Wart on fingers

Warts on the fingers are known as Periungal Warts. These are elevated, rough, irregular and found around the fingernails. They cause a lot of pain when they become invasive. People can get infected with finger warts through direct contact or by touching or handling objects that have been handled by an infected person.

Like any other wart, finger warts too are caused by the human papillomavirus. These can get transmitted through contact with an object handled by an infected person.

Children and young adults are prime candidates for finger warts. This is because the immune system is not fully developed in this group. Certain finger warts are known as seed warts due to the black dot that appears on the top. This black dot is actually the capillary vessel that carries the blood to the wart. The virus that causes finger warts enters the skin through scratches, openings or cuts.

Picking hangnails and biting the fingernails are the two most common ways through which this infection spreads. Therefore you must fight the urge to bite your nails. Finger warts often make the finger look deformed, especially in children. Picking at warts leads to bleeding and inflammation. As of now, there are no treatments to eradicate or cure warts. They can only be removed. If a person gets infected once with this virus, it will be with them for life. Health care providers usually recommend the removal of finger warts before they spread. This can be done through cryotherapy or salicylic acid.

In cryotherapy, a small dose of liquid nitrogen is injected into the wart. This freezes up the infected area and destroys the wart. However, freezing might not work if the liquid nitrogen does not penetrate deep inside. Care should also be taken to see that the infected cells do not contaminate the surrounding healthy skin.

Salicylic acid may be applied to warts in an effort to destroy them. This treatment is given over a course of days and includes many sittings with the doctor.

Laser surgery is a quick, efficient and clean way to achieve complete destruction of warts on the finger.

Home remedies are also quite effective apart from being low cost. Apple cider vinegar when applied to the wart is quite beneficial in removing it. Aspirin dissolved in water, a mixture of baking soda with water and iodine can also be applied regularly on the finger wart for fast removal. Ripe banana peels, juice of lemon, lime or cauliflower, green papaya have their own merits in treating finger warts. Crushed stem of dandelions, cashew nuts, garlic, grapefruit, raw onion are helpful too. The contents of Vitamin E capsules and the milk obtained from the stem of leaves and figs, oregano oil, castor oil too have their benefits.

Thuja, a natural anti fungal ointment when applied daily to the affected area helps in removal of finger warts.

However, you must remember that home remedies take a bit of time before they start to become effective. Hence you cannot afford to run out of patience. Home remedies do bring rewards in a couple of weeks.


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Matt Libby 9 years ago from Oak Ridge

I have heard that There is also a Duct Tspe remedy. but I don't have details about it. Beleive it or not I heard this from my doctor.

Does anyone know why or how this is supposed to work?

Diane 9 years ago

The wart is caused by a virus, so the duct tape decreases oxygen supply and increases skin temperature under the tape, both things living things like virus' don't like. You leave the tape on constantly for 5-6 months, taking it off for a half day one day a week. If it comes off on it's own, like in the shower, no biggie, just put it back on. It will probably stink when you take the tape off, as long as it's not red, swollen or 'oozing' pus, it's okay. If you stick with it, it really does work. My kids get these stupid things on their fingers all the time, ugggh! Good luck.

sara 8 years ago

We accidently discovered a cure for my childs finger warts that she had for years. She started using a face lotion with sasylic acid in it, so when she would pump the lotion on her fingers and rub them together before she applied the lotion to her face, over time she noticed the wart was gone. We figured out it was the lotion with the sacylic acid in it. You can find it at the grocery store. Its for your face, I think its neutragena brand. I don't know why doctors don't tell people about it. The wart has been gone for a couple of years now.

a1 7 years ago

the wart virus has a cure, your immune system. So start getting healthy.

wart eater 7 years ago

warts taste good, i had one on my arm and i ate it off. if you want a good way to get rid of warts just chew em off.

