Effective Utilization of Time

Relationship between life and time

There is a deep relationship between life and time. It is true that life is another version of time. Life of a human being is also spent with the passage of time. Therefore, time is really valuable for a man. Man has to prove himself within the available life span.. In fact, the success or failure of life depends upon how we utilize our time. Different people choose different ventures in life but the main aim of every human being is to attain happiness, wealth, prestige and mental peace. This is not so easy. We remain involved in trivial issues and our important works are left incomplete and ignored. Generally people try to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams but on being unsuccessful they complain about scarcity of time.

Time management
Time management

Common excuses

Commonly people say that they do not have time to do important works. They do not get time to write letters, to make calls or to meet others. But in reality, this is not true. The main problem is that we do not utilize our time effectively. On examining our daily routine we will find that generally we waste our precious time. Either we do unimportant works or devote more time to a single work. For example, we waste our major chunk of time on watching television. It does not mean that we do not require entertainment at all. We require entertainment but there should be some limit. The quantum of entertainment should be limited to refresh ourselves. By watching television for a long time our eyes get tired and there is wastage of time also. Some times we waste our time in playing video games or reading worthless books. Therefore, on pondering seriously we will find that there is no scarcity of time but there is need to manage it effectively.

Watching TV
Watching TV

Time management

Actually by managing time we can not only do our all works but can also avoid unnecessary hurry and tension. Time management is an important aspect of human life. If we make a time-table and manage it effectively we will find that there is no scarcity of time. At the same time it is also true that it is easy to make a time –table but there is need of determination and hard work to follow it. We should keep a watch on the situations where we become lazy or waste our time. We can succeed by avoiding such situations and proper utilizing our time.

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