Trisa Sonicpower Battery Electric Toothbrush

Why should I buy a sonic electric toothbrush to clean my teeth when I can do the same using the good old manual toothbrush ? Wait, The cleaning action of Sonic toothbrushes is dependent on a technology that allows to clean you teeth beyond where the tips of the bristles actually touch.Sonic toothbrushes have got a motor in the neck, that causes vibrations by sound and thereby puts the filaments into vibration. This significantly increases the cleaning efficiency in comparison to conventional manual toothbrushes.

Why should I buy a Trisa Sonicpower Battery Electric Toothbrush?

Trisa is an oral care brand from Switzerland which is present in more than 138 countries. The company uses its own patented micro drive technology that removes food debris from all the corners of the teeth and the soft end-rounded bristles helps you to keep your teeth free from cavity and germs.

Specifications of Trisa Sonicpower Battery Electric Toothbrush

Unlike other rotary toothbrush, this one is unique because of its high frequency of brushing strokes(20,000/min). It is more efficient than other similiar products. Also, Protective Brush Head Cover, Ergonomic Comfort Handle makes brushing easy. It comes with a AA LR6 Battery with 3 months, 3 - 2-min Brushings Battery Life and a 1 year warranty. Further advantages of this new toothbrush are the click-system for changing the brush head and the convenient charging system.

Usage is pretty easy since the brush head only needs to be replaced every six months, it doesn’t cost much more than a normal toothbrush after you've purchased the base. Always Keep an extra brush head, and the toothbrush basecan be shared with someone else in your home –Isn't that a frugal toothbrush!


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