SL 7 years ago

I tried all treatments for more than 1 year....still there....so what i have to do..please please help me...

mike 7 years ago

go see a doctor SL

Gerard 7 years ago

i have four warts on the same thing will the ductape thing still apply to my finger because it is very embarrinsing an i want it gone :(

stephen 7 years ago

I had 8 warts on my right hand and one on my left hand.I promise this will work for everybody.I tried everything except ductape.tried the banna pealings,ive tried every kind of item dr.schoals has to offer.Go to the dollar store and get yourself a bottle of CENTRUM vitamins from a to zinc,take a half of one or a whole one everyday for a month and they will go away.I know a month seems like forever but just have patience.The first week i tried this i also bought 1 bottle of the liquid Compound W and put on the warts once a day for like 2 weeks,keep in mind I tried this Compound W stuff 2 or 3 times before by itself and it never worked,i tried all the dr. schoals stuff and it never did work.It has now been 2months and the warts are gone.All it is,is a vitamin deficency.Your immune system is weak and the vitamins will rid your warts i promise.I wouldn't have taken the time to write all this if I didn't mean it.CENTRUM vitamins worked for me!!

Carlee 7 years ago

I just pooped on my wart and it magically fell off. I then flushed it down the toilet and it jumped up my butt and ate my eyeballs. It really did work like a miracle!

Heather 7 years ago

Okay. So I know this sounds gross, but I just bit my wart off. It hurt like the dickens, but it hasn't come back! It sort of bled all over my floor too, but it was sooooooo worth it!!!

mftrhh 7 years ago

it didn't work

SABINA 7 years ago



windy 7 years ago

I work at a hospital in the ER and I asked one of the doctors there what I could use to get rid of wart and she said duct tape. She told me her brother who is a doctor too that the duct tape will suffocate the wart. You have to cut off the oxygen to it. I tried it and within 3 days I could see a little difference in my wart. So far 2 of them are gone.

Experience deficient 6 years ago

I had a wart on my thumb for 3 year. Half of my thumb nail is gone and my wart is spreading to my other hand. So now i have a small wart on the top of my left thumb and I think I have a new one on the side of my left thumb nail. I went to the doctors about a month ago to get advice. She gave me florsol acid (its a stronger salicylic acid) perscription. I put it on the warts before I go to bed then wrAp it in duct tape. My warts are white and they hurt, but they are coming off!

Warts on me 6 years ago

hi. ive had a wart on my hand for 5 years now. ive gottn it from my girlfriend who is hot. well ya i met her one day and ya she said she had a wart and i said that's ok for me. your still hot. well then we held hands and the next week ive noticed it. well shes gotten over 300 since then all over her body. ive only gotten about 200. e-mail me at Nervknot@yahoo.com

Mmkay! 6 years ago

I touched a lady who had wart feet and I think I may get one. So gross!

blah! 6 years ago

i juss got my wart off by sticking a needle through it and it came off but im still waiting to see if it is gone froever hope this works :(

Heather 6 years ago

I got a wart, I think, from a guy I worked with. He had a HUGE one on the inside/side of his thumb..which was surrounded by little ones. It was gross. I'm not sure how I got one, probably because we work in the same place and I touched something he did, maybe his phone (we had the same phone, so we'd constantly get them mixed up).

It started out little, and, I did the stupid thing and bit at it. I didn't know it was a wart, I thought it was something else. Then it got bigger. It irritated me just to have it, so I kept it covered with band-aids. I didn't know what to do, reading that freezing it off is a waste of money. I read into home-remedies, but didn't try any.

I kept picking at it with tweezers, but, it didn't really help. I'd pick at it, then once it came off, I'd swab it with alochol (hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol) just to try to kill some of the cells. If anything, it kept it disinfected.

I found the compound W strips at Wal-Mart, and used those. I don't think they really worked. Considering they say to try and keep the wart DRY, and the squishy part of the compound w strip is -supposed- to do that...I got my hands wet, it'd soak right right through.

Well, my boyfriends mom bought me some of that acid, and I used it ONCE. It burned like a mo'fo and I said I wasn't going to use it again. I washed the hell out of my hands to get it off and to stop burning, then put the compound w strips back on.

That acid worked, because my wart started dying after that. It's almost nearly gone. Maybe just a little bit is left but..I'm not sure. I know it itches like crazy..and it never used to. The area is dry and right where the wart was..but smaller, it has a brown spot. Dead skin but still.

All I can say is, be patient. Try the acid. It might burn, but..I read somewhere to put patrolium jelly around the wart on the healthy skin BEFORE you put the acid on and that will help protect it.

I discovered my wart back in..I don't know, November of last year and it's now April.

