Superhumans: Evolutionary Genetic Mutations

Mutations and Evolutions

We live in a world of superhumans. We have superhumans all around us really. They are everywhere. Anyone of us may already possess potential superpowers. Stan Lee the co-creator of Spiderman, from the Marvel Comics has been busy locating real people with super abilities. Lee found Miroslaw Magola, living in Germany harnessing his powers of psychokinesis, to lift objects off the floor. Miroslaw is able to pick them up, transport them and force them to stick to his body using his mental energy.

Back in 1988, Miroslaw felt that his brain was being unused and subdued by modern life. He believed he suffered from information overload and began experimenting with yoga, meditation and psychokinesis. It wasn’t long before he discovered that metallic and other objects started sticking to his skin.

Talk about sticking things to your skin. Zamora the Torture King of New York City, skewers himself without feeling any pain or shedding a drop of blood.

Another true superhuman that could end up saving the planet is Dr. Norman Gary of Sacramento, California. Dr. Gary has the ability to summon and control swarms of bees. He may be just the superhero we need to fight against colony collapse disorder.

What is truly astounding is we all may have the potential to carry superhuman traits. In fact, some who have superhuman powers did not realize them until later in life. We may not become a Spiderman or a Batman but we may have superpowers that we are not even aware of.

What creates superhuman powers?

They are called mutations. Mutations are responsible for diseases but mutations are also responsible for positive changes in our DNA. Mutations and evolution are intrinsically linked together and may be the reason superhuman traits and abilities are transforming us. These genetic mistakes or corrections found in the DNA create changes in all living things for the better or the worse. Mutations can cause diseases but it also causes changes that allow for diversity and survival. All living things strive to survive and so they must change to fit new circumstances and conform to their environment. Without these mutations there would be no such thing as evolution.

Children with superhuman traits

Children also have superhuman traits as well as adults. Many Children possess savant abilities. Some are almost freakish in their genius, while other such as Das Uberboy, possess superhuman strength.

As a baby boy in Germany he appeared no different than other child but then, his nurse noticed his muscles twitching. When his doctor examined him it was discovered he had a genetic mutation had changed the way his muscles were growing. This mutation has been found in mammals including humans, to triple the mass of muscles. So far, at least two children have been documented with having these changes in their genes.

Are children inheriting superpowers to sustain human life in a toxic environment? The mutations that are passed down through our DNA are not the same type of mutations that happen to a single cell. DNA mutations carry the potential to overcome adversity within our environment. Without mutations, evolution could not occur.

Fixing a dirty world

Billions of years of evolution have produced a vast number of abilities for humans, but human evolution is still happening and will continue to happen. All of live on Earth uses the same genetic code, which is why genetically engineering is possible. The technology known as transgenics and other advances in genetic engineering have raised ethical questions on the moratorium of such experimentation and specifically, unknown dangers being added to our food supply with genetically alter organisms.

In essence, the use of dangerous and infectious agents, such as viruses to transport DNA into foods and animals we eat may result in many horrible scenarios. There is already evidence that new and deadly diseases may be developing from the foods we have been consuming and still are consuming.

Long-term studies on the effects of GM foods haven’t been done. But many animal tests have not been favorable, and diseases and deaths are often concealed or unrecorded. As multimillion-dollar corporations create seed that are pesticide resistant the earth is subjected to higher doses of poisons than ever before. Will evolution find its own way of handling this precarious nightmare? Genetic mutations have always been around and it is through this process that evolution helps species survive.

Genetic mutations are a fact of life but it is a gradual process. It is what allows humans and animals to adapt to a changing ecosystems and environments.

Some individuals seem to have accumulated special abilities and superpowers that may benefit them with environmental adaptation. These physical or biological changes can play a major role in the rate of evolutionary change. It has taken approximately six million years for humans to evolve to the point of walking on two legs, making and using tools and developing the capacity for language. Scientists currently recognize that there are about 20 different species of early humans. Over time, genetic mutations can change or alter a species’ way of life. Humans are made of the same stuff as all other life forms, we mutate to give ourselves an advantage for survival. Superhuman mutations might only be after all, evolution finding its way,and adapting to a veneniferous world.

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sparkster profile image

sparkster 2 years ago from United Kingdom

seems to me that we are being insidiously genetically engineered without us even being aware of it. Great hub.

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