Heart Health: Take a Vacation in Aruba!

Aruba sunset

One year after I had open heart surgery, I finally had the opportunity to go away on vacation. My wife and I decided to go to the island of Aruba.

I had been to Aruba in the past and loved it. When I arrived there for the second time, it amazed me just how little had changed. The people remained friendly. The weather as always felt perfect, with its consistent ninety degree or more reading. But what captivated me the most was the water.

I live in New Jersey where the water at its best, looks green in the spring, a little aqua in the late summer and rust in the fall. To see water as colorful as that found in Aruba, literally made my heart flutter.

I needed this vacation. It had been a very trying year in cardiac therapy and recovery. For once, I had the opportunity to forget about all the drama of the surgery. Fortunately for me, Aruba offered many sensible dining areas. There are many themed restaurants you can go to, but I really enjoyed the local eateries that often served fresh food.

The local markets often sold fresh tropical fruits like mangoes, bananas, oranges and fruits I did not recognize. The docks were full of fisherman coming in from a day's catch with freshly caught dorado, crevalle and other tropical fish.

There are plenty of sports as well, but I recommend not doing these in the searing heat of the day. Wait until early evening. Tennis and golf are readily available. If sports is not your thing, there are plenty of air conditioned casinos as well.

Of all the activities, the sunset walks were the most relaxing. I really felt a rebirth as I watched the sun on the horizon. I felt a sense, after such a big surgery, that for once, everything just might be okay.


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surfcaster2010 profile image

surfcaster2010 5 years ago from Northeast USA Author

mentoru2wealth, I believe you are correct. All I remembered was the barracuda coming right up to the overhanging light near one of the palm trees. They slashed across the water chasing all the bait fish. Pretty amazing site as we ate dinner.

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 5 years ago from Nashville Tn.

I really enjoyed this article. You have made some excellent points. Glad you are alright. Rated up.

surfcaster2010 profile image

surfcaster2010 5 years ago from Northeast USA Author

Thanks vocalcoach! Sometimes a place like that can really put things in perspective.

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