The Story Behind Sugar


Some experts have declared that sugar is actually "poisonous" and it is going to "kill us." However, our body needs sugar. What types of sugar am I talking about? Raw sugar, corn syrup, avage nectar, cane juice, u named it. All kinds! We know that the natural sugar is actually very healthy. The added sugar is the food bad guy in town. Keep in mind that we shouldn't OD on added sugar such as sweeteners. Gladly, some major companies are lowering sugar on their products for the past four years. Some examples include cereal brands cut back on sugar and the milk industry lowered the served of chocolate milk in schools.

The American Heart Association recommends most women get 24 grams of added sugar per day, no more no less. That is equivalent to 6 teaspoons or 100 calories. The problem is that the average American woman eats about 18 teaspoons of sugar per day. Believe it or not, sugar is hidden in unlikely food like crackers and salad dressing. Natural sugar is very important but we should be more careful on what we eat. There is no need to avoid the natural sugar that appears in fruits, vegetables, and low- and nonfat dairy.

It is perfectly fine to use calorie free sweeteners like Splenda and Equal. Studies suggest that these sweeteners are better than table sugar in the long run.

Three Ways to Get Less Sugar:

1. Schedule Dessert - Eat dessert twice a week. Plan a night out with a group of friend or family to eat ice cream per say. It is better to go out to eat ice cream than to have a carton in the freezer. You'll be tempted to eat more.

2. Eat sugar before exercise - If you eat sugar before exercising you'll be more likely to burn it up.

3. Use flavor - Instead of adding more sugar to your recipes, try adding vanilla or almond to your recipes. It really does punch up flavors.

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Alphapx profile image

Alphapx 4 years ago from Philippines

Thanks for sharing this tip. I am now informed that natural sugar is not so poisonous that harmful.

This hub is so useful to all.

Susana101 profile image

Susana101 4 years ago from New York Author

Thanks for reading!

Susana101 profile image

Susana101 3 years ago from New York Author

Personally, I drink soft drink once in a while. I think that you should limit it. Just drink it like once or twice a week. It shouldn't be that unhealthy but try to discuss it with your doctor. I am not an expert on sugar. Haha and thanks for reading!

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