Warts 6 years ago

You will find information about all types of warts, including Common warts, Flat warts, Plantar and Genital warts. You will find information about some of the available treatments and we will introduce you to Dermasil, an

effective topical treatment for warts of ALL types. It is available for purchase through this site.

mandy 6 years ago

Vitamin A placed topically and taken by mouth once a day is how you get rid of seed warts. After applying oil to wart keep covered, was hand change daily

Ann  6 years ago

White or Irish Potatoes will take warts off. Cut a small piece of potato, place over the wart and tape it so that the potato is covered. Leave on overnight to a few days. It will heal infected areas also like boils, risens, infected acne; There is a chemical in the potato that draws the infection out. Try it !

fauzia 6 years ago

does a wart bleed?

Brett 6 years ago

i have warts that are grouped up on my index finger, one right below my knuckle, another grouped on on my middle finger, small ones on my thumbs, and one on my foot. i have tried freezing like 20 times and it's just painful. duct tape, fingernail polish, that Dr.schols crap which none of that trash worked, gonna try vitamin and i pray that it'll work, if any other idea's are out there please keep posting them so i can try.

I'm 11 with small warts on all my fingers 6 years ago

Its horrible, I just started secondary school and I'm worried like heck that someone will see it and call me a weirdo or somethin and I need help fast I've got M.E [Chronic fatigue syndrome] and i got both the warts and M.E about six-five months ago please help :( its not very bad on me but I don't want it to get worse :(

Amy 6 years ago

Geez people! They sell little bottles of salicylic acid at Walgreens, etc. that have a tiny brush. Just brush one drop on top of the wart(s)it will turn white when dry. Cover with a bandaid. Repeat daily for several days and the wart(s) will just fall off. The petroleum jelly around area to protect healthy skin is a good idea (maybe use a q-tip).

lisa 6 years ago

well this might sound crazy, but i had warts all around my fingers and at the side of my pinky, had them burnt off cut of and still came back, took my son to the dr. for acne and the dr. told me to buy dial soap for my sons acne, so instead of buying 2 different kind of soap i started using it too..and amazing enough the warts all went away, cheap remedy, try it, dial soap is cheap and good for your skin..

Stephinie 6 years ago

I've had my wart for 6 months now and i really want to get it off. can someone tell me if the duct tape really does affect the wart?

Bree 6 years ago

I've read that children and young adults are at the highest risk for warts.. which I can believe.. my 7 year old brother and my 17 year old self have been struggling with these stupid things for years. I have one on the tip of my index finger of my left hand, one on my middle finger that I've bit and frozen off before on my left hand.. it always comes back.. :\, a tiny one next to my thumbs nail also on my left hand.... and i used to have one on my pinky toe.. but I froze it off. I have no ides where these ugly things come from but i'm desperate... Dx the one on my fingertip is like 3 years old ==" its also embarrassing, weird looking, and painful. Thankfully, the one on my fingertip seems to be eroding right now, and i even managed to pick a chunk off today (i did so with disgust to >->") I think suffocating it is best, also time helps as long as there is effort to heal it alongside w/ it..... i will commit suicide if i ever get one on my face. i hope i never give any to my boyfriend :(

Tracy 6 years ago

The large mass cell growths appear on the fingers and keep growing, watering and bleeding until they are removed, usually surgically. I know of a person who had one on the inside of their middle finger and a dermatologist removed it. The cause is unclear but the dermatologist said it often starts from the use of specific chemicals in products you may be allergic to.

brian 6 years ago

i get warts on my hands and i have successfully used a razor to cut them open, cut them flush with the surrounding area of my hand, and then scrape the inside of them out, making sure to get all the little white bulbous looking parts out from under the skin. it worked for me, it might work for you, but you have to have sort of a high pain threshold to dig into your flesh with a razor and scrape a bunch of the meat out.

space 6 years ago

use salycilic acid !! it works and cheap ..

Lucy 5 years ago


I started with a huge wart on just one finger and pretty soon it had spread so that almost every finger had at least one wart on it. I went to the doctor and they told me to put these patches on them. That reduced the size of the wart but didn't get rid of it. It also caused my fingers to become red, inflamed, and slightly infected. So then I saw this website that said to use apple cider vinegar on the warts. I tried that and for a while it seemed like it was working, but they still weren't going away. Finally my mom called a holistic doctor and he suggested two homeopathic remedies. He sent two small bottles in the mail and told me to take five drops of each orally three times a day. At first I was really skeptical but then I figured what can it hurt? (By then I was beyond caring, I just wanted to get rid of my stupid warts!) After two or three weeks, my warts were almost completely gone! I am still in shock and am so thankful that he suggested this to me.

