Ultimate Weight Loss Plans

Ultimate Weight Loss Plans

Take this from someone who has tried almost every type of diet out there and has been experimenting with exercises for years, that there is no ultimate weight loss program, although I can give you some pointers about what types of programs work and which ones do not. When losing weight, it comes down to dieting or exercise or a combination of both. Both have their own role, but are both important to achieving success. Here are some of the programs that I have tried, which may help you on your way to achieving the ultimate weight loss results.

1)      Nutrisystem plan. This diet plan of prepackaged meals is useful and works, but it is important to do when you are exercising at the same time. I made the mistake of doing it and not exercising, which hampered my results somewhat. One downside to it is that some of the food is not that good, so be prepared.

2)      Atkins diet. This is one of the most famous diets out there and is one of the ones with the best results. You restrict your carbohydrates and lose weight. I did this, with an exercise combination and liked the results I saw. A downside is that it was tedious to have to watch what types of carbohydrates that I ate.

3)      South Beach Diet. I did not like this diet that much and it seems more designed for women, so they may have better luck. The portions are small and the types of food that I could eat were not that much. I recommend women trying it, but most men will not enjoy it. I also only stayed on it for two weeks because I was miserable.

4)      Ate what I wanted and exercised a lot. I guess you called this a hybrid plan and I thought it was easier to do because what I ate was not regulated. The key was to eat small portions and exercise a lot during the day. I lost weight fast with this approach, but as they say the faster you lose it, the faster it can come back on- so be careful.

In the end, it is important to read literature out there about all of the different plans out there. This list is a small drop in the bucket and just what I tried. Hopefully it will provide you some guidance to achieve the ultimate weight loss, but in the end you need to be ready to lose the weight and work hard at it, the rest will come easy.

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Your Ideal Target Weight 5 years ago

Enjoyed your commentary on the various diets and the overall weight loss concern that many individuals are faced with! Great site!

Juthika Chatterjee 4 years ago

I have seen a wonderful posting in hub pages having full of information. I like to read such type of postings.


Sando 4 years ago


I really like your four ways to ultimate weight loss results, the nutri-system plan, atkins diet south beach diet wand what to eat plan.

Thanks for your education!


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