Energy healing technology of tomorrow is here today

A basic chi generator with two orgonite pieces

The hidden advantage.Lifeforce energy for physical performance.

A more advanced chi generator model

The Basics of Energy Healing and Manifestation

Energy healing -yesterday and today

The very idea and practise of energy healings has existed throughout time and oftentimes masked under the guise of various religions and belief systems.This varied culture to culture.Obviously there is a basic principle in all energy healing arts which goes way past and beyond any religious doctrines.Or even todays modern therapy doctrines for that matter.By identifying the common functioning principle behind all the doctrines,therapies and healings one will discover very scientific methods that are unheard of by most people yet do in fact exist today.There are an abundance of various types of energy healers.In the olden days often people used religion to cover up their practices and the masses would remain in ignorance as to how these healings were actually done.Only the chosen few would know these secrets.Lest they would possibly lose their control and power should these masses ever discover that this energy was freely available to everyone.

As for the modern approach of energy healing today?No longer does one need to ascribe to any particular belief system unless one wishes to,and no one really needs to hire a practitioner if they learn the concepts themselves.Virtually anyone can become an energy healer.It doesnt require alot of courses and meditations and rituals to generate this energy.Today one just needs to flip a switch.Literally!And the technology will work whether you believe it will or not.Here is a new way of looking at it.Please feel free to read books,study protocols,chant,meditate,listen to music,guided imagery,visualize,use candles,beat drums,relax,pray,sing,dance,hold crystals,crosses,medallions, generate this energy.It is perfectly alright to do any of these things if one wishes to do so.Or one may just flip on a switch.

Karl Welz invents the first generator of lifeforce energy

In 1991 a great man by the name of Karl Welz,a native of Austria,had invented the first device that could actually generate lifeforce energy.In earlier years researcher Wilhelm Reich had named this energy orgone.Karl Welz is also the man who had invented an orgon accumulating material in 1992 which is today called orgonite.He owns all registered patents to both.It is these technologies that have helped open the door wide open to the future of energy healing.Today in 2010 this technological knowledge has reached a very high level.There is other various knowledge that re-opens the door to many other subjects and topics such as the paranormal,energizing food and water,various magicks,sports enhancement as well as other mind sciences connected to this science such as radionics,psionics,nlp-(neuro linguistic programming,the secret,eft-(emotional freedom technique)..etc.Then there is the physics and geometrical mathematics behind all of it.My intentions here is to keep it simple.It would require volumes to explain the whole concepts behind this study of healing with lifeforce generating technology.Today chi generators come in an array of styles and sizes and strengths.Many offerred online such as on ebay are not really generators yet are advertised as such.Let the buyer beware.Most of these are orgone accumulators.If it says welz in its description then its a sure bet that its a real generator.The most basic model is the JU99 series.It appears as a small black horizontal shaped box about the size of ones hand.It is composed of various organic and inorganic alloys.It has a small tube of silver that protudes out from it as well as a red or green light on the top of it that always blinks to the rhythem of what is called Shumanns resonance when plugged in.It generates this energy perpetually.The device pulls in the energy from its surroundings then re-generates this energy back out again.All the while this energy keeps building as it continually circulates.As more energy is being generated more energy may be used by the healer or practitioner towards their goals or healings.This will be explained moreso later on.

Energy accumulators and DOR

Throughout history people did many things in trying to generate this universal energy for themselves.Ritual,prayer,singing,dancing,walking in circles,crystals,gemstones,metals,mantras,visualization,hypnosis,music and the arts,belief systems,sacrifices and the list goes on and on.In the mid 20th century came what would be called-an orgone accumulator.These were boxes or containers constructed from alternate layers of organic and inorganic matter.It was believed that when constructed this way that orgone energy would accumulate within them and indeed this worked and even measured on various electronic meters and gauges in the initial studies.The trouble was this.The energy could be accumulated but it was never recirculated and regenerated.If it sits too long it becomes DOR.D-O-R is a term for deadly orgon.For example,-In an old house where something bad had taken place there could be alot of stagnent d-o-r.This is common in haunted places where lower level energies may linger and the longer the area goes untouched the stronger this DOR becomes.Thus,a house with a bad feeling attached to it.Sometimes people would have to hire someone to clear it all out.Today they can simply set it up to clear it out and flip a switch.When Karl Welz invented the first chi generator it was evident that energy healing had just taken a jump into the future.

