Tony Horton's P90X Workout Program DVDs

People all over the country are experiencing phenomenal results from the challenging yet effective P90X Workout program! The program is designed by leading fitness experts including Tony Horton who guides you throughout the workouts that truly kick your butt into the best shape of your life. The program takes a total of 90 days to complete, and you're going to be wishing some days that you never even started. But it's that sort of challenge that not only builds a great body, but also mental toughness and confidence!

Check out the latest P90X customer reviews, and read on below for more information about this revolutionary new workout program!

How Does P90X Work?

Tony Horton's P90X workout system leads you through an intense series of workouts over the course of 90 days, combined with a healthy, energizing nutrition diet plan. The overall effects of the grueling workouts along with eating right will help you shed pounds, pack on muscle and get ripped! Personal trainer Tony Horton employs a technique called "Muscle Confusion" which will constantly challenge your muscles, leading to better results.

The workouts are unique, fun, and challenging. These include everything from Kenpo to Yoga to stretching, core/ab workouts, plyometrics, cardio, and strength training. There will be days you'll love it and days you'll hate it, but the main point of P90X is to get you looking and feeling great in 90 days!

The P90X Workout Routines

There's a total of 12 different DVD videos which showcase instructor Tony Horton as he guides you through the different routines. These various routines work to target different muscle groups or give you specific strength, cardio, balance and flexibility to make you more athletic and fit. The workouts you'll be performing are:

Workout #01: Chest & Back
Workout #02: Plyometrics
Workout #03: Shoulders & Arms
Workout #04: Yoga X
Workout #05: Legs & Back
Workout #06: Kenpo X
Workout #07: X Stretch
Workout #08: Core Synergistics
Workout #09: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
Workout #10: Back & Biceps
Workout #11: Cardio X
Workout #12: Ab Ripper X

As you can see from the variety of the above workouts, your body certainly won't get bored doing this program!  There's plenty of different routines to get you sweating, flexing, building muscle, burning calories and getting ripped!

What's Included with P90X

Also included with your 12 P90X DVD Workouts will be a 13th introductory DVD called "How to Bring It". This DVD provides you a complete overview of Tony Horton's workout program and nutrition plan. A great DVD to start with before you get involved in the routines.

You'll also receive the P90X 3-phase nutrition plan, which is specially created to go along with the workouts. These diets give you just the right amounts of calories, carbs, fat, protein and energy to complete the workouts while burning fat. Of course, these can be tailored based on your specific needs, but serve as a great general guideline for how to eat.

There's also an included P90X calendar which will help you track your workout progress and online support from peers who are also working out with Tony Horton's program. These included bonuses will really help you stick with the workout regimen and get yourself in shape!

Tony Horton discusses P90X

Where to Buy P90X

I recommend if you don't mind buying from eBay to pick up your P90X Workout package there.  Many sellers are offering P90X products at reduced prices.  Otherwise you'll pay well over $100 and close to $200 to get yourself a copy of the program.  Either way, Tony Horton charges A LOT more just for 1 day's worth of his personal training, so this program is well worth the investment into your health and fitness!

Check out the latest deals on P90X workout kits below:

Other Necessary Fitness Items

Many of the customers who use P90X recommend additional items for your workouts.  In fact, you're going to need a good set of resistance bands, as several of Tony Horton's workouts will use them, but the package doesn't include them. sells great ones made by Xertube in varying strengths.  Pick a set that will work well for you, or order light, medium and heavy so you can use them on different routines. 

Most females can get away with using the bands, but may want to get some dumbbells as well.  Guys will want dumbbell weights to make the routines appropriately challenging.  Consider picking up some 15-25 pound dumbbells at Walmart, Target or your local sporting goods store.

Additionally, you may want a workout mat for the floor exercises, and you'll want to buy the recommended food items so you can adhere to the nutrition plan.

Conclusion on P90X Review

Like most workout plans, you'll get out of P90X great results, but only if you're willing to put in the commitment.  You'll need to invest your time and some additional funds, and at times might feel like cheating on the diet or workouts.  You've got to stick with this workout plan to achieve the dramatic results you see in the commercials or online.  Keep at it for 90 days, stick with the nutritional diet plan, and watch the amazing transformation take place!

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mrjohnpeter profile image

mrjohnpeter 7 years ago from India

Nice Hub .

ocbill profile image

ocbill 7 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

yeah, I missed getting it from a classified ad due to travel. I will get it this time.

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 5 years ago from New York City

This is a very detailed and helpful write up of the P90x. You pretty much covered everything in here.

I did P90x myself, the full 90 day cycle, several times. It works! Didn't have a six pack till I got well acquainted with Ab Ripper x.

What would you say the hardest part of P90x is in your opinion?

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