There needs to be *tall* wheel chairs


If there already are tall wheel chairs, they should be used more

 Personally, I don't ever use wheel chairs. However, I'm confident that people who use them (temporary or long term) would feel more comfortable about their situation. Why? Think about it. People in standard wheel chairs have to always be looking up to people as long as others are standing. It might make them feel comparable to a dwarf (not that being a dwarf is necessarily a negative thing). I don't believe your body is who you are, but I do believe that your body does affect your personality as well as how you feel about yourself (for most people at least. for some people a lot, some not much)

 It's possible that some people in wheel chairs subconsciously feel powerless because of their condition as well as the fact that they always look up to people rather than down. According to Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, a doctor featured on Brain Age Games for the Nintendo DS, seeing someone eye to eye while communicating is good stimulation for the brain. Personally, I prefer communicating at the same eye level with people. People in wheel chairs will be able to do this more once "Tall" wheel chairs come out. (maybe they already did, but I don't ever remember seeing any)

 If Tall Wheel Chairs (or whatever they might be called) get invented or become more popular because of this hub, I want some personal credit for it. (Money would be ideal also, we all like money!) Otherwise if tall wheel chairs become fashionable among handicapped and there is no mention of my hub in the media, my ego will be bruised. So be a good inventor or marketer and find a way to mention me. I'll be very proud of you and it will probably result in good Karma (assuming that is as common as many people say it is, I don't know. Newton's Law says that for every reaction there's an equal reaction so maybe.)

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rt-cal profile image

rt-cal 6 years ago from Australia

Not a bad idea!

Iam Me 6 years ago

as you were told on Yahoo Answers

THIS ALREADY you want to get paid for reinventing the wheel too?

nicomp profile image

nicomp 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

A tall wheel chair would have a dangerously high center of gravity. The wheels would have to be huge in order to be reachable by the user. It might be a liability problem for the manufacturer.

wheelinallover profile image

wheelinallover 5 years ago from Central United States

My wife had a wheelchair which had an electric seat elevator built in. It made her work easier, outside work however is was no good it was too heavy and the center of gravity let her tip too easily. Even at the lowest setting it was top heavy. I noticed she never used the wheelchair outside her work area and when I asked she said she had fallen over in it several times, there was no backup as she worked alone for about 5 hours every day and couldn't afford to fall. I think the chair moved about 50 ft a shift and she used her regular chair even for mother nature visits.

My wheelchair has me set at the height of a normal 10 year old and at times it really worked well for me as I was teaching children that age and younger. The children did accept my authority but I was at their eye level. At other times I wished I had a mode of transportation that would put me at eye level of the adults around me.

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