Note-By connecting one structural link(i.e.-an orgonite stone) to the generator and carrying the other piece on your person,you have a continuous flow of energy at your disposal as well as emf protection regardless of where youre at.

Regardless of the given label-Its still all of the same energy

The technology is no longer available to just the privileged as in the past.It is available to all people.Even a young child with little knowledge of the subject can now do energy healings.New technology of this energy makes this possible.In other cultures this energy is known as chi,prana,life force,the light,Godforce,psychic energy,etc..and many other words describing this same energy.The energy in itself is neutral.Our own minds and intentions are what determines and shapes what is to be done with it.There could be a large church group praying for someone. Or there could be a rock band performing to a big lively crowd.It could be a woman casting a spell to heal a friend or someone meditating with a crystal.They can be believers or they can be disbelievers.It doesnt matter.It is still all the same energy and follows the same universal rules and laws that it always has.We engage this energy everyday.Every thought we produce is a form of this same energy and we often hear that thoughts become things.Today this energy can be scientifically registered on electronic equipment.We physically manifest various things conciously and unconciously every day.Most dont even notice it.When the manifestation appears too bizarre or coincidental we tend to label it as a miracle.It often becomes placed in the areas of spiritual or supernatural.There is nothing wrong with this and energy healing has often been placed in the religious or other worldly categories for many years.However,we are dealing with it here based upon a science.

Electricity or radio waves are both invisible forms of energy yet both have always remained in the category of hard science.Things being only partially known tend to get placed in the categories of mysticism and/or religion.Have you ever noticed this?Once it becomes known as common knowledge it then tends to become placed into the areas of science.Energy healing branches into so many areas.There are many different and diverse practices which utilize various kinds of tools in order to use this energy for healing of oneself or for others.All of these tools are secondary though.The mind of the practitioner could be said to be the chief element and anything else is an added tool in order to help the mind to focus and acheive what it has set out to do.Here are some basics.A science is only as workable as it is able to be easily understood and implimented.There are four key factors.Regardless of what kind of energy healing is being done or the tools being used there are four criteria that must be met in order for it to have any workability.These four factors apply to all other areas as well.These four things are 1.A target. 2.A trend. 3.Enough energy and 4.The structural link-and lack of any of these will tend to hinder manifestation and healing.

The four basics behind energy healing

The target link is the person or place or event that you are targeting.In the area of healing another person the taget can be them if they are close by or in the case of distant healing it can be their hair,nails,photo,jewelry,a treasured object,etc..anything that serves as the Structural Link between the healer and the recipient.The better the target the better the healing.This is why many espouse that its more preferable to have their hair rather than a photo.The hair contains the genetic code of the individuals body.A signiture may work very good as well.

The trend link-This represents the creative influence and action that the practitioner wishes to manefest in or around his target.I.E.-I wish to send this healing energy(trend)to my beloved associate(target).Basically,the trend is the action of the target or the action towards the target.

The structural link-is anything that serves as a facsimile(a similar duplicate) of the original target or trend.There are countless structural links.Our own imaginations are a well spring of them.The cross necklace for example is a popular structural link in that even though it is not The original Cross,it is a representation of the original cross.Over many centuries many have focused their attentions into it.Thus today the cross is a strong structural link because so many people throughout time have given it their energies and hold strong to what it represents to them.Our thoughts make it so.What we use as targets and trends are both structural links in their own right.The structural link also fills in the gaps of space.Example-I wish to heal my friend whos a hundred miles away.I have his picture or his hair(target).This is placed upon the generator.My friend is now receiving a continual supply of this energy as long as the unit is on and the target link is there with it.Now I do the trend link.The trend link is what I am wanting to manifest for him.In this case it would be his healing and getting better.The trend link can be anything that represents healing to me.The best trend link is a self made one.One would scribble or draw a line onto a piece of paper while strongly envisioning the trend one is wanting to manifest.In this case,I would envision my friend saturated with energy and free of his affliction and in better health while scribbling this line on the paper.Its best to really see it and feel it.When complete I set this on the generator too.Here are all four components of this healing operation.The target of my friend,the trend for my friend,the structural links that connect it all and a steady and ample flow of continuous energy to build it up and to send it all on its way.

note-When the energy has really been built up it will become truly perpetual in its physical manifestation process.It will continue long after the operation.In other words,even if you turn all the equipment off the energy that has already been gathered and formed will continue to build upon itself toward its intended target and goal.Of course leaving the equipment on will make this process that much faster.