Here is what he gave me (there are other kinds you can take also, but he said this covers 50% of the cases he sees): VIRAL-FUGE and MIASM-VAC

Good luck and I hope this works for you as well as it did for me!

nick 5 years ago

i have a big wart on my finger it hurts if i bump it its swaolin up lot of scabs it started a year ago whean i was 12 i thougt it was nothing until it started bleeding in scince and my frend said ur finger is bleeding and i looked my pecel was coverd in blood i went to the nerce and she said some cream but now it bleeds whean its bumped

KC 5 years ago

I had a wart for about a year on my thumb, it was SOOOO embarassing because Im a girl & I like to do my nails and make them pretty but its hard when you have this huge ugly wart on ur fonger! So my co-worker had shared with me that she got rid of hers with a bannana peel, when I got home i put bannana peel right on the wart n a band aid to hold it &spelt with it. The next morning it was all pruney but it looked A lot smaller, so i did it for about a week &it just came off. I don't have it anymore thank God! Theres one trying to grow on my pinky now but this time Im ready :) I got plenty bannana peels to go around.. .

wartywartwart 5 years ago

haha I found out I had one when I was like, 9 and was embarassed to tell my parents, and then like, 3 or 4 years later I started getting more and I was all WTF. Then I went and attained some...liquid stuff...If any of you see it it looks almost like nail polish but it's got a clear bottle and clear liquid, a little nail-polish like brush...anyway, I think someone mentioned it before it works great! Except they came back after a while because I'd stopped applying it. Also, I get a weird taste in my mouth when I use it, but that might just be because I tend to bite my fingernails/tips, so the stuff is good as long as you're consistant, I guess. Good Luck! These things are so annoying >.>

...R 5 years ago

Sharing my experience.

Had a small one on the palm of my left hand just under the thumb. Managed to remove it with a pair of nail clippers. I cut out a whole chunk of flesh and it bled heaps, but it's gone. Can still feel a small lump that I cant see, but maybe that's a scar.

Have another more developed wart on right hand middle finger under the middle knuckle slightly to the side. Have been trimming off the dead skin with nail clippers so that it mearly looks like a circle of red skin which is far less noticeable than a straight up wart. The patch is sensitive to the touch. Does not bleed so long as you don't cut to far down.

Tried Digging this one out too, but with so much blood flowing too fast to see anything underneath i've not been successful.

Have tried the freezing method with kit's bought from the supermarket. it appeard to help for a while, but was not successful. Am currently trying the suffocation method "duct tape method". Using a small strip of black electrical tape. There is a noticeable change in the wart, it is stark white and not all dried up as normal and is noticeably smaller.


It is required that the tape stay in place as much as possible. Being exposed to the air for a few hours may be all the wart needs to revitalise and set you back heaps. I have come to the habit of using a controll bottle of super glue to glue the tape to my hand as I couldn't keep it on otherwise. I change it daily exposing it for no more than a few minutes.

After reading this site and comments, I'm thinking the saylic acid method is probably the way to go. Or possibly a combination. Use the acid, then tape it up.

to jeez people idiot 5 years ago

buzz off.

cass 5 years ago

i have a wart on my foot and it bleeds :( helppp

tina 5 years ago

I have wart on 2nd finger of my right hand below nails. and first 1 month it was like pimple and i was avoiding it but then i got freaked out that why its not going. I showed to doctor and he cut it off and applied medicine bow its been 2months its not going. I then showed to cvs pharmacist and he said its wart and gave me wart removing liquid of celicilic acid. after applying it i was feeling very ichy for 15 minutes but now when i apply everyday my skin is red and feels like irritated. I am not sure should i keep applying medicine or not?

karen 5 years ago

I have to say I'm with Heather. It sounds gross but in the past I've finally resorted to biting it off. You have to go deep enough and it does bleed a lot but if you do it right, it's gone and doesn't come back.

