progress. I think she looks fantastic, although this is an old review! Mostly what I love is how she does her best and doesn't beat herself up when she screws up. This is about making a lifestyle change and there will always be days when we decide to eat something unhealthy. Work on changing yourself and leave people alone who are trying to lose weight!

anonymous 3 years ago

You look amazing! What's with all the neg comments? You can see it on the scale and the lowered jean size, go you! I never can stick to diets but I do agree with the other poster, walking is great exercise, better on the knees than jogging/running also.

anonymous 3 years ago

Wow you're sexy nice ;)

anonymous 3 years ago

Wow you're sexy nice ;)

TapIn2U profile image

TapIn2U 3 years ago

That worked really fast. Sundae ;-)

gina1209 profile image

gina1209 3 years ago

Congratulations on your weight loss! And great lens. I've tried Slim Fast before and it takes really good. I've had a lot of success with meal replacements - I've lost 70 pounds so far!

anonymous 2 years ago

Hi thankyou for your slim fast review , i have just finished a three day trial on herbalife but due to the cost of the diet i have decided to give slim fast a go. I hardly hear anybody talk of slim fast so i was a little dubious as to whether it worked but just reading through your experience i can see it does, i have about 2 weeks worth so will take my start weight and see what it is but the time my supply runs out. I will post my start weight and re post my weight at the end of it , Wish me luck :0)

anonymous 2 years ago

Hi thankyou for your slim fast review , i have just finished a three day trial on herbalife but due to the cost of the diet i have decided to give slim fast a go. I hardly hear anybody talk of slim fast so i was a little dubious as to whether it worked but just reading through your experience i can see it does, i have about 2 weeks worth so will take my start weight and see what it is but the time my supply runs out. I will post my start weight and re post my weight at the end of it , Wish me luck :0)

anonymous 2 years ago

I love your review it helps me and many people . I was super thin I just had my daughter I lost 30 pounds but I'm trying to lose last 15 . So I been on slim fast almost 2 weeks already lost 7 pounds . I am going to start running this week . I'm at 145 goal 130 !!! Fingers crossed . I eat healthy food grilled chicken veggies boiled eggs . Lots of water . Just keep my calories at 1200 to 1400 . I love the zone protein bars for snacks there good and not full of crap . The fudge graham is the best !!!!

anonymous 2 years ago

@anonymous: I am at 164 and would love to be 145..... I did lost 5lb this week though so positive start :-) good luck

jensimmons121 profile image

jensimmons121 2 years ago

Wow, super motivational stuff here. It really inspires me to read your progress. Keep it up hun :)

anonymous 2 years ago

@anonymous: Please let me know how slim fast worked compared to herbal life . I was going to try slim fast too due to it brin so much cheaper! My email is

anonymous 2 years ago

This blog is very encouraging!! I am looking to start slimfast at the end of the month and plan to stick to it for a while... I would like to lose 70-80 pounds, but will be happy with any loss( currently a little over 200lbs) can't wait to start

anonymous 2 years ago

Like you, I enjoy slim fast on a supplemental basis. 1) I can't afford it and 2) I can't stand to have the same eating routine day in and day out. A year or two ago, I lost almost 10 lbs quite quickly drinking a green monster (spinach, banana, greek yogurt) smoothie for breakfast and slim fast for lunch. I've put that all back on and am trying to get back into the swing of things. I still prefer to eat whole foods for meals, but I have INSANE cravings for ice cream during the summer. Last night I was almost out the door to get a milkshake, when I decided to head into my kitchen instead. Blended a frozen banana, scoop of french vanilla powder and milk and enjoyed it with some air popped popcorn. It felt positively decadent. I'm currently drinking the same thing for lunch (with a little of this morning's coffee blended in to give me an afternoon pick me up.) Seriously encourage y'all to try it!

anonymous 2 years ago

Interesting article; thanks! I was curious about Slim-fast; I need to lose about 20 pounds before school starts in August because once I'm in school I don't have time to cook or money for healthy food. So now I am considering trying this diet just for the next 2 months.

How long would you say that people can realistically stay on this plan?

inkserotica 2 years ago

I've tried Slim Fast in the past but couldn't continue with it. I'm now on the 5:2 diet which is working well with me though my weight loss has stalled. Incidentally, I think an apple is closer to 50 calories which will alter your overall calories intake; could be for the better sometimes! :)

ItsTimeToBurn profile image

ItsTimeToBurn 2 years ago

I tried it a long time ago, and had mixed feelings about it. Like you I wasn't 100% sure it was the slim fast that was working, as I was just generally very conscious of my weight and diet at the time. Great lens though :)

mariacarbonara profile image

mariacarbonara 2 years ago

Im just not very good at dieting at all cos I like my food too much. But exercise I can do all day long

lauxeck 2 years ago

Nice review! Did you know that I've never knew about Slim Fast products Lol? but I can tell you that whatever I'm focused on doing there will be distractions and I think this quote can empower you even more on your journey!

