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Insomnia has been one of the cause for increasing in stress level. People can't seem just to get enough sleep. The next morning, feeling tired and unable to concentrate on their work. Reach home and felt worsen and yet can't seems to get enough sleep. The cycle continues on and on

Personal experience regarding insomnia

When I was 15 years old, I always feeling good when I'm not sleeping so that I have more time to study for my examination. As I had raised to be a typical Asian (no offense!), not being able to sleep gave me time to burn the midnight oil. However, as I finished doing pre-u studies, I got a full time in retail store, but having the shift from afternoon to late night and sometimes early in the morning until the afternoon really messed up my biological clock ( as you know , we have this biological clock which allocated how much we should sleep, wake up, work etc, it's already decided in our body.)

After I quit my job due to highly stressed out for not having enough energy for the next day, It really still messed up my biological clock. Desperate for solutions, I did try sleeptracks just to get some sleep. At first the sound tracks is just another hoax and I just might as well get some sleeping pills, but after few weeks I had tried this product, I could sleep like a baby at night. Well, i wouldn't say that I had been able to sleep as much as I wanted yet but it's sure have lowered down my insomnia. It might be just the mentality of me but it is for sure that I'm glad to have more energy during the morning. I had more energy for exercise to maintain my health up to par.

Insomnia Symptom

Unable to Sleep Well

As obvious, one of the symptom of insomnia is that you have hard time falling aslee. When your eyes close and start feeling relaxed, there's suddenly a sound that make you tick and unable to sleep for eg:sound of dripping water, your own heartbeat.

Sleeping Pattern behave differently

If you notice that you're always unable to sleep, I would recommend that you should try and record or just jot down the time when you sleep and how long it is, tick yes or not whether it is good quality of sleep or not. This way, you always know how many hours you sleep in the day. If the pattern changes everyday or even every week, I'm sure you suffer from sleep insomnia.

Short Term Memory Loss

Some people have other term like "Memory Lapse". Have you ever felt that you forgot where you left the keys 5 seconds ago? or can't even withdraw the phone number of your sister inside your mind? This memory loss can be annoying because you need just a few time thinking back what you did and retrace your steps.

Lacking Coordination and Concentration

I'm sure a lot of people suffer from this. When your body didn't get enough rest, they started to slow down their process or maybe shut down to get some rest, people said it was some kind of worn out after massive work. Your body actually need some rest to actually work. People said that our heart works 24/7 without resting and they're wrong. This is because in Heart Cardiac Cycle, the process of pumping blood involves of 2 major part, the ventricular and the atrial. Systole means contract while Diastole means relax or resting. Process which involve Atrial Systole,Ventricular Diastole pumping blood into the ventricular, then Ventricular Systole, Atrial Diastole, pumping blood from ventricular to the other part of the body, to go back to the cycle, both Atrial and Ventricular Diastole to flow the blood into respective area slowly. This shows that Atrial and Ventricular work(systole) twice and rest (diastole) 3 times. They work best because they have a rest. If you unable to manage your work due to fatigue, you might suffer from insomnia.

Wake in the Middle of the Night

I'm sure that most of insomniac patient having this problems. They can't have a good night sleep. Some having problem with their bed, can't get enough comfort, or it has a lot of dust on it causing irritation. Yes, irritation can makes someone wake up in the middle of the night. However sometime stress destroys our biological clock causing havoc in our sleeping period.

Mental Illness

No, I'm not talking about insomnia causing someone to become insane. It mentally unhealthy for insomniac patient not getting enough sleep. It causing Depression, anxiety, unable to judge, feeling insecure

Physical Illness

It can actually cause Gastrointestinal symptoms. If you suffer from stomachache, indigestion or diarrhea, I'm sure getting not enough sleep can cause some kind of stress, producing more gastric juice in the stomach.

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Linda Myshrall 5 years ago

Another insomnia sufferer here! Like you, I once found this useful, now I value those nights when I sleep like a rock. :) I agree with darknezz- physical exercise really helps. A clear conscience and a little laughter don't hurt either. Great article- rated up and useful, Linda

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 5 years ago from Dallas, Texas

Insightful article here. Yes, so many suffer from insomnia including me. Maybe it is the cause for so much road rage too.

darknezz111 profile image

darknezz111 5 years ago from Southern Idaho

Yeah, I get insomnia too. My mind just doesn't shut down, and I'll go a couple of weeks at a time with barely any sleep. Generally, physical activity helps a lot.

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