The lifeforce energy-Although this energy permeates into all aspects of existence the trouble with many energy healing therapies of the past and today comes right down to a lack of energy.They have a target and a trend.They have good structural links but they dont have enough energy to send it on its way.This refers to healings and all magicks.No matter how well we can concentrate or meditate or focus our thoughts,our minds can only do this for so long unless we live as a monk in a mountain somewhere away from civilization.Plus our minds can only generate so much energy at any given time.Perhaps this is why some say its better to have many people praying for you at once rather than just one person.Lifeforce energy is the essential ingredient in all energy healing.The chi generator provides the medium by which structural links are able to transfer from one point to another while building up unheard of sums of energies in massive amounts quickly and continually.Learning these basics hopefully helps one to better understand how this works.

The basics of lifeforce energy

We know of similar and equivalent structures.

Life energy interacts with magnetism.

Distance is a result of structural differences.

When you shift fields of life energy relative to each other you generate life energy.

Life energy follows negative entropy-(which is discussed below).

Negative entropy-Franz Mesmar,Karl Von Reichenbach and Wilhelm Reich were all researchers of lifeforce energy from a scientific standpoint.They found the energy to be of negative entropy.In physics if we place ice cold water and very hot water both into the same bucket,the water will turn warm and this is entropy in our physical universe.However,it was found that lifeforce energy operates the opposite.In that if you bring an object of very high energy(hotness) potential into an object of low(coldness) energy potential the higher potential will draw from the lower one.In other words,if the hot water is hotter than the cold water is cold,when mixed together the cold would become as hot as the hot water.This is why many physicists seem to be against the studies of this energy.It follows a completely different physics law.One that doesnt appear relevent to our solid physical world.In the 1940s Reich did an experiment where he set wooden barrels outside that were filled with iron shavings and bars.The people would hold onto these bars with their hands in order to pull this energy into themselves.The same can be done with pine trees and many other things too.Its believed that organic matter draws the energy in and inorganic matter both draws it in and projects it out.

The healers and magicians of the past never really knew or understood the concept of negative entropy and this is amazing because it is this entropy that caused their practises to actually work.With this negative entropy principle and structural transfers we are able to direct this energy with our minds as well.Creating structural links while visualizing our targets and trends is easy and with this new technology the energy becomes perpetual and increases to a point of complete saturation. It can be likened to a books creation.We all have thoughts that flow through the mind all day but some people put their thoughts down on paper such as a book author does.They are transferring that original thought onto paper.That paper is a structural link and the thought that has been transferred to it will endure for as long as that paper exists.This gives the practitioner much more energy to work with.When we place our ideas or trends on paper those ideas continue to exist whether we focus on them or not.When theyre placed on the generator the target and trend is getting a constant non stop flow of energy whether we bother to think about it or not.Many have said that thoughts are things.If our mind thinks a thought often enough with emotionally strong energy behind it, it could very well manifest itself in our physical world all by itself and without the use of any chi gen or other technology.Its ones own mind that generates it initially.The chi generators technology then helps to perpetuate it as well as give it more strength(energy).

The freedom of its use

What is so great about this new technology is in the wide range of freedom you have access to.That access is to your own mind.The applications of these sciences are practically limitless and the generated energies adhere to what it is you specifically are asking or wanting.Ones imagination can run wild.Of course bigger manifestations may require a longer wait time to manifest.Some of these basics you have already read here.There is much more information available that goes into the finest details of this subject.Any of the links below are loaded with educational information.Much of this info cannot be readily found anywhere else.The beauty of this science is in its power and ease.One can utilize this science with their own energy healing protocols in order to strengthen them even more.Or one can just use the equipment all by itself.Any way that its used is sure to be an energy filled experience.

Lesson about structural links

The below banner is connected to a welz chi generator

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