"If you want to make a permanent change, stop focusing on the size of your problems and start focusing on the size of you!" T. Harv. Eker

anonymous 2 years ago

Slim fast is HORRIBLE! Read the ingredients! Why not just eat clean and smaller portions?

anonymous 2 years ago

That shit don't work, my mom tired it and goy no results that's why she went to crys.

anonymous 2 years ago

Great review! I like that you listed your daily calorie intake as I think a lot of people that go on meal replacement diets don't think too much about the extras on top of the shake that are consumed in a day.

Great tip about the soy milk, I'm going to try it out!

I have been on the diet for a week and lost 1kg which is 2.204lb. I was on the celebrity slim diet earlier which was tasty and very effective (8kg/17.63lb in 12 weeks) however, it is quite expensive so I switched to slim fast, and so far I am happy with it. I stick to the daily calorie intake militantly Monday to Friday,and working bar work at night, I have my main meal for lunch and a shake for dinner when I'm working which is very convenient.

I give myself a break on the weekends only replacing one meal a day and allowing myself a few drinks. I used to love drinking rum and cola, beer, cider, you name it, but I try to stick to vodka with soda water with a slice of fresh lime or wine which are far lower in calories (less than 1/4 if you compare rum and coke to vodka soda).

Working in a bar and being allowed free soft drinks while I'm working started an absolute addiction to coca-cola, but since dieting, I'm really happy with iced water, if I want something fizzy I have soda water or sparkling mineral water, adding a slice of lemon or lime sometimes for a refreshing twist and if I need a little caffeine boost I allow myself a coke zero occasionally. It sounds boring but my habits have definitely changed for the better.

The other thing that I really love about the slim fast diet is the 3 daily snacks! I really enjoy the slim fast snacks for when I'm on the go, and when I'm at home I enjoy eating fresh veg with a little but of hummus, or a little bit of cheese or some fruit and natural yoghurt. When I'm at work of an evening I put 2 tbs fat free natural yoghurt in my shake and I find that I'm full from 7pm until bedtime which can be anywhere between 12am and 4am!

RusselHowe 2 years ago

It is very important that you schedule your day to find some time to workout and eat properly. By planning your day in the morning, you can pack a healthy meal and still have time to exercise. Always use the proper form when you are exercising your biceps. The right way to do biceps curls is with your wrists bent backward just slightly. When you release, transfer to normal positioning slowly. This helps to build the bicep muscle properly and efficiently.

QuicklyLoseFat 2 years ago

Thanks so much for sharing your journey!!! In response to "I can't 100% say that Slim Fast has been THE thing that is helping me lose weight" maybe you should consider a long-term program to help with your weight loss. For permanent, weight loss look at programs with both diet and exercise advice. One that worked well for me was at but decide for yourself and if Slim Fast works for you then keep it up.

fanaticforfitness 2 years ago

Everyone wishing to lose weight should keep a diary like this one. Logging your progress definitely keeps you motivated and as you see the pounds come off you become inspired to try harder

anonymous 2 years ago

Wishing you every success for your weightloss goals. The key is always consistency. Take it one day at a time and try to find foods that can really boost your metabolism and drink heaps of water. Don't give up- you can do it!

juliarosa 2 years ago

Losing weight and wanting to is not enough.

Many people don't realize, the success comes a lot from your mind. Where your mind is, is where your body is going to follow.

You have to eat, breathe, sleep your goal(s) in life.

Do you have a picture of what you want to look like? Grab a picture from the internet of a body that you want to strive for and paste your head on it. Put this picture in at least 3 places in your home that you see every day. Make sure it's in front of you always.

Become more conscious of your decisions. What you put in your mouth, what you put in your head.

I am doing a program just for women that I found at Excellent support as well from other women who have done this lifestyle program.

BevChap 2 years ago

Just read this - great stuff! Will try!

williamslaw profile image

williamslaw 2 years ago

Well, good work but I believe exercise is the best form of losing weight.

eddie 20 months ago

Good for you...!! You look great and you sure do have a nice looking waistline and look fantastic in those jeans..! Congrats..!

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