Years ago when I was a teenager, I had a whole bunch at one time. There were too many to trying biting off, so I just suffered and covered with bandages to avoid embarrassment. And then one day they were gone, just like that. I don't think it had anything to do with the bandages, more like an immune system turning on.

buzz 5 years ago

This sounds silly,but i haven't had my wart long,and im in high school.it was embaressing.so i cover it with my finger,and i will be honest it feels sweaty and smells when i get home.but the last few weeks i have noticed asize diffrence,no lie.So just try and leave it/cover it with your skin if you can.

lara 5 years ago

try tying your wart with a hair strand, within days it will just fall off as there is no oxygen supply

Austin 5 years ago

it was bad when i first got it i cut it off with toenail clippers do that for 4 weeks every day do that and it will go away

Kristy 5 years ago

Like Heather I've bitten my wart off. But it still comes back... Maybe I didn't bite deep enough...but now I have one on my other finger. My first appeared 6 months ago but it's not painful in the least... I'm just not sure what to do.

babygirlz 5 years ago

ugh i just found out i have one on my thumb and i held hands with my bf now he has it help! :(

maykaykay14 5 years ago

okay so i have one on my ring finger on my right hand. i got it whn i was like6 and now in 14 and it still wont go away!! ive puled it off like 3 times and i put the acid stuff on it. i think i may have finally gotten rid of it :). my brother also has some on his fingers idk if his r going awa. hopefully cuz i don't want anymore:)

josh 5 years ago

i have 2 by my hair and im a boy so when i cut my hair u can c it so what is the fastes and cheapest way to remove them and i got like 15 all over my chest but they are really small.

Christopher 5 years ago

I am slightly scared after stumbling on the helpful information on this site...

I don't even remember when I started getting what know are periungal warts, I just thought they were excess skin because my brother used to have "skin tags" that would bleed and had one removed from his scalp once (my warts have never bled). i have four on my right hand (two on my index finger) and 3 on my left - all of which are at the base of my fingernails. I have recently discovered one on my right thumb knuckle.

I have decided to try the "duct tape" method, but I am using selotape instead, I hope this doesn't make a difference. It's a nuisance as I look like some kind of robot with tape wrapped round his fingertips, but I really want them gone so I will stick to it and will update with further information :S

powwowmom2003 5 years ago

As a child I had 2 large warts on the back of one knee - in the bend of the knee so that I was constantly hitting them on swings or anything that I sat on. One of my uncles brought my Mom a roll of white medical tape from the hospital he worked at and told my Mom to keep putting the tape on the warts. He said if you cut the air off to them that they die. This was when I was 2 or 3 years old and I am now 56. Those warts never came back.

And I never had any until just this past month when one came up on my index finger. The only thing I can figure out is it happened because all my grandkids like me to rub their feet and my 11 year old grandaughter has had warts occasionally just as her Dad has. I figured it was from the locker rooms cause she plays softball and basketball. Or it's a virus I picked up somewhere this last 2 months as I have been sick and my immune system is low. Regardless, just wanted to say that there is an alternative to the duct tape and other tapes people on here have been talking about. And with my son we always used the pads that had the center cut out and a tiny disc was laid on the wart and the pad put over it. Just have to change it every other day or when you get it wet.

Cheryl M. 5 years ago

Thuja, which comes in small bottles in the Health Food/Product section of certain supermarkets as worked sooo much better than Dr. Scholls pads, bandaids or freezing spray. I have had this on huge ugly wart on my wedding ring finger for about 4 months now. I finally decided to try an alternative medication. wart is still there but has gotten smaller and not as gross looking. Still going to Doctor next week to have it cut out!!!

Rachel 5 years ago

I have found that apple cider vinegar works best. Dab some on a cotton ball, place it on the wart and wrap a band aid around it overnight. It is painful but more effective than the compound w bandaids I tried for months. Cheaper too - I spent $12 on the special bandaids, $1 on a bottle of vinegar. I have been using the vinegar for 3 nights and my wart is nearly coompetely gone.

tristan 5 years ago

im using Wart-Off... you just put bandaids around the wart so it doesn't get on ur good skin then you cover it after you have put the ointment on the wart/s.. then put a bandaid on top so it cant breathe... keep the same bandaid or plaster for a couple days try getting waterproof so u dotng have to take it off for shower etc... it says keep doing till wart is gone try that evferyone costs 12dollars over here in south australia incase any of you are aussie. goodluck im trying it now s hopefully it works

Georgia 5 years ago

I have 4 warts blech ive tried most things but they wont go and in school i have to cover the one on my left finger i used to suck my thumb so i thought it was a blister ( i was 9 i sucked my thumb but it was a wart) i bit and picked it but it spread so im sad im gonna try duct tape so wish me luck

