Learn 7 Ways To Manage Stress

Are you looking for ways to manage stress in your life? With the fast moving modern world we reside in, more people are having to deal with what is called stress. Many doctors even call it an illness but you can be sure it is terribly real. Stress may result in other illnesses and if you're under extraordinary pressure stress can cause damage to parts of your body and your skin. In extraordinary cases, it can cause strokes, coronaries, and death.

Before I get into recommendations on the simplest ways to manage stress, you might be wondering what the symptoms are that you are experiencing when you're stressed. This can vary from individual to individual but most stressed people will have raised heartbeats, splitting headaches, an empty feeling in the stomach, sleeplessness, unjustifiable sweating, and evulsion. There could be a heap of other indications of stress too.

How serious your symptoms are can be directly related to the amount of stress you are under. If you ask individuals what's causing them stress, a majority will tell you money and the rest will tell you family issues and high pressure careers. Some might say they feel pressured and don't have sufficient time to finish everything they wish to. A small percentage will feel stressed by the loss of a family member and the dealing with life thereafter. Some individuals also have rushed nerve-wrecking vacations.

There are many different ways to relieve stress and by doing them you'll actually begin to live a better standard of life. Follow the tips in this article and apply them over a period that suits you. For your own well being and health, the earlier you apply the tips the better.

Great Books on Stress Management

Tips to Manage Stress

1. Identify you are stressed out

In primitive times, hunters had what is commonly known as the natural "fight or flight" response. An instinctive protection against dangerous scenarios was critical to stay alive. When it was required, a burst of adrenaline gave that additional burst of energy to deal with the stressed situation. One can turn a stressful situation to their benefit by rushing to finish a difficult job, winning at a sport, and handling a tricky situation and even release stored up resentment. When you are feeling stressed out, use it in good way to release it.

2. Avoid things that cause stress

Discover what is causing the most stress to you. If it is cash, face it and look for ways to solve rather than placing them on the back shelf. If it's your job, find out if you can delegate, barter, or stay away from the areas causing the stress. This implies chatting with individuals who can assist you. Tell them the reason why you are under stress and ask for advice on how to handled it in the workplace.

3. Learn from other people

You'll find that there are numerous individuals that handle stressful situations with a calmness you would like. Ask them for recommendations on the best way to handle nerve wrecking situations and you could be quite stunned at the recommendation you get. Discover he ways they manage stress. How they deal with stressful situations? What is their demeanor when faced with these circumstances? Either watch what they do or talk to them yourself and apply the same tricks.

4. Count to 10 and practice deep breathings

You can relax yourself by taking a few deep breaths down to your stomach area. Breathe enough to push out your diaphragm and breathe out slowly one or two times. Also, try count to 10 before exploding with anger. When someone is yelling at you, instead of getting angry, try to picture them naked. You might discover that your anger totally disappears.

5. Don't dwell on issues for a long time

Everybody is human and everybody has issues. Getting yourself tied up in a mess only makes the problem feel worse. Although 99% of the time you will find you were worrying aimlessly anyhow. Thinking positive thoughts will help you in finding solutions.

6. Know the things that are giving you stress

Discover what is causing you the most stress and handle these issues differently. It could be work Displays , job interviews, and business conferences, deadlines, giving public speeches, or maybe debt. Imagine, if take away all of these issues in your life. You have no more stress. It could be sensible to jot down your issues and handle every one in a new way. Deal with one problem at a time. You will find out it's not as hard as what you were worrying it was going to be. There's not an issue that doesn't have an answer to it, you have to go looking for it and you'll see it was there from the beginning.

7. Set aside quality time for yourself

You need get away more frequently. Spend some time in the park with your dog, leave for weekends, drink less caffeine, have some fun time with your kids. Listen to your favorite tunes or spoil yourself without feeling guilty.

Life is very short and that suggests filling it with things that are not stressful. So dump the stress luggage and you'll start feeling a heap better. One at a time, handle a stressful issue on your list. These are a few ways to manage stress that will have you feeling on top of the world.

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Madison22 profile image

Madison22 6 years ago from NYC

Very good hub and great tips!

Dmitriy bestlife profile image

Dmitriy bestlife 6 years ago from Moscow


Let me introduce another way to prevent the problem of depression. It is about the luck of energy. All the adaptation resources and vital energy has gone to fight the consequiences of the pathogenic influences. It is possible to restore the organism energy state by means of drinking structured water. The depression will be gone in a daytime! No compromise and managing of such a newsanse as stress. There is no place for it in a healthy jrganism.

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