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Saving is an important habit.
Saving is an important habit. | Source

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."


"You are always capable of becoming what you want to be."

Great leaders and businessmen, or simply all those successful people, do not only have one thing in common. They are all similar in many ways, and one of these is practicing success habits. Habits define who you are and what you will be. The key therefore, is for you to be able to tune your habits up the way it enables you to become everything you are capable of becoming.

In life, your habits can be defined as either constructive (good) or destructive (bad). And as their name implies, constructive or good habits are the habits you need while destructive or bad habits are the ones you should overcome. Learning the following constructive success habits are one key to becoming a better you:

“Society judges you by money, not by genius.”

The habit of saving

The odd thing is, even though all of us know the importance of having our own savings, there are still those who do not bother to save. If you would wonder why the rich is becoming richer, it is because of the fact that aside from they value the importance of saving, they gear for more. Saving is the road to financial independence, and is the foundation of future opportunities.

The key to proper saving is to know how to subordinate the present for the future and remembering that savings itself is an expense. You should always save something from your income, no matter how little it is. The most important thing is that you develop the habit to save. As little by little with time it'll end up to something big.

“No man achieves great success who is unwilling to make personal sacrifices.”

- Napoleon Hill

The habit of self-discipline

Elbert Hubbard defines self-discipline as the ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you like it or not. Mastering the habit of self-discipline is the key to self-control, one of the most important traits of successful people. No matter how difficult practicing this trait is, it simply starts with one word, “No.” Learning to say this magic word is simply all that it takes.

Resisting temptations and learning to say no is all but easy. There are times when you may find it difficult especially when dealing with your family and close friends. Nevertheless, you should say no. Never make an excuse as you'll develop the habit of making it. It’ll only make things harder for the future.

The habit of optimism

Optimism brings out inspiration. It fuels imagination and pumps motivation. The very idea of you successfully becoming the person you want to be increases energy and kicks in enthusiasm and creativity. In the end you become more productive and capable of becoming closer to your goals.

“Happiness is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” – Earl Nightingale

“You become what you think most of the time.”

The habit of idealization

What differentiate successful people from the rest are their ideals. They think more for the future rather than complain about the present. They idealize a definite chief aim and focus on long-term perspective, yet commit to short term goals. They think of how they could achieve their goals by developing a mindset of a clear perfect future then planning backward to be able to work for it.

You should always plan ahead.
You should always plan ahead. | Source

The habit of planning

“In life, you are both the contractor and the builder. It is you who plan and work for the future.” - Napoleon Hill

Planning helps you achieve what you want. It is literally your blueprint to achievement. In creating you plans and goals however, it is important to remember a few things as follows:

- Decide what you want

A clear and firm decision is the number one step. Working on a vague end will always lead to nowhere. A reading on the importance of a definite decision can be read here.

- Set a deadline

Knowing what you want isn’t enough; you must also define when you intend to get it. This makes your goals realistic and not only something for you to ponder during your free time.

- Analyze, list what you need to do

This may be eat less or spend less, literally something you need to do in order to achieve your goals. Be specific to your actions. Writing ‘make more money’ in the list will never help.

- Identify your assets and key skills

Know your assets and skills that you can benefit upon. Remember that you are most effective in the field you are best at. This would help you plan your goals and actions. A reading on identifying your skills can be read here.

- Organize priorities

Some tasks need more attention over the other. Organize your priorities then work for them in sequence. Determine first what needs to be done, this way you minimize doing irrelevant tasks that help little in achieving your goals.

- Identify obstacles

Knowing what could hinder you enables you to work against it and plan for it ahead. Try to think, identify your would-be obstacles then eliminate it as soon as possible. An additional reading on the obstacles to financial success can be read here.

The habit of initiative - Setting goals everyday

Doing something significant to your goals every day would certainly bring you closer towards it. Try to work on short term goals and achieve it. What’s important is that you do something immediately. A little is always better than none at all.

Creating distinct, measurable, and detailed short term objectives are important in personal achievement. They help you stick to your long term goals. Every time you are about to perform a decision, ask yourself - will this bring me closer to my goals?

“You cannot fly with eagles if you continue to scratch with the turkeys.” – Zig Ziglar

The habit of selection

Get around the right people. This is because no matter how you handle your environment, those that surround you will always have an influence over you. Everyone else influences the other. That’s just the way it is. Therefore it is important to choose the type of people you will associate with. It’s great to have many friends but always filter what you will feed your mind and associate only with the right people.

The habit of learning

No matter how expert you think of yourself, you always have something new to learn. Expanding your knowledge not only makes you a better person but also opens up new opportunities. Also, try to pursue mastery over the subjects you are already associated with. The better you are at one field, the more likely greater opportunities would arise. Make learning a way of life, as every time you hinder yourself to learn more, you deprive yourself of further achievement.

“Push on if you are able to, because so long as you continue, it would definitely come true.”

The habit of continuous improvement

“Success is a matter of adjusting to the ever-varying and changing environment of life.”

Push on as long as you are capable and never cease to improve. Remember that the greatest compensation for achieving something is the ability to do more. Change will never cease, and it'll be up to you to make the most out of it.

You can do it if you believe you can.”

No matter how awkward this phrase is, it can be a great help if you live by it. Habits are learned over a long span of time. Remember to do it little by little and take only one step at a time.

“You are where you are and what you are because of yourself. Everything you are today, or ever will be in the future, is up to you. Your life today is the sum total result of your choices, decisions, and actions up to this point. You can create your own future by changing your behaviors. You can make new choices and decisions that are more consistent with the person you want to be and the things you want to accomplish with your life.” - Brian Tracy

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IMsuccess profile image

IMsuccess 5 years ago from UK

Great ideas and a useful hub - thanks

ALUR profile image

ALUR 5 years ago from USA

I think accountability and starting the "habits' have been a REAL problem for me. I don't know the meaning of "saving" even now as I struggle to bring forth my writing to print(see on Amazon.com "Taboo Nation") and I worry about the future.

I think I prefer to think of the "now" but tomorrow is coming. Thanks for grand advice and tips!

quatrain profile image

quatrain 5 years ago

Simple yet powerful ideas.

DonnaCosmato profile image

DonnaCosmato 5 years ago from USA

Thought provoking and inspiring. I liked the habit of continuous improvement idea the best. Little, consistent changes over time can produce greater results than sporadic burst of energy that are not sustained. Voted up.

cepheid profile image

cepheid 5 years ago from Estonia Author

I'm really glad you guys liked it. Thanks for all the positive response.

Dexter Yarbrough profile image

Dexter Yarbrough 5 years ago from United States

These are really great "habits" to develop. Voted up, up and away!

BusinessTime profile image

BusinessTime 5 years ago from Twin Cities

This is a great hub! It's easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day -- thanks for the reminder to step back and take a longer view of life.

cepheid profile image

cepheid 5 years ago from Estonia Author

Thanks, though didn't expect you to view it that way. I really appreciate it.

Admiral_Joraxx profile image

Admiral_Joraxx 5 years ago from Philippines

Wow! this is simply amazing! I voted up, useful, awesome and interesting for this. Thanks for sharing this Cepheid. =)

KBEvolve profile image

KBEvolve 5 years ago from United States

This is a great article. All of these concepts can never be stated enough. They are timeless.

nifwlseirff profile image

nifwlseirff 4 years ago from Villingen Schwenningen, Germany

Continuous improvement (and learning) can be applied to all the other habit areas. Thanks for writing a great hub!

Workingtoachieve 4 years ago

This is good focus material.

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