Jessica 4 years ago

I have one on my thumb and my middle finger I have 2 and they have been there for a long time, few years at least, I didn't start getting them until I got fever blisters, after drinking after another person that had them.. I don't know if they are connected, but I hate them both. The fever blisters are under control... the warts ARE NOT! I want to cut off my finger. I am attempting duct tape and I am on the 3rd day. The warts were turning white and I cut off most of the skin cause they are so huge. one is on my cuticle. I am hoping that this duct tape will make them go away I have had them burnt already! or frozen off!

will 4 years ago

All you have to do is take vitamines worked for me been wort free for 10 years

Missy 4 years ago

I had 3 around my thumb nail, vet painful. Used nail clippers and clipped (boiled first) around each wart. Then used tweezers to pull them out. Waiting to see if they come back.

Lincoln2015 4 years ago

I'm a 14 year old and I have a really bad problem with warts. When I was little I had 2 warts on my ankle, the doc froze them off and they are still gone. Shortly after one appeared on the back of my knee, after several attempts to freeze it off the doc finally cut it off. Now I have them all over my fingers, on my right hand, thumb, huge one on the sides and on the tip(connected), then on my index finger, I have a small one that isn't very noticeable, middle finger, on each side of the finger I have one on both sides, ring finger, two large ones on each side, pinky finger, one large one on the side. Left hand, thumb, (like my right thumb) a huge one on the sides and on the tip (connected) and one small one on my nuckle, my index finger, I have two small ones on the sides on my finger, middle finger, one large one on one side and a small one on the other, ring finger, one small one on the side, pinky, two large ones on both sides. I have been to the doctor we have tried freezing them multiple times cutting them. So then o went to a specialist they didn't help me at all.

I have been getting teased at school for about 2 years now. They are gross and embarrassing. I want them gone.

I want to try the Apple cider vinegar but I want to know if it will work since I have so many of them. I want to get rid of them I have even tried cutting them off myself but they come back bigger. I need advice on how to get rid of them. Please help. Thanks

sandria 4 years ago

I have a painful wart on my middle finger nail.. its infected what to do?? So embarasing hurts when is bumped ugh!!!! Help me asap

Mikayla 4 years ago

I have a wart on the inside of my right hand and I used wart-off for a while but then I stopped because it wen red and really hurt and I like nearly cried if I just bumped it a little.. I've kept a bandaid on it though and today I noticed there was a small part of it coming off so I picked the top off -which was black and yellow from the wart-off- after I pulled it back like half way white ozzy pussy stuff came out then I pulled the rest off and it's all white so I put a bandaid back on.. Why is it white? Does this mean it's dying?

dani 4 years ago

Banana peel works!!!

I had warts since I can remember... Ny hands were covered and also had a big one on me knee I tried everything from the chemist and also tried freezing them multiple times none of it worked but what did was banana peel cut enough tho cover the warts and then cover with a bandage (I always did it before bed) leave on over night and remove into the morning and wash hands repeat every night til they are gone

They may start to hurt a little and will go really white then when about to fall off will turn black this is the only thing that worked for me!!

I was also told if you know which is the "king" (first one you got) if you get rid of that one first the rest will follow!!

Leafy 4 years ago

I had a wart on my palm and I'm relatively young, I bit at it for a while and it's completely gone. No scar, now I have one on my middle finger, so I started attacking it with my nails ripping out the roots. They bleed a lot and hurt like fuck but it's most certainly going away. Biting and scratching (:

lee 4 years ago

this sounds bad but it is 1 inch on top of every finger(thumps to) has atleast 2 warts my right index has 3,3 rd finger from it has 3 also its painful and embarissing,its got bad i have 26 now from tip of finger down 1 inch i have warts 10 fingers 26 warts help,

i seeked docs help but only froze with weak freeze and put acud on most days(some dats there to bad) i file reguarlly (every 3rd day), i am waiting on temple street to reply on the letter doc sent to get a confirmation refarrel time to heavy freeze or cut off, maybe cut of the tops of my fingers :(. i font want that im 15 doing my junior cert!

anyway enough poor me,

just please help me i tried everthing,

(also temple street waiting list for this is 1 year no reply yet )

Tony in SC 4 years ago

Alright folks! I discovered a real treatment that cured my finger wart and it works like a champ. If you’re a doctor reading this blog, you’ll be laughing all the way to your operating room.

First, let me tell you I’m not a doctor and this is not a medical advice.

My story….

