The Case For Umbilical Cord Stem Cells

The Case For Umbilical Cord Stem Cells

While stem cell research is gradually becoming accepted, aspects of the process are still controversial. The most contentious issue surrounding stem cells are regarding using embryonic stem cells in research projects. Those who feel life begins with an embryo view this as murder, and therefore this is a hot button issue for many people. While that is still being debated, there is a relatively new discovery that all future parents should consider. When a baby is born, the umbilical cord must be separated from the child and it is usually discarded. Well, if it is properly clamped, it will contain a maximum of 180mL of the baby’s blood and stem cells. The umbilical cord stem cells can be preserved in medical facilities for future use by the child, if needed.

Most stem cell research is centered on trying to get stem cells to do certain things at the cellular level. The process can be unsuccessful because the more developed the stem cells, the harder they are to manipulate to work a certain way. That problem would be solved completely by using cord stem cells. The stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord are unique for that child and would not be used by anyone else. The stem cells and blood would remain in storage, if and when, it could be used to save a life or cure an ailment that particular person has. What is great about it is that the stem cells are specifically designed for your body, with your DNA and genes, so it would greatly increase the chances of the stem cells to work. No manipulation or coaxing would be needed, because the stem cells are designed for your body so it would be much more natural in working.

Controversy will surround this process, but it should not. Some people would be repulsed by preserving an umbilical cord and the blood in it, but think of the great potential that it has. Your child may very well need it one day to survive or to cure something. Using cord stem cells provide the best chance, at least as of now, of ensuring a chance to do whatever is necessary. No human life would be destroyed to get these stem cells and they are a perfect fit for your body in the event something goes wrong. I urge people to read more about this process and for future parents to consider preserving the umbilical cord in the hopes that the cord stem cells could prove useful in your child’s life.

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Shawn 7 years ago

Great article. I have always been mystified why anyone would be against this process.

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