Snoring - Causes and Possible Solutions

Snoring is the noise produced by components of vibration in the throat. This only occurs during sleep because that is when the muscles are more relaxed, that is when that muscle relaxation may inhibit the passage of air normally. There are many causes that can contribute to snoring, including:


Due to a sedentary life, physiological problems and too many fatty foods, obese people are more likely to develop conditions that lead to snoring. It was common knowledge that obese people are more likely to snore than the thinner. This is because their neck tends to be more meaty, creating blockages that hinder the passage of air through the airways.


The collapse of the neck muscles due to relaxation is a proximate cause of the problem of snoring. Not advisable to take any alcoholic substance before bedtime to avoid any abnormality in the muscles of the throat.


Among the many undesirable effects of smoking on the body, is the modification of cells in the throat. This change will cause mucus to increase to accommodate the smoke and that nicotine passes through the area without causing inflammation. However, due to abnormal release of mucus, the mucous membranes of the throat and esophagus will swell, causing blockages in small vessels of the lungs and increasing the friction between the neck muscles.

Learn more about Sleep

There are two crucial stages of sleep that can affect your breathing, usually during the night. The internship is considered a stage in which only falls asleep. This stage is when sleep is disturbed by any little stimulus. The second stage is REM, or rapid eye movement sleep where dreams occur.

Try to establish good sleep habits for regulating breathing. All you need is eight hours of sleep, therefore, to create the best environment for you to get all the rest that your body needs. Sleep with your head elevated position with a good pillow can also provide some improvements.

Medical Problems

Any cause of obstruction or blockage of the throat can be a threat to a peaceful sleep. Allergies and irritation to the tissues can cause swelling or inflammation. The adenoids, tonsils and changes in the construction of cells can block the passage of air. In such cases, surgery is usually recommended.

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