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Benefits of Yoga For Men

Men generally spend their time on health clubs or gyms to work out or perform weight training, either for improved fitness or health boost. But several are unaware that yoga can make a good replacement for weight training workouts. Indeed, men have this false misconception that yoga are only for women. But they too can largely benefit from it, such as the following:

  • Yoga can give your entire body a fully workout, such that you can strengthen and tone various muscle groups in the body. In addition to that, it also has the ability to stimulate your internal organs for proper function, which is something that other workout exercises are incapable of doing.
  • Yoga can also boost your sexual health due to its ability to maximize oxygen and blood supply to your sexual organ.
  • Yoga is flexible enough to be adapted by different types of body such that you can personally improve your strength level, get more endurance and attain higher flexibility.
  • By giving your muscles constant stretch, yoga helps to reduce the possibility of developing muscle sores and related injuries.
  • Unlike other workout routines, the mental aspect of yoga is what creates its most basic distinction. It improves your ability to focus and concentrate.

Now that you are aware of what yoga can do to men's body and health, the next step is to determine what yoga positions are ideal for men. Read more below to find out.

Crescent Lunge

This pose is ideal for men who are highly physically active or is regularly engaged in sports. It helps to reduce tightness within the muscles in your lower body, such that you can avoid injuries in those areas. In addition, you can also perform this as a pre-workout routine to avoid acquiring injuries.

Start on all fours, then place your right foot in between your hands. Your right knee must be directly proportional to the top of your heel. Begin to inhale as you slowly lift your back knee off the floor. Press the heel against a wall to keep your back leg straight. Keep your spine straight and steady while you continue to breathe. Hold yourself in this position for about a minute to achieve results. You can do two repetitions for each side.

Warrior I

This pose is best suited for men due to its ability to provide overall physical enhancement and improve your physique. What makes this ideal for men is that it targets both upper and lower body during workout.

From the Crescent Lunge, bring your right foot forward. Meanwhile, bring your left toe towards your left as you press against your heel. Maintain your back foot parallel to the front and start your inhalation. At this time, you need to get your palms together. Then, bring your torso up and down of your front thigh. Hold yourself steady in position for one minute before moving on to do the other side. This is a great position to perform for increased mobility on your shoulders, hips, and knees.

Reclining Big Toe

This one is best suited for athletic men, particularly runners due to the strengthening action on your lower body such as the hips, knees, thighs, groins, calves, and hamstring muscles. And yet, performing the Reclining Big Toe is relatively easy.

From a supine position with your back against the floor, raise your left leg until it is of about 90-degrees in angle. Extend your right leg as it rests on the floor. Both feet must be flexed so you can activate a stretching action. Bend your knee slightly and bring it closer to your chest. If you lack the flexibility to do so, then use your hands in assistance. This will help to relax your hips while stretching your inner thighs. Perform at least 5 breaths before releasing the position and repeating the process with the other leg.

Hero Pose

The Hero Pose is a great position to incorporate into your yoga exercise routine if you want to improve mobility or strength in your knee joints. To perform this, you must start on a kneeling position. Then, bring your knees to either side of your buttocks. Press your ankle and shin against the floor as you sit on it with your buttocks. If this position makes you uncomfortable, you can place a cushion or pillow to ease tension.

Remain steady in this position for at least a minute to get most benefits. Remember to perform slow and deep breathing exercises in combination with this position as well. This is very ideal exercise to adapt for male runners.

Forward Fold

To complete your yoga workout session, men must not omit the Forward Fold Pose in their routine. From a standing position, spread your legs apart to hip-width. Hinge your hip forward so you can consequently lower your torso. To release any pressure build up on your hamstring and the back of the knee, bend your knees. Grab either elbow with the opposing hand to seal yourself in position.

As you perform deep breathing exercises, gravity will allow your body to fall naturally on the ground. Remain in this position for 1 minute to relax your upper body, such as the neck, shoulders, and torso. Other benefits to the Forward Fold Pose include stress relief, improved lung capacity, boost circulation, and natural relief from insomnia.

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Other Suggested Yoga Positions For Men

There are some other yoga positions that provide lots of benefits for men, physically and health-wise. To learn more about what you can adapt into your own routine, here are some more exercises you can use:

*Mountain Pose – This is a very basic yoga pose, which is ideal for men of varying yoga skill levels. However simple the execution of this particular yoga exercise is, it has astounding benefits for your health. For instance, the combination of this exercise and pranayama will open up your spine to boost blood flow, such that it affects the flow of positive energy all throughout your body.

*Tree Pose – Like the Mountain Pose, this one is another yoga standing position. Incorporating this position into your regular workout routine will help men boost their ability for balance and concentration.

*Lotus Pose – In addition to strength building, men could also benefit from the meditative aspect of yoga. The Lotus position is a great exercise to adapt so you can maximize blood flow and facilitate smoother flow of oxygen inside the body.

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