The Psychology of Motivation



Motivation makes you exert effort and is literally your fuel to success. And for you to be able to control and master it, you should know what really is there behind it. Always staying motivated will not only bring forth to you success but also makes you an optimist and a better person.

The following are the primary types of motivation ranked with the emotional motivation having the most impact to your success:

"Motivation overcomes the hardship of having a limited choice."

Mental motivation

If someone ever asked you, why do you work? Your most probable answer would be to earn money. Now if this someone is quite Socratic and further asked, why do you earn money? You’ll likely end up answering a combination of words that converge towards something within the realm of this term – needs. Truly, your needs do motivate you to exert effort on something. And this is based on your instinct to survive. It is quite biological in nature. Hunger motivates you to eat, and tiredness motivates you to sleep. The most basic out of the forces that push you to exert effort, mental motivation is part of your life. It comes in naturally and therefore has minimal impact on your success.

Creative motivation

The power of imagination

Imagination is often regarded as indefinite and does nothing but create fiction. This is the perception that entails the lack of understanding of such great power. Integrated properly, imagination is the seed of your success. What it needs is proper cultivation through planning and continuous effort.

Imagination is the workshop of the mind and the creative aspect of thought. It works hand in hand with enthusiasm, the state of mind that arouses one to propel action. Together the two create another one of the most powerful forces that will push you towards your goal – creative motivation.

At least once in your life you would have experienced this kind of motivation. A common case is when you are around window shopping. You imagine yourself wearing that merchandise or driving that car. Unconsciously, you fuel imagination and after the thought you are more motivated work or to save. Creative motivation is the product of an imaginative mind. It excites your thought and resonates all over. The result of this unexplainable chemistry is a surge of ideas, ideas that are seeds of your plans. This further boosts enthusiasm toward the achievement of a goal.

Creative motivation and time

The drawback of creative motivation is the fact that it squanders with time. When you’ve seen a new car, you may have been motivated by your imagination that it made you decide to save a portion of your income. But after a week or two, your enthusiasm has already faded and you’re already back again to your regular spending habits. This is often the case, and the best way to cope with this fact is to accept it. All through time your motivation will eventually fade, that is why you should resort to habits. Make it a habit to motivate yourself. Whatever it is that makes you remember your goals, do it once in a while. More importantly, whenever you have budding ideas in your mind, write them down on a journal. When the time comes that you seemingly lost your motivation, look unto this journal and think back. It'll help you regain your thoughts back then and motivate you once again.

Emotional motivation

Inspiration and desire

One fact that can define life is that men are beings of emotion. The most power kind of motivation, one based on the power of feelings and the heart is emotional motivation. It is created by desire, whether constructive such as achievement, or destructive such as vengeance. Recognized as the most powerful force that can push you to act towards success, properly integrating emotional motivation into your life would definitely have a huge impact towards the attainment of your goals.

Emotional motivation is driven by an outside force; you cannot develop it solely on your own. It may come from seeing a millionaire spend his money (desire), or simply from your life’s inspiration. The more impact it has on your life, the more motivated you become.

The power of love

Love, along with companionship is itself a motivation. If you would notice, most of those who are successful in life do have another someone in their back. Love is their source of fuel to working towards achievement and their motivation to reach for the higher grounds.

The process of realization

The best emotional stimuli that you may encounter do not come to you as it is. It undergoes a series of complex reactions that occurs in your thoughts and is currently or ever will be unknown to science. It is only best described by men as emotional realization. The best motivation is always those who are important to you. If not for them you’ll only survive and not live as the act of living itself needs effort and motivation. This is best shown by what I’ve seen in the efforts of a single dad raising his daughter. He works during the day but nevertheless never fails to see his daughter to kindergarten school everyday. He also tries his best to substitute as a mom whenever he could. Asking him what makes him do that, he simply said this lightheartedly- her daughter’s smile.

The course of which you experience this emotional realization would be unique to any individual. It may be triggered by the loss of a loved one or simply the love of your family and friends.

The habit of staying motivated

Emotional and creative motivation can be triggered by tapping their respective stimuli. And this can be developed as a habit to keep you fueled towards success. Try maintaining something that will make you remember you realization or your goals. Then make it a habit to look unto them once in a while to keep you reminded that you have a lot of work up ahead, but nevertheless your efforts would be rewarded.

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rambansal profile image

rambansal 5 years ago from India

yes, I agree and rely on, 'Imagination is the workshop of the mind and the creative aspect of thought'. Nice hub to motivate me..

NiaLee profile image

NiaLee 5 years ago from BIG APPLE

I do agree, I am using vision board, I talk to myself, I practice gratitude...and do some other things.

Admiral_Joraxx profile image

Admiral_Joraxx 5 years ago from Philippines

This is so true. Motivations are indeed life boosters but they fade eventually as also influenced by the current realities we see. The best thing is to make it a habit. The habit of keeping ourselves motivated. Great work here cepheid. Thank you so much for sharing this thoughts. 1 vote up, useful, awesome and interesting for this. =)

stayingalivemoma profile image

stayingalivemoma 5 years ago from Tempe, Arizona

It is so hard for me to stay motivated most days. I think that's why I hover over my computer looking for comments so I can be motivated to write more.

It's hard work to stay motivated habitwise for most people.

cepheid profile image

cepheid 5 years ago from Estonia Author

I agree, but nevertheless rewards are often directly proportional to the amount of effort you make. It is truly hard work but once you've made it a habit it'll surely be promising.

Thanks for all your remarks. I really do appreciate it.

KBEvolve profile image

KBEvolve 4 years ago from United States

This has been a very interesting read. I couldn't find anything that I didn't agree, and it made me look at motivation from a new angle.

BusinessTime profile image

BusinessTime 4 years ago from Twin Cities

Beautifully written. You've categorized things in a very interesting way -- I've never broken down my own personal motivations to this degree before. Thank you!

skinsman82000 profile image

skinsman82000 4 years ago from Frederick Maryland

We could all use some motivation, thank you for writing this. Great job.

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