The Sunscreen Acne Problem

The Sunscreen Acne Problem

Acne suffers often face a dilemma come late spring and into summer. When going outside or to the beach or on vacation, it is extraordinarily difficult to find a sunscreen that can both guard your skin from the rays of the sun and not make your acne situation worse or cause an outbreak on your skin. Many sunscreens are very oily and wearing it all day can trap dirt and germs on your face, causing or worsening an acne outbreak. Primarily, acne outbreaks affect your face, and that is often the most sensitive part of your body that is exposed to the sun. Whether you have a current outbreak or you are afraid of causing one, choosing the right type of sunscreen is important in order to prevent sunscreen acne.

1)      Steer clear of oily sunscreens. If you have prior experience with sunscreen, you might have a good indicator of what is good or not. I also recommend testing them out to feel the texture if possible and to look up online reviews of each one. That should give you a good indicator if the sunscreen is acceptable or not because many people are wary of getting sunscreen acne.

2)      Try to use a spray on sunscreen. A lotion is creamier, heavier, and tends to be oilier. A spray will have less oil in its ingredients and will go easier on your skin. A heavier based sunscreen often will just overburden your pores, so the lighter the product is the better off you will be.

3)      Look for sunscreen that is designed for acne prone skin. There are products out there, usually more expensive, that claim to be better on your skin. It is certainly worth a try and many people have success with it.

If you practice these tips and either you break out in acne or your situation gets worse, treat it like you would any other acne outbreak. The most important thing to do is to scrub your face clean after you are out of the sun, in order to get rid of the sunscreen remnants. Use your normal facial cleansers, apply any acne cream you may have, and be sure to take a healthy dose of vitamins. The sun tends to dry out skin anyways, so going out in the sun briefly, without sunscreen may result in an improvement in acne. Sunscreen acne can be avoided and contained if you follow the proper steps. 

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