Vitex... Fertility Super Herb

Is Vitex The Fertility Super Herb???

Vitex has been the subject of some very interesting studies lately. This, the berry of the chaste tree may have amazing benefits for female fertility and reproductive health. The following are some of the ways in which Vitex can help your fertility.

Fertility problems. In studies, Vitex was helpful in regulating ovulation by improving the short luteal phase and decrease the incidence of POCS (Polycystic Ovary System), both known inhibitors of fertility. Vitex was shown in one study to normalize the body's levels of progesterone and lengthen the luteal phase from 5.4 to 11.4 days. Two other double-blind studies also found that Vitex extract improved female fertility and the chances of conceiving a child.

PMS. Vitex actually performed better than vitamin B6 in relieving PMS symptoms in studies. Over 75% of women who took Vitex in the study reported feeling less PMS symptoms, as opposed to around 60% of women taking B6. Vitex has also been shown in clinical trials to relieve breast pain caused by PMS and hyperprolactinemia.

Increase mother's milk after childbirth Vitex has been shown in studies to substantially increase milk flow and release in nursing mothers. Vitex is most effective in cases of low milk flow following childbirth. It has been proven to be safe for infants while breastfeeding.

Hot flash rescue. Herbal medicine experts consider Vitex to be more effective than black cohosh (the most commonly administered herbal treatment) for hot flash relief.

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How does Vitex work?

Vitex can help your body achieve hormonal balance and promotes a healthy reproductive cycle. Vitex assists fertility by increasing the production of luteinizing hormones while regulating follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) production. This causes a boost in progesterone levels, making it more likely to conceive and have a successful pregnancy.

Vitex can decrease your levels of prolactin; levels of prolactin which are too high can cause breast pain. This hormone stimulates breast growth and milk production during pregnancy - however, high levels of this hormone when you are not pregnant can cause the disorder hyperprolactinemia and other fertility problems.

Vitex works very well to balnce hormonal levels, which has many health benefits for women. Vitex can regulate the menstrual cycle, alleviating menorrhagia, or heavy bleeding during menses, as well as providing relief for polymenorrhea (period which are too frequent) and amenorrhea (too few or no periods).

Vitex can also provide some relief for women who have cysts and fibroids in their reproductive systems by easing inflammation of the ovaries and uterus.

How to use Vitex...

A small amount of Vitex extract (10-15 drops) when taken two to three times a day during the first two weeks of your monthly cycle can improve hormonal balance. Maca also is available in capsules.

Where to get vitex

You can get both vitex capsules and tincture here.

Vitex works gradually to effect these changes, unlike powerful hormonally based drugs. It will take between six months and a year to achieve the maximum benefits of Vitex.

Vitex questions...

Is it OK to use progesterone and Vitex at the same time?

Vitex can be used simultaneously with natural progesterone. However, discuss Vitex with your doctor first if you are taking synthetic progesterone, such as is found in oral progestin drugs.

Can I use Vitex if I am going to get IVF?

You should talk to your physician about using Vitex if you are plaining to have an IVF procedure. A lot of doctors will recommend that their patients avoid all herbs during IVF. Vitex affects your hormone levels, so it can possibly interfere with IVF and fertility drugs.

Does Vitex interfere with medications my Dr. prescribed?

Vitex is safe to take with most drugs. However, you should not use drugs such as birth control drugs or hormone replacement therapy while taking Vitex. What is the best form to use Vitex in and why? Whole herb Vitex extract is the most commonly used and has had many studies conducted on its effects.

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EmmaMedu profile image

EmmaMedu 6 years ago


A few years ago I bought Vitex and I decided to give it a try. I had a LPD and was trying to get pregnant for some time. But, unfortunately I didn't see any improvement. My luteal phase didn't prolong and my breasts hurt terribly after ovulation.

I stopped taking it after four months.

Who knows, maybe I should have taken it longer...

Hethir profile image

Hethir 6 years ago Author

It does take some time for Vitex to have an effect, 3-6 months. Product quality and usage amounts are important as well.

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