The Best Bloating Medicine

The Best Bloating Medicine

Almost every person has experienced the uncomfortable feeling of being bloated. This typically happens after eating or drinking something and you just feel very large. Your stomach becomes enlarged and you feel just stuffed. When this happens, you will typically seek some sort of relief in the form of bloating medicine. This can be a pill or a liquid medicine that tries to reduce the level of discomfort by soothing your stomach and making it return to its normal size. The question that many people want to know is what happens to be the best bloating medicine to take.

Well the most widely recommended one online happens to be Gas-X. Another medicine to consider is called Phazyme 95. These products will reduce the gas pockets inside of you stomach, which will help reduce the bloating feeling that you have. When you go to the store, talk to the pharmacist to see what other products would be recommended, because they tend to have a good idea about the various over the counter medicines on the market. There are different bloating medicine product reviews online about which ones work the best, depending on the degree of the symptoms. If medications do not work for you, then consider seeing your doctor. Long term or frequent bloating could be signs of a serious medical condition.

Other treatments that you may consider can just be doing things differently when you feel bloated. One common suggestion is to take a walk outside after you finish eating. The fresh air and exercise hormones may help speed up digestion and the departure of the bloating feeling; stay away from stimulants which can energize the digestive tract, but that makes it harder for the digestive process to work; chewing food carefully and eating slowly can eliminate air that gets trapped inside your stomach when you eat fast; and get plenty of fiber to promote regularity. These tips should be used, along with over the counter medications, if you have a bloating problem.

Remember that millions of people have experienced bloating, so it is possible for you to look online for any tips or suggestions that they may have. Research and watching what you eat can help reduce the incidence of bloating. If this happens to you often and it gets severe, see a doctor because you may be suffering from a gastrointestinal disorder that could be potentially serious if left untreated. For most people, taking bloating medicine will improve their symptoms and following some of the tips listed above should help with that too.

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petertaylor profile image

petertaylor 6 years ago from UK

Hey there, only just discovered your hub but really like it. I'll have to check out Gas-X and Phazyme 95. Have you used them yourself?

Cheers, Pete.

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