Becoming a Better You: Steps to Developing a New Habit


"Good habits are hard to learn, but easy to live with. Bad habits on the other hand are easy to learn but hard to live with."

-Brain Tracy

The Power Of Habit

You are by yourself a blank image, an ordinary, generic individual. It is your attitude and personality that forms the draft sketch but it is your habits that color you as you are. Habits define you as being unique and determine what you are and what you will be. The key to personal achievement, to becoming a better person, and living a better life is by developing key habits that will enable you to become everything you are capable of becoming.

All habits are learned and that’s a fact. It’s you and your environment that mostly matters. According to behavioral psychologists, it takes about a minimum of 21 days to develop a medium complexity habit. Medium complexity habits include waking up early, coming to work on time, and planning ahead for the week. These tasks can be developed to become a habit by constant repetition and practice.

Developing a new success habit isn’t really an easy task, but nevertheless developing them especially saving is very important for success. There are procedures that can help. Practicing these will likely ease up the process of developing new habits over time.

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1. Make a decision

Whether eating less for a diet or spending less for a savings your mindset is very important when you plan to develop a new habit. Having a definite chief aim is always the very start. You must decide clearly what you want to become, when you want to become, and how you intend to become one. And more importantly, begin immediately.

2. Never create exceptions

Your decisions are useless if you do not stick to it. Always abide by your goals and do not make an excuse. Do not let yourself off the hook. The habit of making excuses is also a key habit, a key habit to failure. Never develop this as it would negatively affect every aspect of your life.

3. Share

One universal concept that can define life is that every one of us affects the other, and this is clearly shown by the power of motivation. It is always amazing to see the huge increase in motivation and willpower when you know someone is watching you with your efforts.

4. Visualize and Imagine

Be creative and picture yourself with your new habit onto becoming a bright and successful someone. Dream and visualize, there is nothing wrong with it. In fact imagination is the gateway to motivation. Keeping the image of you becoming what you want truly pumps you up and propels you to work harder and move further.

5. Self-affirmation

It has been said that no one is more capable of helping you than you yourself. It’s true that self-affirmation and self-talk have many beneficial psychological effects that you may want to take advantage of. Daily repetition of words directed to yourself like “I’ll save more each day” and “I can do it” helps. It becomes a wonderful source of inspiration that would keep you going.

6. Persist

Developing a new habit isn’t really easy, and at some point, you’ll become stressed that you may want to give up. As they always say nothing will happen if you give up. Just go on and do it, persist and the time will come when you won’t really need to exert much effort on doing it. When that time comes, you’ll actually feel guilty once you didn’t do it in a day.

7. Reward

One way of practicing your new behavior is to reward yourself once you do it consecutively for a few days or so. Each time you reward yourself; you actually reaffirm and impose that behavior in your subconscious through the pleasure of rewards. You unconsciously look forward to the positive consequence which motivates you to continue engaging on the habit that you want to achieve.

Overcoming procrastination

Procrastination is a disease that kills the future of successful people. Learning to get rid of this habit will pay off dearly for the rest of your life. The best way to get rid of this is to replace it with the habit of doing at least one thing significant every single day. Do not make yourself stagnant and always be working on the development of a new habit, one that can be beneficial in the long term.

Savings are made one step at a time.
Savings are made one step at a time. | Source

Take one step at a time

They say in your life journey you must not stop and always move forward. This is definitely true but you must also remember to do one thing at a time. Similarly, in your effort to becoming a better you, learn one habit at a time. Learning many different habits at the same time will result to no improvement at all. Be patient with yourself as you will only learn new habits with time. The best way is to learn slowly but surely.

Old habits never die

And also, one important thing to remember is that your old habits don’t disappear. They just become weak and withdraw from you. Your new habits may replace them but they can never be eliminated completely. Furthermore, when the stimulus that originally created them is encountered once again there is a chance that the old habit may rise up and be repeated. You must always be wary of this. Practice self-discipline and always be in control and you‘ll never worry about it.

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Purple Turtle profile image

Purple Turtle 5 years ago from Home

Nice article on steps to a new habit. It dose always seem that creating good personal habits can be just as difficult as quitting bad ones.

DonnaCosmato profile image

DonnaCosmato 5 years ago from USA

These are great tips and I like how you presented it in simple, "bite-sized" steps that made me feel like it would be easy to do and not overwhelming. Voted up!

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