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Foldable bicycles are a boon to some travelers while it could not be of much use for men who use the bike regularly for riding to and fro the town.
Foldable bicycles are a boon to some travelers while it could not be of much use for men who use the bike regularly for riding to and fro the town.

Bicycles model gave undergone a series of changes from the initial velocipede model until the modern BMX bikes today. The next important change is the introduction of folding bicycles.

What is a foldable bicycle?
Foldable bicycles are a special type of bicycles which could be shrunk into smaller size after using it. Usually the frame in the middle is the one which gets folded and the wheels are placed in-between them.

There is another type of portable bikes where all the parts can be taken apart easily and shifted to other places. This is quite hard to use as we have to assemble it every time and have to keep all the parts safely.

What are the advantages of a folding bicycle?

  • Foldable bicycles are less space consuming
  • Foldable bicycles made of light weight metal
  • They are easily portable.
  • These are the best fit bicycles for people living in small apartments. There is no requirement for parking place.
  • It could be folded and fitted in to a bag and taken inside the house or office.

Who prefers folding bicycles?
It is very useful when we travel to other cities. We can pack it up along with our luggage, reach our destination, unfold it and start using it there. They are not so heavy and the design is easy for us to carry.

  • People who travel to various places use it more.
  • Explorers who travel in deep forests or over steep mountains use these bicycles.
  • Marine travelers mostly want to have their own bikes when they get on shore. They prefer foldable bicycles more than anybody else as it is very easy to pack and carry it along with them.
  • Students living in small hostels and people living in small apartments prefer foldable bicycles.

Is a foldable and portable bicycle worth buying?
Normally foldable bicycles are used for general purposes like commuting, riding to school etc. So the tires used in them are quite smaller.

  • Foldable bicycles are not as fast as regular bicycles
  • Proper suspension techniques have to be implied. Otherwise the ride becomes quite rough.
  • Since the frame is made of very light alloy steel it is not so durable. It is likely to break after a short period.
  • The size is generally smaller than the normal bicycles. So well built people find it hard to adjust themselves into the bike.
  • They cost more compared to the normal bicycles.

However there are very advanced foldable bicycles which gives you the exact speed as normal bicycles, but the size is still very small.

If you are very concerned about space and a frequent traveler foldable bicycles are a boon. But if you are a normal user expecting your bicycle to last for a number of years foldable bicycles is not your choice. Hence think twice and if you have decided to purchase a foldable bicycle select the one from popular brands like Bike Friday, Brompton or Montague.

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