I have finger wart for almost 2.5 years and I saw so many doctors, dermatologist etc., Freezing, Garlic, Duct Tape, salicylic acid, Knife therapy etc. etc. – I spend so much money with doctors and None of these treatment worked for me. All I know my warts are spreading like fire ants on my hands.

I was so frustrated that I will do everything to get rid of them. It started with 1 wart on my finger, then 2 warts, then 3, then 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and so on.


I went online and research the most powerful acid that I can find and decided to burn them.

I saw a bottle of NITRIC ACID on E-bay. $25.00 (You only need several drops of this) 1 bottle is enough to kill the entire elephant population in Kenya.

Yes… Thank goodness this thing work!

Step 1. Clean your wart with soap and warm water.

Step 2. Dry it well.

Step 3. Read and be familiar with Nitric Acid Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Step 4. Wear Safety Glasses. Dust Mask.

Step 5. Use Q Tip. Soak the Q tip in the acid, make it wet.

Step 6. Apply NITRIC ACID on your wart. Concentrate on the “Black Dots” only. (3 – 4 times)

Step 7. You will see your wart to start smoking a little bit.

a)You will feel your wart burning for 2 hours.

b)Your wart will be stained and turned orange \ yellow.

c)Let it dry. It will get hard after 2-3 days.

d)Use a scissor or clipper to remove burned skin.

e)Remove those tiny “black dots” If unable to remove them, repeat 1 – 7. They will eventually go away.

f)Remember, your main objective is to remove those black dots. As long as the dots are there - chances are they will come back.

All of my warts - gone in 1 Week. (Warts under finger nails took a little longer to heal)

Ahhhh!! I’m so happy and I finally got rid of those stupid creatures. (Thousands of dollars vs. $25.00 ACID)

I only have one request for all of you if possible:

1.Instead of wasting several hundreds of $$ going to the doctor, Please donate portion of that money to “your” favorite charity and make a difference.

2.Post the results and share your stories online so others can benefit the cure for warts.

Good luck and hope is alive!

Tony from: South Carolina.

melissw 4 years ago

Put clear fingernail polish on it

wayne 4 years ago

I've done it all....freezing, one type of acid and duck tape...I keep my fingers taped up at all times with water Prof tape...I think ill try a lot of vitamins and nitric acid since I work with it and ill repost if it works.

Rice 4 years ago

Thanks Tony!

Your advice using Nitric Acid definitely worked. I must add that you need to put enough to make sure the wart will turned completely “black” after 2 – 3 days. The wart will suffer 3rd degree burn.

The other acid I used before was Salicylic Acid which is NOT powerful enough and the liquid in the bottle dried like Jell-O after several used.

It is very interesting - after applying Nitric Acid to my wart, several black dots came out which proved the point that the root is buried way under neat the flesh.

On the other hand, after those dots turned black, the outer diameter will start swelling after 2-3 days. I thought my finger was infected but after 5 days it starts to heal. I wish I read about this treatment 2 years ago.

It took 2.5 weeks for finger to heal, and again Thanks NITRIC ACID Works.

S.K 4 years ago

Soo...Found out that the bumps I had on my thumbs were seed warts (thought maybe it was scarring from slag--female welder :D!--embedding itself into my hands). I tried nitrogen freezing at home and at the doctor's, and it didn't work. Ignored it for about a year and it spread some more to a couple other fingers. Started being painful to even open a soda bottle. Got the Compound W strips and it actually started pushing the warts out. It started to look really gross though, and I was really impatient for them to just be gone, so I had my boyfriend cut them out with a razor blade. It really hurt, but there was no blood. We were really careful to make sure that he didn't touch them and that I didn't touch anything with my bare skin. My fingers healed, and the only ones that came back were the ones that he couldn't cut any deeper into without making me bleed--we knew they would come back, but they were more manageable. I put the bandaids back on, and they've all (5) gone away except two that are almost gone. And I don't even care because it's so much easier to use my hands again.

Anastacia 3 years ago

i have so many warts on my hands its not funny and also have several on my cuticles. Extremely painful getting the warts on the cuticles burnt off but is definitely worth it. Is driving me crazy though. I have 20 warts pop up at one time on my hand! Absolutely horrible.

amit 2 years ago

dear sir

i want to conform that my 7 years daughter littlle pinky finger has been cut from starting in can be posible is come again because she is only 7 years old.

ella 13 months ago

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