The Benefits Of Eating Raw Food

About the Raw Food Diet

This probably isn't the first time that you've heard about a diet consisting of raw foods. However, you might be surprised to learn about its immense health benefits, making it one of the most recommended diet plans for health experts. The need to gain proper nourishment for your body cannot be overemphasized. And opting to eat raw food is just one way to optimize the nutritional offerings of your food.

David Wolfe The Beauty Diet

What Can You Eat?

The type of food to eat when on a diet consisting of raw food is one of the most important aspects of this diet scheme. It is important to identify exactly what is considered as “raw food”. From what David Wolfe has suggested, it implies those food that are either uncooked or unprocessed. It is a food that is served and eaten in its natural state with no external factors that could intervene with its natural nutritional state.

To ensure that you get to experience the benefits of eating raw food, make sure to include the following in your diet plan:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • legumes
  • beans
  • seeds
  • nuts
  • dried fruit
  • grains
  • seaweed
  • coconut milk
  • juice made out of fresh fruits or vegetables
  • any food that is natural and organic

You can experiment on mixing any of these together to produce an exciting meal without compromising your penchant for great tasting food.

Wolfe's Perspective On Eating Raw Foods

David Wolfe innovated the Sunfood Diet using the same idea behind his advocacy for eating raw food. Hence, he has dedicated himself into spreading the information about how eating raw foods can benefit someone's life and improve their health for longevity. Way back during the earlier times, cooking was done in an effort to preserve food and make them last for a few more days. But since the innovation of transporting methods and refrigeration, modern people now have the means to preserving food even without the use of cooking. With cooking foods out of the equation, you can now naturally enjoy food and help preserve all the beneficial nutrients contained in it. In fact, Wolfe believes that eating fruits and vegetables raw is where you can get the most flavor and nutrients. Not only does cooking depletes the beneficial substances but also of its flavor.

Since the turn of the new century, more and more people are plagued with illnesses. David Wolfe points toward unhealthy choices of food that include a lot of harmful preservatives or the process of cooking that takes away all of the essential properties. Hence, he believes this is the best opportunity to get started with a raw food diet to maintain your health and increase longevity.

What are the Benefits?

Despite explicitly laying out the difference between cooked and raw food, some people are still not convinced how they can benefit from eating raw food. Weight loss is one of those underrated benefits that people can get from eating raw foods. Health experts agree with Wolfe on this one, since it offers a natural yet effective way to lose weight. Plus, you can also enjoy great tasting food and maintain balance in your diet approach.

You can learn more of these benefits by reading below.

Increasing Fiber Intake

Eating raw food helps to increase the amount of fiber intake in your diet, which Wolfe believes as one of the greatest benefit that your body can get. There are six known types of fiber but you can only get cellulose from eating raw food. This type of fiber is highly beneficial for your digestive system since fiber travels on your digestive tract and into your stomach, cleansing it on the way. This process help in facilitating proper function of your digestive organs and keeping your bowel movements regular.

The same effects of fiber intake listed above can also result to weight loss, which experts believe is a healthier way to lose any excess weight. If you want to get fiber from raw food, you must add more of the following into your diet: apples, raisins, blackberries, among others.

Converting More Energy

When an individual intakes food, that is digested inside your body and converted into energy that you can utilize for performing basic activities. Hence, food is important for producing enough energy to get you through the day. Raw foods make an excellent source of of energy while at the same time, eliminating any harmful food components off your diet. If you find yourself feeling a bit lazy or sluggish, eating raw foods will help provide the vitality you need to keep going.

Better Looking Skin

Eating salads are a top choice among those that want to gain a healthier and more glowing skin. One reason for this is that vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots (vegetables often used as ingredient for salads) have high vitamin content that provide nourishment for the skin. Hence, your skin is properly moisturized to produce a glowing effect. Plus, it wouldn't be so hard to eat them since they are naturally rich in flavor and texture.

Higher Nutritional Value

This is where the biggest difference between raw and cooked food lies. David Wolfe explains that the cooking process was invented thousands of years ago to help preserve food, but with the technological advancements that has enabled people to preserve food, he believes that there is no point to subject food to cooking. With over a hundred degrees of temperature, it is very much possible for the heat to break down the nutritional components of the food and depriving it off its natural nutritional value. Therefore, eating raw food is considered as a healthier way to eat your food.

Additional Benefits From Eating Raw Foods

David Wolfe and other raw food gurus suggest that there are far more benefits to be experienced from eliminating the cooking aspect of eating foods. This is apart from the perceived benefits, which should provide more reasons that would hopefully convince people to switch onto this diet scheme. While there may be difficulties at the start, the benefits will hopefully offset those and they include the following:

*Eating raw food will help preserve the natural enzymes present in the food, which aids in proper digestion.

*It can help reduce the amount of saturated fats in your diet, while adding the essential kinds of fat.

*The reduction of saturated fats and other unhealthy food components in your diet can help prevent formation of various diseases such as cardiovascular conditions, cancer, and diabetes.

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john000 profile image

john000 5 weeks ago from Superior, Arizona

I can attest to weight lass by eating more fresh foods with fiber. It is one of the things I always recommend to friends. The good results of a daily healthy diet in fiber can be seen quickly. I enjoyed this hub greatly. TY

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rawfoodbooks 5 years ago

David Wolfe is one of the raw food kings.

Nice overview, thanks!

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multifunctions 7 years ago from India

when there are pesticides treatments with all the green vegetables and fruits in India, it is more harmful to eat them raw.

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